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Aaron McTurk Model Making Portfolio 2014

Education: Secondary (NCEA): Graduated 2007, Kati Kati College, New Zealand.


BDes (Honours) Transport Design, Massey University, New Zealand.

Post Graduate:

MA Automotive Design, Coventry University, England.


Completed Outward Bound 3 week course, April 2007 2nd Place, Coventry University Quadricycle design competition, February 2013

Work experience: Hutchison’s Boat Builders – Apprentice

(October 2007 - February 2008) Worked as an apprentice for an established boat builder to gain industry experience before tertiary studies.

Freelance design consultant

(January 2011 – July 2012) Worked with an owner-builder of an one-off sports car, advising on details and finishes as well as designing interior and exterior components.


Presented at DesignEd conference for secondary school teachers, Nov. 2011 Massey University Exposure exhibition, November 2011 Featured on, January 2012 Coventry University Automotive Visions exhibition, December 2013 Featured on, January 2014 Featured on, January 2014

Skills: Design: .

Automotive exterior and interior design Sketching and automotive illustration Brand Identity and language development Design research and critical thinking

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Modeling: .

Chavant Clay modelling (Automotive exterior and Interior) Hard modelling (Foam and resin, fiberglass mould modelling) Basic metal fabrication Basic fiberglass fabrication Basic electrical prototyping

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Software: .

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Sketchbook Pro Rhinoceros and Alias 3D modelling software Vray and 3D rendering software

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About Me: Born: 09/071989, Tauranga, New Zealand Nationality: New Zealander Current location: Tauranga, New Zealand.

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Born and raised in Tauranga, New Zealand, I have a background of pulling cars and engines to bits and occasionally getting them to work again, My passion for automotive design stems from locally built kit cars and American car culture icons such as Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth.

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Contact Information: +64 075481191

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Clay Modelling 3D Scanning CAD modelling Laser cutting Foam model construction 3D Printing (Various methods) Paint and Prep Final component assembly Model Presentation and Photography

Clay Modelling:

2013: MA final project. 1/4 scale full model.

2013 MA Industry collaboration. 1/2 scale Interior model.

2011: BDes final Project. 1/5 scale half model.

Presentation modelling:

2013: MA Final project. 1/4 fibreglass model.

2011: BDes Final Project. 1/5 foam and fibreglass model.

2010: BMW Isetta O2. 1/5 Foam and fibreglass model.

Interior model: 2013: MA industry project.

As part of an Industry collaboration project, we were given a brief to design the next MG flagship sedan. This model is a half scale clay interior mock up used to present to the MG design team.

This was also a group project with four students working together. I was the team co-ordinator and led the physical modeling process.

CAD Modelling:

2013: MA final project. Alias Automotive.

2011: Escapade sports car. Rhino 3D and Keyshot

2010: GO camper. Rhino 3D and VRay

Other Projects:

1967 Triumph Herald Restoration and Modification.

Pulled out of a paddock in 2006, this 1967 Triumph Herald needed major work to get it back into a roadworty state. The car was completely stripped and had an upgraded chassis and firewall installed. Seatbelts, door latches and other items were upgraded for safety, performance and to create a ‘roadster’ style car.

Unfortunately it was sold unfinished in 2012 to fund my MA degree

Pioneer Amplifier Restoration: 1978-79 Pioneer SA-606 stereo amplifier.

Before restoration, note the badly patched speaker terminals on the rear panel and the degrading internal wiring.

After restoration, cleaned and rewired with new speaker terminals.

Thank you for looking. Aaron McTurk (+64) 022 431 7845

Modelmaking 2014  

A selection of models and other projects from my MA and BDes courses. This will be regularly updated with new projects as they are complete...

Modelmaking 2014  

A selection of models and other projects from my MA and BDes courses. This will be regularly updated with new projects as they are complete...