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3-UNIT 1“Individual & Society” …………………….6 4-UNIT 2“Eating & Drinking” ……………………….7 5-UNIT 3“ART & MUSIC”


6-UNIT 4 “Hopes & Fears” …………………………..11 7-UNIT 5“Work & Leisure”


8-Unit 6 “Science & Technoloy 2


9-Unit 7 “Time & Money”…………………………...19 10-Unit 8 “Home & Away”…………………………..23


This is a collection of my compositions that I created during this school year. In this year: I have written five compositions.  The first one was on September. I learned how to describe a friend or a family.  The second on October, I have learned how to describe a restaurant in my country and what we eat and describe the different foods in my country and my favorite fast foods.  The third one was on October , I practiced to as write a review of a book  The fourth one was on November. I learned how to writing an email to a colleague and to request information about an advertisement of job.  The fifth one was on December. I learned how to writing a formal email in any event, for example in any competition of Olympics games and ask to be assistant in that event.


Writing helps me practice English to learn the vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and how to communicate in writing. I fell very happy, because all these compositions have helped me to practice more English and writing good and help me in class. I think what these activities are very helpful, because with this I study with my problems in class and my exams. I hope that this book is of his pleasure


Unit 1 “Individual & Society� The Profile of my cousin.

Name : Camilo Amador Torres Occupation: Police Position;Commander

Camilo is a commander in the Federal Police Academy and teaches many forms of life defense to people. Sometimes Camilo and his coworkers go to war, against organized crime, it is very dangerous for him and his colleagues .Work is the most important thing in his life, because he has a technical career in computing he hardly ever worked in. Camilo was born in Mexico and he is 50 years old , and he studied in prepa five then entered in academy and has an honored award ,because helped a person who was kidnapped . He has and never disappointed his homeland; he is a good human being. In his spare time , he loves to go to the cinema with his family , play soccer and he goes watching soccer in the stadium Azteca , sometime he goes to visit his grandmother because he loves his grandmother .He is hard-working , very interesting and good.

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Sometimes , me and my family go to different restaurants because it is very interesting to eat out with my family and have a good moment , the restaurants sometimes are McDonald’s, burger king, vips,kfc and often we go to a Fonda ,because the ingredients are very delicious, the food is fresh, healthy, tasty and homemade. My favorite restaurant is burger king because the fast food in this place is delicious and I eat different foods for example: a hamburger , many potatoes and drink a little soda and the specialty it is the ice cream is very tasty and the menu is very impressive. But my favorite restaurant is the Michoacanazo, his food it’s very delicious, the menu is barbecue and quesadillas. You can also eat broth, shrimp, fish and vegetarian food, their desserts is what I love the most, and they are delicious. They are ice cream and cake. I love them because they use many ingredients. The menu also includes tortillas they are essential in Mexican food, you can also have a selection of wines, cakes, vegetables. My favorite dishes are Mexican style for example :chicken ,quesadillas with sauce because i love the spicy ,pozole and beans , but often ,I eat with my grandmother because her meals 7

are fantastic . Her specialty is cooking different cakes, I love the chocolate cakes. She also cooks many dishes for example: breaded chicken, and shrimp broth is delicious. I love her food. I love Mexican food because it’s very delicious.

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UNIT 3 “ART & MUSIC “ THE LITTLE PRINCE This is the story of a little prince .Well it all starts with the fantastic and popular story which is narrated by the aviator. In a single flight, his aircraft suffered a malfunction and he had to do an emergency landing in the Sahara desert. There takes place a meeting with the Prince, a child who comes from another planet, so small .The little prince asks the flyer that will draw a lamb to take to their world. After becoming a friend of the aviator, he tells him how lonely and melancholic his life was until the arrival of the flower, a beautiful flower that the prince loves, but who finds it difficult to express with sincerity. Because the doubt about the love of the flower, the prince leaves his asteroid and runs multiple worlds inhabited by strange characters like the king, the concerted, the drunkard , the lamplighter and the geographer. Finally he comes to Earth, where he meets the snake and the fox ,who come to establish a very special bond and who learns that you only look good with you ears , what is essential is invisible to the eye “ . At last, the prince returns to the Sahara desert, the place where he fell to Earth, to make friends with the airman and tell his adventures. This is a fantastic story of a science-fiction adventure, but I prefer that you read and have a good experience with the great ending. I advise you to read it thousands of times you will be impressed by this great story.


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Unit 4 “Hopes & Fears “


Dear Max: I’m just writing this message to check your plans for your conference next week. The train station is going to arrive at the station at 10:30am; the train station is just outside the city, so it’d be a good idea to get a taxi to the conference centre. It should cost about $30. Have you got the address? When you get to the conference, you have to introduce yourself to Ana , and look at the schedule of the conference because it is very necessary , but this is the number of my cell phone if you need anything, and call me when you arrive , if you have problems with the address and I’ll help you. Then I’ll take you to your hotel. In the evening, we’ll go out for a meal. Looking forward to seeing you the next week. Thanks, best wishes. 11


Hello Anna: In the morning I’ll go to the conference by train or my car, I'll get together with the others coworkers, for going to the conference. But thanks Anna for the information, is very necessary for me. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you the next week. See you soon! Best wishes . Bye............

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DEAR GEORGE ELLIS: I´m getting in touch about your advertisement for volunteers at the international sporting event. I´m very interested in all sports, especially athletics and soccer. I´ve worked as a volunteer at a number of similar events .In 2004, I spent 4 weeks helping with the Olympic Games project in England and last year, I took part in a project for athletes and the planning of the next Olympic Games in 2016. I meet all the requirements connected mainly to languages because I speak more than three languages necessary to have better communication with athletes. And I´m also interested in this ad because I like to meet people and socialize more, and the time you give to the imitation is excellent for me. I´d really like this opportunity.









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UNIT 6 “Science & Technology” The mobile Phones Recent research on the use of mobile




people in Mexico City found that mobiles have become essential for personal relationships, at the school and communication with different persons around the world. The cell phone has become an indispensable item in the adult world and increasingly useful among children. At present with the constant modernization of cities, young people also seek to modernize; it is the manipulation of new electronic equipment. Cell phones are not a revolution but rather an evolution in the media that humanity can use to work more efficiently and effectively. This need for constant communication, cell phone has a “boom” that has invaded country has come far, however, all technological advancement brings advantages and disadvantages to direct users and also because in my opinion is that the cell 15

phone can’t cause harm and that is proven by the study and regarding the advantages, it is a device that allows you to communicate with a person from anywhere whenever you want so I think that it’s advantageous for users because it facilitates communication.

I think that the mobile phone is very important in my life and the others persons because the advantages are; talk to whoever you want wherever you are, you can avidly call in case of emergency, it facilitates communication with people who don’t watch, it’s comfortable, and more advantages but the disadvantages are the rates they charge are expensive, not all people make good use of this.

But in conclusion the mobile phone is very necessary in life of the people, because the mobile phones have revolutionized modern communication and provided them to consumer and users, and because it gives you many ways of communication


UNIT 6 “Science & Technology”

Is marihuana a drug?

The cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, has hundreds of medical and health applications.

It is used for treatment of rare, as well as for normal health problems, from headaches to AIDS and cancer.

The qualities of marihuana are more known than on most medicines available by prescription, this plant is 2 to 3 times stronger and more effective than the current counter medicines.

The use of marihuana to treat various medical problems, for example the use of “medical marihuana” is a controversial issue and has been for some time. Some people have argued that the beneficial effect of marihuana reported for a variety of symptoms is justified it’s legalization as drug.


Often does not taken into account the potential harm of marihuana use on these arguments , although the food Administration and drug assesses the risk of drugs in deciding whether or not approved for use in the population. However, more uses the problems of rheumatism and muscle pain and other chronic diseases. It acts as medicine for muscle aches It decreases benign and malignant tumors. It helps heal skin diseases It has antimicrobial and antibacterial effects And the marihuana has disadvantages ,the truth are few, for example: damages the lung , the marihuana causes memory loss short and long days after ingestion, smoking this herb may cause some loss of coordination of our limb, and also kill the neurons .

In conclusion we can say that everyday use on this herb for a long term may lead to consequences. However t is a very essential herb in medicine, because marihuana helps to decrease pain in some diseases. In my opinion you should not smoke marijuana because we can become addictive and affect society.



Time and Money “Free time�

Nowadays people don’t have free time, but the young people it is the opposite, because they never have responsibilities and send their free time with their friends, sleeping, in the internet, in the videogames, in the TV, but is very important the free time, because the young people have a lot of time in their lives. But the activities are very important for example: exercise, and we only do things that make us loose, if it is a time to relax, but it must have that rest between activities, study, play with their cousins or relatives, practice a sport and not just watch TV, but do things that make us activate and maybe not with money enjoy


time, but things outdoors maybe boring but instead are better, because we do think and relax from all the pressure. Finally is therefore important to have some relaxation time because it is for our good and not only we can enjoy the technology you need to think what is best for us and so have a good time.

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Life´s fast

Important things: *Studies *Family time *Spend time *Eating *Sleeping *Cooking *Playing *Internet

Enjoy life: *Sports

*Time for going to other countries *time for visit family

Conclusion: It is very important to have some relaxation time, for us thereby we can reassure all the problems or work we have, and to distract one day or two days to make us feel better, so we must do activities that make us forget about all loads we have in school or work. 21

We can go to the gym, family meals, or perhaps, go traveling, sleeping or just read a book. That is why free time has advantages and disadvantages, some advantages can be to forget about all that a person has outstanding and among other things to spend unforgettable moments that will never happen again and the main disadvantage is that people who do not have free time will always be angry , worried and nervous . This is why the conclusion of this is that we must have at least one or two hours of free time and be always happy doing things that make us forget the burdens we have in life .

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UNIT 8 “Home & Away”

The State of Pachuca

Dear Guillermo! Last year, I visited Pachuca on my vacation and played soccer in the school of soccer. I stayed at a hotel in the north of the city, near the Hall of fame football and I didn´t have much time for sightseeing. I just had one day after the match to explore the city. I started in Tula with my team mates; we went around the pyramids under a strong sunshine. Then I walked slowly around the famous pyramids, there is a wide avenue with archaeological buildings and a good landscape. It had a great atmosphere, buzzing with people. At the end of the afternoon, I got to the center of Pachuca to see the world clock and some of the fantastic monuments in this place. It´s an amazing state and there’s so much to see. If I go back again, I’ll definitely visit the mines and some of the museums and Real Del Monte. It´s a great place to relax and the food is very delicious. 23

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The State of Monterrey

Hi Oswald!

How are you? I hope you are well .I´m so happy you are coming to stay with me next month. It will be great to see you again. Let me tell you a bit about my state. It is called Monterrey and it is to the north of Mexico, near Tamaulipas.


It is not a large state, about 50000 inhabitants but it is very old and beautiful. The main attraction of the town is the macro plaza and the smelter park and the hill chair. There a fantastic square in the centre of the town, because you see the fantastic landscape, as well as lots historical buildings. Outside the sate you can visit the new stadium of the Monterrey team and visit a lot of museums. The worst thing about Monterrey is that, it is a bit unsafe and there isn’t much to do at night. Monterrey has a lot of restaurants, and many bars, and shops. The food is very fantastic and delicious. But what I like best is the countryside around the town, it is wonderful to go walking in the summer, there are mountains nearby, as well as a small take. Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.


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My compositions new