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Word from the creatives The Creative Team would like to welcome you to MADSoc’s production of Spring Awakening. It has been a long time coming putting this show together and we could not have imagined a better journey, cast or outcome. We would like to a say a massive thank you to the incredible cast members who have not only made this process enjoyable with their talent and professionalism, but also with their willingness to get stuck in, be it with costume, rigging lights or being a dab hand with a paint brush. Although challenging, this has been a fantastic project to end the year with and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved. We hope you enjoy the performance tonight!

Dan Marks

Freya Poole

Leah Franks







Produced on Broadway by IRA PITTELMAN, TOM HULCE, JEFFREY RICHARD, JERRY FRANKEL, ATLANTIC THEATER COMPANY, Jeffrey Sine, Freddy deMann, Max Cooper, Mort Swinsky/Cindy and Jay Gutterman/Joe McGinnis/Judith Ann Abrams, ZenDog Productions/CarJac Productions, Aron Bergson Productions, Jennifer Manocherian/Ted Snowden. Harold Thau/Terry E. Schnuck/Cold Spring Productions, Amanda Dubois/Elizabeth Eyon Wetherell, Jennifer Maloney/Tamara Tunie/Joe Cilibrasi The World Premier of “SPRING AWAKENING” was produced by the Atlantic Theater Company by special arrangement with Tom Hulce and Ira Pittelman.

Book & Lyrics By Steven Sater

Music By Duncan Sheik

Based on the Original Play by Frank Wedekind

This amateur production is presented by permission of Josef Weinberger Limited on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York.

Cast AARON DOUGLAS Melchior Gabor Aaron is a final year Theatre Studies student at the University. His first performances with MADSoc were in his first year; starring in ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change’ and ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’. It is fitting that he is performing his last show with the same society he started with. After having taken a break from musicals in his second year to direct Musical Theatre Society’s FAME and Theatre Society’s Waiting For Godot, Aaron is delighted to be making a return to musical theatre with a part that is both a challenge and a pleasure to perform.

EVE DILLON Wendla Bergman Eve is a first year Theatre Studies student. Having previously trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, it is clear that performance is her passion. ‘Wendla’ has always been Eve’s dream part and cannot believe her luck at being able to play such a fantastic role with such an amazing cast. Eve would like to thank the ‘Spring Awakening’ creative team and cast for being so supportive and hopes that you enjoy the show.

MATTHEW WESTROPE Moritz Stiefel Matthew is a second year Theatre Studies student and has been heavily active in the Musical Theatre scene on campus. However, ‘Moritz Stiefel’ has been his most challenging character to portray yet. This will be his fourth musical throughout his time at Surrey, and he will be performing his fifth; ‘The Last Five Years’ with his fellow cast member Emma Barry next week in Bar des Arts. His ambition doesn't end at a University level, as he will be auditioning to do a Masters in Musical Theatre next year. Yikes...

EMMA BARRY Ilse Neumann Emma is a final year student at Surrey studying Music. This is her second show with MADsoc, having played Felicia Gabriel in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ last year. She has accepted a place at Mountview on their postgrad Musical Theatre course, and will also be appearing in a new Musical with the National Youth Music Theatre over the summer. Emma has thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal process of ‘Spring Awakening’ and she hopes you enjoy the show!

PARIS EVANS Martha Bessell Paris graduated from the University of Surrey with a BMus in Music in 2012 and was the performance prize winner for her graduating class. She now lives and works in London. This is Paris’ fifth musical with MADSoc having been a member since 2010,and the Musical Director of MADSoc in 2010/11. Previous productions include ‘The Witches of Eastwick’, ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘How to Succeed Without Really Trying’, ‘Nine’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

ANDREW PLOM Hanschen Rilow/Rupert Andy Plom does not consider himself to be an actor, nor does he ever refer to himself as a dancer, a vocalist, a movement specialist or a multi-tasker. So when he was cast as the all singing, all dancing, all… acting… “Hanschen” he was understandably worried. However, a supportive creative team, a pro-active cast and a lot of late nights squeezed every ounce of ability out of him. The result? You decide!

OLI PONT Ernst Robel/Reinhold Spring Awakening is Oli’s sixth musical at Surrey, and sadly his last as he will be graduating from his Masters in July this year to become a real grownup! Oli wishes to thank Andy and Matt for persuading him to audition for ‘Spring Awakening’ as it has been the most incredible, fun, and amazing experience at University to date and the perfect way to finish. Enjoy the show and thank you for your continued support.

RU LEMER Georg Zirschnitz/Dieter Hailing from Cambridge town, Ru loves getting involved with theatrics. As an actor - he has recently played the lead villain in an original comedy at the ADC, ‘Puck’ in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (performed on punts), and ‘Roger’ in ‘RENT’. His main line of work is as a professional Musical Director/singing teacher; and not long ago MD’d a large 42-show pantomime. Apart from theatre; he enjoys reminiscing about his professional hopscotch career.

BEN GUINDI Otto Lammermeier/Ulbrecht Ben Guindi is a first year Politics student. He has always had a passion for performing. His past acting credits include, ‘Mowgli’ in the ‘Jungle Book’ and ‘Slightly’ in ‘Peter Pan’. Ben is delighted to be making his musical theatre debut in ‘Spring Awakening.’ He has found the process of not only portraying the character of ‘Otto Lammermeier’ in an genuine way, but also learning the musical numbers and dance routines a testing, but rewarding, challenge.

STEPHANIE VIEIRA Thea Being a first year, studying Mental Health Nursing, Steph is over the moon that she had the been given the role of ‘Thea’ in the awesomeness that is ‘Spring Awakening’. So much so that when she received the email saying she got the part, her response was “Are you guys sure?”. She is proud to have worked aside a bunch of amazingly talented people and cannot wait for the next shows to come. But for now she hopes you enjoy this labour of love!

ASHLEIGH O’CONNOR-HANLON Anna Ashleigh is a second year Politics student and is delighted to be playing the role of ‘Anna’. This is her second MADSoc appearance, last year she performed in the role of ‘Anna’ in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’. This seems to be a type cast role for this young actress and she is hoping in her final year that she will continue this tradition possibly in the leading role as ‘Anna’ in ‘The King and I’. Fingers Crossed.

BEN GERREY Adult Males (Herr Gabor, Herr Stiefel, Herr Rilow, Herr Neumann, Fa-

ther Kaulbach, Doctor von Brausepulver, Herr Sonnenstich, Headmaster Knochenbruch, Schmidt) Ben Gerrey is in his second year of Maths. He has really been looking forward to appearing in MADSoc's production of ‘Spring Awakening’. It has been a great experience, although he is worried that portraying all adult males may have given him multiple personality disorder

JESSE MCNAUGHTON Adult Females (Frau Bergmann, Fanny Gabor, Frau Bessell,

Fräulein Grossebustenhalter, Fraulein Knuppeldick) Jesse is a final year Theatre Studies student, who has been an active member of all three theatre based societies since joining the University in 2011. She has previously appeared as a chorus member in MADSoc’s ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, and has recently appeared in ‘Oklahoma!’ with the Musical Theatre Society. Jesse intends to pursue a career in acting after graduating, and is currently enjoying the opportunity to work on such a fun and challenging show!

synopsis Spring Awakening, a coming-of-age rock musical, is based on Frank Wedekind’s 1891 expressionist play. It depicts the story of eleven young people caught between childhood and adulthood. Dealing with themes such as adolescence, sexual awakening and the pressures of being a young teen. The story takes placed in Germany 1891 and starts off with a young girl, Wendla Bergman. Wendla has so many questions about what's going on in her body and how a baby is made. Wendla's mother quickly dismisses her questions. Elsewhere, a seemingly fearless Melchior Gabor defends his friend, Moritz Steifel, who is so astounded with puberty he cannot focus on anything; least of all class work and his progress at school. After learning that Moritz is so consumed by his body's metamorphosis, Melchior writes an essay describing things in more detail. One afternoon – in a private place in the woods – Melchior and Wendla meet by accident, and soon find within themselves a desire unlike anything they’ve ever felt. Moritz continues to struggle with pressures at school and not even his childhood friend Ilse can console him. Spring Awakening explores the confusion and desperation that ensue when the onrushing tide of hormones meets the ignorance of children. Especially when everyone harbours secrets and hidden desires of their own.

Musical numbers Act I "Mama Who Bore Me" – Wendla "Mama Who Bore Me" (Reprise) – Wendla and Girls "All That's Known" – Melchior "The Bitch of Living" – Moritz, Melchior, and Boys "My Junk" – Girls and Boys "Touch Me" – Boys and Girls "The Word of Your Body" – Wendla and Melchior "The Dark I Know Well" – Martha, Ilse, and Boys "The Word of Your Body (Reprise 1)" - Georg and Otto "And Then There Were None" – Moritz and Boys "The Mirror-Blue Night" – Melchior and Boys "I Believe" – Boys and Girls

Act II "The Guilty Ones" – Wendla, Melchio "Don't Do Sadness" – M "Blue Wind" – Ilse "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind (Reprise "Left Behind" – Melchior, Boys "Totally Fucked" – Melchior and Full Com "The Word of Your Body" (Reprise 2) – Hansc "Whispering" – Wend "Those You've Known" – Moritz, Wen "The Song of Purple Summer" – Ilse a


band MD/Keyboard 1 AMD/Cello Keyboard 2 Guitar 1 Guitar 2/Violin Violin 2 Bass Guitar Drums/Percussion


Melchior Wendla Moritz Martha Ilse Hanschen Ernst Georg Otto Anna Thea Adult Man Adult Woman


Creative team Director Musical Director Choreographer Assistant MD


Production team Production Manager Lighting Designer and Operator Sound Designer and Operator

or, Boys, and Girls Moritz

e)" – Moritz and Ilse

s, and Girls mpany (except Moritz) chen, Ernst, Boys, and Girls dla ndla, and Melchior and Full Company

Stage Manager Deputy Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Costume/Wardrobe Stage Team Marketing & Design


Running time: approximately 2 hours 15 minutes (with 15 minute intermission)

Creatives DAN MARKS Director Daniel is a final year Creative Music Technology student. He first joined a theatre company at the age of 3, and appeared in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ in London’s West End at 6 and 10 years old. Having also appeared in television adverts, films, dramas, plus local amateur productions, he decided to focus on music, studying drum kit, percussion and piano at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. As well as performing, he has recently Musically Directed amateur shows such as ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Sister Act’ and ‘Footloose.’ Since joining the University, he has musically directed ‘Songs For A New World’ and ‘FAME’ with the Musical Theatre Society, and is aiming to finish his University years with a bang directing this musical. He has relished working with a fantastic cast and crew and is hoping to make this show one of the best MADSoc has produced.

FREYA POOLE Choreographer/Co-Director Freya is a final year Theatre Studies student and this is her first production with MADSoc, choreographing and codirecting. She has previously been Artistic Director for the Musical Theatre Society in showcases and community performances, as well as performing in ‘Guys and Dolls’ and ‘FAME’ as lead. For Freya, this production has been a massive challenge however she has enjoyed every part of it, especially seeing her choreography and vision come to life! Working with such a small cast has been a really rewarding experience and she doesn’t want it to end as their support throughout has been undeniable. ‘Spring Awakening’ has been Freya’s favourite part of her university experience and she is so excited for you all to see what everyone has achieved together.

LEAH FRANKS Musical Director Leah is a second year Music student at Surrey. This is her second show with the society, after joining as Assistant MD for ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ last year. Other credits include: Keyboards for ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Children of Eden’, ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Our House’. She also Assistant MD for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and most recently, ‘Avenue Q’ at the Electric Theatre. Leah is currently preparing to take a break from shows to start working at Walt Disney World this summer, on their entertainment and guest services team. Having chosen ‘Spring Awakening’ as the musical that MADSoc would perform this year, Leah is delighted that such a fantastic show has come to life, and would like to thank Gareth for all his help and support. Special thank yous also go to all the cast for their love and laughter throughout the creative process. She hopes you all enjoy the show!

GARETH LOH Assistant Musical Director


COMMITTEE President Secretary Treasurer Marketing Officer Social Secretary Musical Director


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MADSoc's Spring Awakening - Programme  
MADSoc's Spring Awakening - Programme