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Fraternity Recruitment

Message from IFC Vice-President of Recruitment, Sean Cotter Congratulations on your acceptance to Texas State University-San Marcos! I hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming Fall 2013 semester. Fraternity life at Texas State is stronger than ever and we are encouraging you to be a part of it. Members of fraternal organizations are woven into almost every aspect of college life here at Texas State, including the Associated Student Government, Athletics, and the Dean’s List. Fraternity leaders strive to be the best in every field of study and activity. Academics are the most important aspect of each fraternity on campus. After all, the primary purpose for attending a university is to further one’s education. That is why the active chapter GPA along with the average new member GPA has been set by Interfraternity Council (IFC) and its member chapters at a minimum of 2.25. This requirement is in an effort to reinforce the importance of academics in the fraternity community. Community service and philanthropy are also major components of fraternity life in San Marcos. Every Greek organization has at least one, and in most cases many, philanthropic organizations chapters have committed to working with assist in creating a better communities both locally and nationally. By joining a fraternity, you have opportunities to be involved in life changing events, as well as making lifelong friendships. Personally, joining a fraternity was the best nonacademic decisions I have made since coming to Texas State. Membership has given me a better understanding of responsibility, an improved grasp of time management and I have learned how to respect and work well with others. Finally, I feel that I grew up more in my first semester as a member of a fraternity than I did in four years I attended high school. If you are looking for a great college experience, as well as a way to improve your grades, and make lifelong friendships, I encourage you to go through formal recruitment with the IFC. If you have any questions please feel free to seek me out in the IFC Office, 4th Floor, LBJ Student Center or contact me via email at

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