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August, 2007 â– INFAMOUS


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INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS




MISSY BRINGS THE REAPER B.C.-born actor Missy Peregrym recently starred in the hit show Heroes as Candice, a shape-shifter who could take the voice and appearance of anyone, and she has now been chosen to replace Nikki Reed as the female lead on the new series Reaper. Reaper is a supernatural drama premiering on the CW this fall; 25-yearold Peregrym will play the love interest of main character Sam, a young slacker who becomes a bounty hunter for the devil. Peregrym, who recently celebrated her birthday with a highprofile party at Vegas hotspot Tangerine, has also starred in the feature film Stick It, as well as on the short-lived TV show Life as We Know It.

PEOPLE TALK TO STRANGERS You may start seeing little “OK” buttons popping up on lapels throughout the city, and that’s your cue to strike up a conversation with an open individual who’s not afraid to talk to strangers. Steve Wood has been producing the buttons at no cost for anyone who requests them, after seeing the lack of connection and conversation among strangers in Vancouver. Even in intimate settings like public transit or standing in line at a café, there is very little acknowledgement between people — especially with the popularity of escapist gadgets like iPods. Wood believes creating a community by talking with your neighbours plays a large part in cultivating opportunity and well-being. He got the OK button idea when a traveller remarked on the shyness of Vancouverites, then put his graphic design skills to good use. But money isn’t the intended outcome — Wood just wants to see Vancouver become a friendlier place, and the response is already booming. Get yours at

FASHION PORTOBELLO WEST CELEBRATES ONE YEAR Inspired by the fashion markets of East London, Portobello West occurs the last Sunday of every month and is nearing its first anniversary. Director Carlie Smith keeps the market fresh by rotating vendors, enforcing category restrictions (i.e. only so many jewellers are permitted) and introducing new designers each month. The June market alone boasted 30 new vendors, quite the revitalization when the table capacity at the Rocky Mountaineer Station peaks at 110. Those aren’t the only changes Smith is instituting: she’s also hired performers to entertain outside when weather permits, and organized a shuttle from the nearby SkyTrain station for easy transport. And watch out for the Portobello West Fashion Police street team, who will be “fining” well-dressed pedestrians with a $5 market credit this summer. PW is also honouring a promising B.C. fashion student with the Graduate Award, an initiative to help young designers develop and launch their inaugural line. The four finalists this year include Ora Designs (Helen Lefeaux), Shaina Webb Designs (Art Institute), Bad Apple Fashions and Freja Designs (both from Kwantlen). The winner will be announced at the market on Aug. 26, the same day that marks the one-year birthday of Vancouver’s favourite local shopping destination.

Photo: Mark Sullivan/

FUN ZOMBIE WALK Some of our friends wouldn’t quit drooling all over us. At first we thought it was because of our irresistible charm and good looks, but we soon realized hungry zombies have descended upon the city searching for human flesh! We don’t mind a little love bite now and again, but the undead would much rather make a delicious treat out of your entire brain. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em. With numbers doubling each year, the Vancouver Zombie Walk will surely spawn a new mass of living dead, thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and their handy Zombie Application, where you can bite your friends

Photo: Peter Lypkie

and recruit newly damned souls. If this will be your first year in the zombie walk, we have one piece of advice. Blood. Lots of it. Get creative with the gory end of your past life and embrace your zombie-ness. However, if you happen to cross paths with this slobbering mob on Aug. 25, our advice is to run. Or break into a choreographed version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Zombies love that. Aug. 25, 3 pm, Vancouver Art Gallery

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007



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August, 2007 â– INFAMOUS

SOCIAL SHOT Clockwise from left: Lebron Wade and Guess model Serinda Swan at Quente; Steve Nash and Martin Stein, senior vice-president of Steve Nash Sports Club at the club’s opening; Glowbal Group’s Emad Yacoub and Jack Lamont with Immedia PR’s Laura Serena at Champagne & Shoes at Sanafir; RVCA’s Ryan Taron with Jennilee Marigomen at the RVCA art show at AntiSocial (photo by Jennilee Marigomen); Opus Hotel’s Leonard Nakonechny with Hed Kandi DJ Andy Daniels and Trust promoter Savio at Opus; Battle of the Bartenders winner Jay Jones of Donnelly Bars with runner-up Waldo Villeda of Bardot at the Yaletown Street Party. Photos by Raj Taneja

ROUGE BRINGS OUT INDUSTRY PLAYERS, MODELS INVADE SHAUGHNESSY MANSION BY RAJ TANEJA 06.23.07 JET SET CREW HAMPTONS POLO PARTY On June 23, a beautiful, sun-kissed crowd donned their white summer linens, tennis skirts and Polo shirts for the Hamptons Polo Party at the Gabriola Mansion in the West End. DJ Erick Decks from Germany headlined the event’s entertainment with Vancouver DJ Tyson. 06.28.07 THE ROSSA AFFAIR AT CLUTCH June 28, Senator Larry Campbell and CTV’s Kerri Adams hosted The Rossa Affair, the YWCA’s fundraiser for families led by single moms. Held at Vancouver’s only car dealership designed for women, Clutch by auto/ONE, the all-inclusive event was centred around building awareness for the Ferrari Testarossa Lottery, which is set to raise over $100,000 for the cause and will award one of 1,998 entrants with a 1998 Testarossa. Throughout the night, drinks flowed as attendees including Nicola Fairweather of Naikun Wind Development, mega-publicist Pamela Groberman, the YWCA’s CEO Janet Austin and Sotheby’s International Realty VP Dana Volrich, wore red and snacked on canapés by Quince. Generous donations in the amount of $5,000 were made by Mike Wood, auto/ONE’s owner and lead supporter of the cause, as well as mystery man Michael Murphy. Tickets for this one-of-akind lottery are available for purchase until Aug. 10 at www. 07.04.07 HED KANDI DJ AT OPUS Hed Kandi’s DJ Andrew Daniels made a surprise appearance at OPUS Bar the evening of July 4 for the second in a series of exclusive invite-only events at the Yaletown hotel. The personable DJ joked about his recent trip to Costa Rica, where upon entering the venue and introducing himself, the manager, not being able to place him, asked if he was there to complete the décor for the evening. Andy, whose casual dress style and laid-back demeanor has him continually pegged as one of the custodial service staff, recounted how he enjoys the prospect of being able to blend in with the crowd despite having the

Hed Kandi DJ title. Attendees Tiffany Soper, Kerry Hittinger and OPUS’s Tina Lee discussed the upcoming opening of OPUS Hotel Montréal, while promoter Savio talked about the recent expansion of his Trust brand abroad, promoting a Hed Kandi DJ series throughout India.

“STEVE NASH WAS ON SITE TO OPEN HIS SPORTS CLUB AND TO PROMOTE A WEEKEND OF CHARITY EVENTS” 07.07.07 THE 2007 CANADA CUP OF BEER The Canadian beer industry, which accounts for 1.3 per cent of the country’s gross national product, has been on the decline in recent years. As a response to this, beer enthusiasts Colin Jack and Rick Mohabir have set up an annual 35-vendor, 150beer tasting event at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. The event, the 2007 Canada Cup of Beer, took place on the sunny July 7th afternoon and hosted members of Vancouver’s service industry as well as beer enthusiasts and supporters of Canada’s liquid economy. The event not only benefited the beer industry but also directed proceeds from ticket sales tickets to the Vancouver TheatreSports League. 07.07.07 BMW’S 7.7.7 PARTY Brian Jessel transformed his Boundary Road BMW dealership into a hopping nightclub and invited only his closest friends, dressed in what the owner’s marketing labelled “über Monte Carlo style,” to celebrate the luckiest day of the year, 7.7.7. Throughout the evening, Mr. Jessel was seen being a notable host, mingling with friends and staff including the Ciprianos, Christina and Frank, of their restaurant of same name and equal fame. The VIP bash included complimentary valet parking, free-flowing martinis, an international DJ set from DJ Evonne Spencer and a roast beef midnight snack.

07.07.14 RVCA ART SHOW July 14 Antisocial hosted the The “Five Humans Share Thoughts, People Respond” RVCA photo and art show featuring Ashley Macomber, Ed Templeton, Jo Jackson, Deanna Templeton and Chris Johanson. Over 400 people came through to see the works and watch the RVCA pro skateboard team (Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Austin Stephans, Ed Templeton, Keegan Sauder and Çairo Foster were all in attendance) skate alongside local heads. The party flowed from the shop and gallery into the alley which created an amazing yet shady back alley vibe. — Garrett Louie 07.15.07 SALT ONE-YEAR BIRTHDAY PARTY July 15, Sean Heather, proprietor of Salt Tasting Room, Fetch, the Shebeen, the Salty Tongue and the Irish Heather, invited friends, family and press to their Blood Alley location for a cava-filled evening of celebration in the name of Salt’s first-year anniversary. Investors Scott Hawthorn and John Coughlan were on site as well as architect Gair Williamson, who designed the newly announced Salt Cellar that should open in late August. 07.19.07 STEVE NASH SPORTS CLUB OPENING Steve Nash was on site July 19 to open his large two-level sports facility, and to promote a weekend filled with charity events: the $5,000-a-head Carats & Diamonds at Sunset, the Coast Capital Good Karma Block Party, the MVP Fast Break and the Steve Nash Charity Classic. The sports club opening was well attended by notables such as Andy Chu from Arc 2 Intertainment, Arthur Griffiths, city councillor Peter Ladner and Jenny Miller of the Steve Nash Foundation. The event started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony then on to a press conference where Nash answered questions relating to his foundation, the upcoming charity event and the sports club. Afterwards, Nash greeted the kids – fans of his who had lined up since 9:30 am to get a glimpse of him and to take a photo with the sports superstar.

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS

07.19.07 JAVIER MARÍN AT BUSCHLEN MOWATT On Thursday, July 19, the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery held an opening reception and summer party featuring the sculpture of Mexican artist Javier Marín. Marín’s work has been featured in more than 100 solo and group exhibitions, most recently at the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain. His work also appeared at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003 – the most prestigious art event in the world. The event had attendees Lauren Arnold, Heidi Carton-Rahn and Andrea Murphy in awe at the beauty and detail Marín brings to his work. Jane McFadden, of Fine Finds Boutique and the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, pointed out some of the gallery’s other highlights and chatted with Teresa Findlay of Dirty Laundry.

07.21.07 YALETOWN STREET PARTY The Yaletown Street Party took place throughout Yaletown July 21 featuring a full day of activities. Among the highlights were a Celebrity Chili Cook-off with chefs Themis Velgis of Chcoatl Inc., John Crook of Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar, William Tse of Goldfish Pacific Kitchen and Neil Wyles of Hamilton Street Grill, and an Epic Battle of the Bartenders that came in a blurry onslaught of drinks. The victory for the Chili Cook-off was handed to Tse of Goldfish Pacific, while the most original chili was definitely Velgis’s chocolate chili creation. The Street Party’s four-round bartender battle had contestants Mack Benz from Capones, Coast Restaurant’s Jim Shelton, Blue

“GUESTS DOWNED ENOUGH COMPLIMENTARY GLASSES OF MOET TO USE UP THEIR ENTIRE PROMOTIONAL BUDGET FOR THE YEAR.” Water Café & Raw Bar’s Simon Kaulback, OPUS Bar’s Tristan Jensen, Donnelly Bars’ Jay Jones, Mike Mete of George, Mike Moore of Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar, Dave Truscott of Section Three, Waldo Villeda of Bardot Waterfront Bar & Grill, Chelsie Gunderson of Goldfish Pacific Kitchen and Ryan Cheverie of Hamilton Street Grill go head-to-head in a competition to crown the top bartender in Yaletown. The victor of the competition was Jones of Donnelly Bars, who created the pink, virginolive-oil-topped Klejnot — the Polish word for Jewel.

07.21.07 QUENTE Supermodel Noot Seear and Guess Watches model Serinda Swan joined forces at the Shaughnessy residence of leading TD Waterhouse broker Paul Pigeon for a benefit called Quente on the evening of July 21. Rose Charities, the beneficiary of the event, used the funds raised at the event to aid Tsunamidevastated Sri Lanka. The $125-a-head, 150-guest event had attendees like Lyndi Jane Barrett, brilliantly dressed in Jason Matlo Couture, and business partner Claudia da Ponte enjoying amazing canapés provided by Donald Haddad’s DMH Catering, while DJ Rhiannon and Kokoma African Drum and Dance got everyone’s groove on. The evening’s ever-popular silent auction, with its collection of jewelry, art and gift certificates, was snapped up by partygoers and media alike, while all enjoyed the tennis court fire spinning and pool-deck fashion show.


07.19.07 CHAMPAGNE & SHOES AT SANAFIR Flame Rodriguez, responsible for promoting Moët & Chandon Champagnes as well as Hennessey over the years in B.C., recently announced that her company’s time working with the high-end brand would come to an end in October. As a result of this change in focus, Rodriguez, who loves nothing more than champagne and shoes, held a benefit for the BC Cancer Foundation at Sanafir on Thursday, July 19, featuring both. The event’s models, who sported over $100,000 in shoes from B2 throughout the evening, were led by event emcee Fiona Forbes of Urban Rush. Attendees — the usual suspects from the Glowbal Group, including new Italian Kitchen general manager Robert Byford, Jennifer Harper from the BC Cancer Foundation, Jay Jones from DHM Bars and others — sipped complimentary glasses of Moët’s Brut Imperial and Imperial Nectar in quantities aimed at spending the entirety of Moët’s promotional budget for the year.

07.21.07 ROUGE July 21, Rory Richards of the PR firm Richards and Chan hosted Vancouver’s largest film-industry networking event and gala, Rouge, at Robson Square. The 1000+ attendee soirée, which benefited the local Women in Film and Video chapter, touted 40 of the local film and TV industry’s top movers and shakers, and definitely held the title for the evening’s yummiest crowd. Attendees, dressed to the nines in full Rouge form, included filmsters Scott McGrath, Fleur Jacobs, Jane Purcell and Katie Chapman. Keatley Entertainment’s Selena Paskalidis discussed the finer points of the event with Godiva’s lead Rick Tae, while Laurent Variyot pitched his new psychological thriller known as Anna’s Birthday to local producer John Lambert. Hotties Olivia Cheng and Eugenia Sparks created sparks of their own when they lit up the dance floor, while local director Milan Dmitrovic enjoyed shots with friends at the bar.

Clockwise from top left: Nick Darcy with Brian Jessel PR manager Rhoda Rizkalla at the Jessel 07.07.07 party; Chelsie Gunderson of Goldfish Pacific Kitchen at the Yaletown Street Party; Cheetal Sthankiya and Amanda Tirschman at the Jet Set Crew’s Hamptons Polo Party; Rouge producer Rory Richards with Nina Sohi at Rouge; Ed Templeton at the RVCA art show (photo by Jennilee Marigomen); Raymond Law and William Urrea at The Rossa Affair; Kevin Lorage and Heidi CartonRahn at the Javier Marin opening. Photos by Raj Taneja

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




Thursday, Aug 16 2007

See the city’s hottest designs and bid for them right off the runway. hosted by international supermodel

NOOT SEEAR Commodore Ballroom 868 Granville St Doors 8.30pm / Show 10pm


a benefit for rose charities

Photography By 0807INF


August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS



HELEN LEFEAUX SCHOOL It’s always interesting to see designers come out with conceptual clothing designs that are compelling and innovative on the runway, but at the end of the show it always comes down to one point for me: What is actually wearable? The 25 students graduating from Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design had to demonstrate their abilities with collections containing only three pieces. I was most impressed with Figtree by Alison Chernesky, in which she toyed with earth tones, high-waisted pants and a leather cowl thrown in for good measure. Tia Oliver’s collection was inspired by rich Victorian fabrics, and I was glad to see she retained those refined elements in her designs. And one dress I would have worn right off the runway was designed by Danita Chandra — knee-length gold satin with a rectangular plunge neckline and beautiful floral print accents. Other notables include the ’50s-inspired line by Parisa Jamshidian and Christine Laird’s pencil skirt and cowl/hood combo.


With alumni like Chloe Angus, Glencora Twigg and Christine Hotton (Twigg&Hottie) and Ric Yuenn established in the industry, we look forward to seeing these new designers emerge on the Vancouver scene. Best of luck to the 2007 graduates!

JOHN CASABLANCAS INSTITUTE The graduating class of the Applied Arts Fashion Business and Creative Arts program from John Casablancas Institute executed an impressive fashion show to a packed house at the Sheraton Ballroom on July 12. Featuring designs from Obakki, Hunt & Gather, Urbanity, Lark, American Apparel and Zara, among others, the class of 15 formed OneOneSeven Productions and the Intertwine show was their debut production. The primary theme of the show was the fusion between nature and machine, with stark metallics initially dominating the runway merging into soft organic whites, followed by a burst of colour and energy. With net proceeds benefiting the World Wildlife Fund, the show focused fashion’s eye on the state of our environment by focusing vision on the past, present and future of the world. A silent auction with plenty of goodies and GCs to bid on was a great distraction before the show commenced.

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007



0807INF 0807INF

August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS





This new accessories store on Main offers up locally designed and ethical goods with a touch of spunk. Owner Kameyo Melina explains Hotbox is pot, porn, baseball and trains all rolled into one, carrying stock ranging from bags and jewelry to lingerie and hats. It’s nice to see an accessories store cater to both men and women, with lines like Toodlebunny Designs, Frug, Dotted Loop, Matt and Nat, Brave Leather, Goorin Brothers Hats, and Hanky Panky Panties adorning both sexes. Kameyo’s top picks for the summer? JM by Intimode bamboo boxer shorts for the boys, and handmade Lily and Cohoe hats for the ladies. 2560 Main Street

TOP PICKS The perfect summer dress by new local design team Imaginary Friend is next on our must-have list. Versatile enough to be worn on a leisurely stroll through a park or with a wide belt for cocktails on a warm evening, this cotton tank dress features beautiful tucks at the waist and button detailing on the back straps. Available in both grey and black, this style is complimentary for a wide range of body types. Pair with chopstick earrings by Nikki Neves from Dominic Designs, which uses reclaimed wood and Italian sterling silver, and a classic sterling silver ring from Tiffany’s new Somerset Mesh collection. Bag your Imaginary Friend Apparel at Eugene Choo and One of a Few; Dominic Designs jewelry at Life of Riley, Tutta Mia; Tiffany & Co., 723 Burrard St.

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007


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with purchase of Miller Genuine Draft

Draw August 31, 2007




EVERY MONDAY Peel & Eat Prawns

We can boast they are the best wings in town!

4185 208th Street Langley August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS






EVERY WEDNESDAY Wings 35¢ each

EVERY SUNDAY is NASCAR Race Day at Riders!






Patina, a new condo development by Concert Properties, is quite literally founded on the premise that a successful community is a healthy one. Located on Barclay Street, just west of Burrard, the landmark residential tower will straddle the leafy West End and the heart of downtown. “The immediate surroundings offer the finest of downtown: neighbours include Le Crocodile, Sutton Place Hotel, Wedgewood and The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Rising 42 storeys, Patina is situated to take advantage of open views to the ocean and the mountains as well as dramatic cityscapes,” says Rod Wilburn, VP of marketing for Concert Properties. While the interiors will boast sophisticated finishing and panoramic views, the construction of the building itself will include the refurbishment of the Downtown YMCA, which first opened its doors in 1941. Over the last 65 years, the Y has offered a wide range of programs and services; however, in order to continue to meet the needs of a diverse and growing urban population, the facilities need a facelift. The project is the first of its kind in North

America, and could serve as a model for those YMCAs worldwide that are located on desired real estate, making them prime candidates for development and subsequent rejuvenation. The restoration and conservation of the brick, terra cotta and granite frontage of the heritage building are also an integral part of the development. The $200-million project includes more than 250 residential units, along with a fullyequipped, state-of-the-art YMCA, which will cover 95,000 square feet. The new six-storey Y will boast heath and fitness facilities, community meeting places, an adult education centre and a space designated specifically for rehabilitation programs for people of all ages and levels of ability. It will also include a new licensed 69-space, nonprofit YMCA Child Care and Family Development Centre, a unique component of the redevelopment. The new YMCA is slated to be operational in late 2009, while the residential tower is scheduled for occupancy in 2011.


SAGEBRUSH GOLF AND SPORTING CLUB BY SUZANNE WESTOVER Richard (Dick) Zokol, one of Canada’s pre-eminent golfers, is building his very own field of dreams. While Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club isn’t a baseball stadium conjured from a cornfield, it’s nonetheless a cutting-edge concept.

land, on which he plans to unfold the ultimate Canadian golf course. In this instance, man isn’t bending nature to his will; rather, nature has graciously provided all the elements required to create a modern, minimalist, eminently playable golf course.

In order to realize his “minimalist” vision, Zokol required maximum investment. He engaged 40 equity members of Sagebrush, both individuals and corporations, each contributing $200,000 for membership rights. Many of those members will shell out hundreds of thousands more in order to build luxury homes on their own personal piece of paradise.

The Nicola Valley, 250 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, is a land rich in both sunshine and history; it is here where Zokol is building his vision: an exclusive enclave of high-priced homes and a business retreat, centred on a world-class golf course.

The principle is one of total exclusivity. A maximum of 230 non-equity members will be able to join the club; the 40 charter members will be able to invite up to three guests to join, who will be required to renew on an annual basis. Otherwise, the invitation must be extended by Zokol himself. Zokol has found himself a perfect piece of

In partnership with renowned architect Rod Whitman and agronomist Armen Suny, Zokol is creating a course that will be free of man-made obstacles and contrived difficulties. Instead, it will celebrate the region’s stunningly rugged landscape of grasslands, rolling hills and bountiful lakes.

angling, riding and sporting opportunities. Truly a four-season destination, the property will offer a lake on-site, perfect for fishing in summer and ice hockey in winter. The region’s landscape will also provide ideal conditions for first-class skiing, both downhill and cross-county. The club’s amenities extend beyond the outdoors; the Sagebrush Lodge will reflect the landscape’s ranching heritage, and will combine warm, rustic charm with luxurious contemporary amenities. Members will enjoy gourmet dining, an elaborate wine cellar — stocked with the best VQAs from B.C. wineries, as well as labels from around the world — and a state-ofthe-art business and conference centre. The course is scheduled to open in spring/summer 2008, with a soft opening on Oct. 13 and 14 for members, giving them the first opportunity to hit their ultra-exclusive links.


But the Sagebrush concept is more than simply a golfer’s Shangri-La. Zokol was adamant that his high-end sanctuary feature incomparable

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007







Characteristically staying on the cusp of creative nightlife, Donnelly Hospitality Management has once again delivered a breath of fresh air into the Vancouver scene with the latest addition to Donnelly Nightclubs — The Modern. Situated on the most bustling corner of the steadily blossoming retail and dining neighbourhood of historic Gastown, The Modern (7 Alexander St.) is a sensual playground for the nightlife connoisseur.

The upper level, where seven VIP tables are available with bottle service, features an impressive backlit bar with projector screens playing retro films. The tables hug the glass railing that overlooks the glowing dance floor on the lower level. The state-of-the-art sound system has been tailored so that one can easily socialize in the seating areas, with the option of enjoying heart-pounding beats where they are meant to be enjoyed — on either of the two spacious dance floors.

Jeff Donnelly’s vision for his latest project was to create an aesthetically modern environment while incorporating and respecting the heritage of its location. The layout of the club is essentially the same as it has always been (one may recall the club’s old monikers 7 Alexander, and the more recent Cherry Bay) — three levels with a bar on the top and bottom floors, but every other aspect of the club’s décor has been drastically altered, rendering it virtually unrecognizable.

Every wall in The Modern is adorned with eye candy. The upper level features a tile mosaic that morphs into a long, sloping bench dotted with small tables, perfect for resting a cocktail (the bar will have an extensive list developed by beverage director Jay Jones). On the opposite wall, a series of canvases bolted to the white-washed original brick walls have been thoughtfully splashed with black paint by world-renowned U.K. graffiti artist SheOne. The DJ booth is situated on the second floor and is encased in a wall of mirrored bubbles that hide a mini VIP area for the DJs guests. The black enamel walls of the lower level are dotted with tiny, starry lights, evoking the aura of an endless universe of space.

The Modern appears modest from the outside, with low-key signage in the large front window, inconspicuous among the neighbourhood’s quaint façades. The coat check area is drenched in black tile, with pale, etched glass and stainless steel accents. An awe-inspiring, multicoloured neon plaid chandelier highlights the ceiling, which hints at the colourful electricity of the elaborate dance floor lightshow inside.

August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS

this clientele through focusing on VIP guest list-based promoting done by a guest services manager. International talent will also be featured on a regular basis, making the club a destination for special events each weekend. Currently the club has two weeklies: Fridays are Baby Grand — featuring funk, classic soul and hip hop with Flipout, Mat The Alien and J Swing; and Saturdays are This Is Not Detroit — featuring electro, house and dance with Timeline and Luke McKeehan. Strict dress code will be in effect, with the highest standards in club security upheld at the door. Don’t worry; there are special cubbyholes for your designer hat in coat check.

The Modern aims to attract an upscale, music-loving clientele of creative professionals who are looking for a stylish, yet drama-free, place to let loose on the dance floor. Donnelly plans to build

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




URBAN MIXER - With a combination of the city's most comprehensive events calendar, coverage of the hottest events in town and even our own brand of social soirée, Urban Mixer is the cure for the common social life! Upcoming Urban Mixer and Affiliate Events: • Urban Mixer Gallery Series I and Showcase, July 26, 2007 • Factory Nights 04.Scorch, July 29, 2007 • Urban Mixer Speed Dating sponsored by smart®, August 25, 2007

August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS



Partial proceeds from every Urban Mixer event go to UNICEF’s Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS Campaign. Find out more about this campaign at




If you’re hungry for Japanese food, Vancouver is the place to be. There is a sushi spot on every second block, and more recently this city has caught the Izakaya bug. Roughly defined, Izakaya means Japanese tapas, but there’s nothing Spanish about this cuisine. “Tapas” is merely a convenient phrase used to refer to the share-plate portion sizes. To try a fine example, head to one of Vancouver’s hippest new spots: Toratatsu on Denman Street. No stranger to the restaurant business, 25-year-old chef and owner Kodai Uno has followed his father’s and older brother’s footsteps cooking at Shiru-Bay (Yaletown and Japan) and Japan’s Raku. He heads to Japan several times a year to check out new restaurants, ingredients and trends, bringing home to Vancouver fresh ideas for both Shiru-Bay and Toratatsu. The compact room seats 45, with bar seats offering a front-row view to the kitchen and tables of two that can be moved depending on party size. The décor is funky and the music can get loud. Open until 2 am, it’s a great place for a late-night snack. Izakayas are known for their drinks, and Toratatsu is no exception. Start with a Panacea. The word’s definition means a remedy for all


ills, and after a few, you’ll be feeling no pain. Choose the drink’s base (vodka, gin, shochu or sake) and then the bartender smashes your poison along with market-fresh fruit and finally tops the drink off with a splash of soda water. Refreshing, but deadly! There’s also a surprisingly smart wine list. Many Asian places have failed to grasp that we need more than cheap hot sake to sip! Take note. Toratatsu has over 30 choices of newand old-world wine as well as the requisite premium sakes that any Japanese place worth its weight in sashimi must stock. Once you’ve sipped a bit, you’ll need to make some decisions on your dinner. Daily specials are posted on the boards in both Japanese and English. There are familiar dishes such as fresh sashimi and Kobe beef tartar, but Uno also throws in international favourites such as fresh-cut prosciutto and cheese plates. Shiru-Bay’s Ebi Chilli Mayo is present (prawn tempura with chilli mayo), as is a Toratatsu tofu trio (served cold) and smoke-kissed duck carpaccio with balsamic miso glaze. If you’re feeling adventurous, order the Kodai special. Uno will discuss your likes, dislikes and your appetite potential, and then surprise you with a custom-built meal.

Grilled miso sablefish wrapped in wine-soaked Japanese cedar, served with sweet potato purée.

Toratatsu is definitely a place to go for cocktails, wine, laughter and an authentic taste of Japan. Bring a little cash and some fun-loving companions and you’ll be planning a trip to Tokyo in no time. 735 Denman Street 604.685.9399

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS



AUGUST PICKS By DAENNA VAN MULLIGEN You may have heard tales of a little ol’ wine made in the sunny South Okanagan called Osoyoos Larose “Le Grand Vin.” If not, here is a quick rundown. The Osoyoos Larose venture, a partnership between the Bordeaux-based Group Taillan and Vincor Canada, produced its first vintage of the Bordeaux-styled blend (aka Meritage) “Le Grand Vin” in 2001 before releasing it in 2004. In many ways, it changed the way the world thinks about winemaking in British Columbia and our ability to produce world-class Bordeaux-style wines (made with the classic Bordeaux varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec). “Le Grand Vin” has become a highly-soughtafter wine, selling in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. and achieving international acclaim. Heck, even the winemaker, Pascal Madevon, is from Bordeaux. Although not expensive (in the grand scheme of wine) “Le Grand Vin” is released each year with great aplomb at around $40. Its new sibling “Petales d’Osoyoos” — also a burly Bordeaux blend — was recently unveiled at an even more manageable $25.




noodles and lobster broth ($16). The scallop was crisp but tender inside, and the noodles bathed in a flavourful broth. I found the asparagus with comte cheese and pear ($15) to be equally immaculate. Bastien took the time to peel the tough outer layers of the vegetable, producing a more delicate vegetable.

When the space at 1 Cordova St. came available, three smart fellows jumped on the opportunity to open a place of their own, and Boneta was born. Bonobo Entertainment’s threesome includes Neil Ingram and Andre McGillivray (both ex-Lumiere) and Mark Brand (known for his bartending savvy at Chambar). We thank them for joining forces to establish what could just be the coolest spot this city has seen in some time.

On a subsequent visit my friends and I polished off a bottle of Champagne and I had to revisit the scallop to ensure it was as divine as I had remembered (it was). We also shared the lamb loin with peas and potato gnocchi ($19) and the grilled tuna with artichokes and caper sauce ($19). The only fault I could find was a dash less salt could have been used, but apart from that Bastien definitely rules the kitchen.

The crowd at Boneta varies. There are lots of industry types coming out to support their fellow restaurateurs, young artists from nearby galleries, designers from Gastown’s fashionable stores, and a hint of street life that drifts in from the neighbourhood. The room is well-patrolled by the owners, who ensure service runs smoothly and a good time is had by all.

And if you’re just in it for the booze, Brand and Ingram will deliver expert advice on what to sip. Brand’s named the cocktails after some of my favourite bartenders. West’s David Wolywodinyk is honoured with a rum drink with pineapple sage and orange blossom, and Nick Devine (formerly at George) with a rose-infused vodka drink with both espresso and cassis.

Boneta also pleases by respecting sustainability. They’ve created the bar from laminated bamboo, the tables from recycled paper, and reclaimed items — such as the mirrors that hang from the ceiling — from other projects. While that may sound odd, it comes together remarkably well with the help of murals created by Vancouver’s own Charles Forsberg.

Over on the wine side of the equation, the list is equally smart. Not too lengthy, but well-stocked, the “cellar” includes the delightful Billiot Reserve Brut ($34 a glass/$136 a bottle) that we savoured as well as some less expensive bottles for everyday drinking. Muller Riesling/Chardonnay, Viu Manent Malbec, and Paul Mas Viognier all ring in for under $40. A nod to B.C. would be nice, but at least we see minimal markup and all by the glass. If you haven’t yet been there’s no better time than the aptly named “Fuck Off Friday only lunch.” Go and just don’t return to work. Apparently they’ll even provide a doctor’s note!

Chef Jeremie Bastien (also ex-Lumiere) projects his menu onto a wall above his open kitchen, allowing him to change dishes daily based on seasonal availability. Divided into cold, hot and sweet dishes, there are usually 12 in total. On my first visit I was delighted with the jumbo scallop tempura with soba

1 W. Cordova St. 604.684.1844 Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday, 5:30 pm (Friday lunch)

NEWS+NOTES FROM THE INDUSTRY • Davie Street’s Lolitas is expanding and taking over the spot that held Dallas Pizza on Commercial Drive at 5th to open Me and Julio. Partners Jason and Lila Gaylie will share ownership with star chef Shelome Bouvette. • Next door to Habit the very same owners are opening the 100+ seat Cascade Room. Inventive cocktails, lots of wine by the glass and local beers will complement a menu by the recently departed LK Dining Room’s talented chef Travis Williams (no, he’s not dead, it’s the restaurant that has unfortunately closed, along with the nearby Milan’s Bistro on Hamilton). Look for more action in Yaletown. • There’s been a rotation of chefs: Cincin brings on executive chef Mark Perrier, O’Doul’s hires Chris Whittaker (formerly across the street at Zin), Diva at the Met adopts Din Renaerts (ex-Georgia Hotel) and Julian Bond (ex-Cactus Club) is now calling West Van’s Salmon House home. • Those with meat cravings, raise your hand. So.cial at Le Magasin’s Butcher Shop is now open. Stroll to Gastown for a three-buck roast suckling pig sandwich and take home chef Sean Cousins’ house-made terrines, sausages and pâtés. • If Moroccan is more to your liking, Kasbah Bazaar and Café, across from Gastown’s Chill Winston, serves up coffees, teas and Moroccan-style snacks. The owners will soon open a more formal Le Marrekech Moroccan Bistro at 52 Alexander. • If you are into Brazilians (the people, not the wax job) Samba’s Steak House is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new Brazilian dance show with dazzling costumes and exciting moves, Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Meat served a myriad of ways.

• On Granville, word is the spot previously inhabited by Inferno will become the Red Square. It’ll have an Eastern European tapas theme. Andrea Garrison and David Arich are behind the project. • The Izakaya named 1215 at that same address on Davie is no more. Replacing it is a Chinese bistro christened Shanghai 1949. • Also in the English Bay area, the Pacific Crab Company (formerly Pepitas) at Denman and Davie is done and Soho (previously across the street) has taken its place.

ON THE FOODIE CALENDAR • August 9-11: 2007 Okanagan Summer Wine Festival – Silver Star Resort, Vernon • August 16: California Dreaming – Van Dusen Gardens presents another Thirsty Thursday with wines from Beringer, California inspired cuisine and a DJ spinning oldschool tunes. • August 18: Sea-to-Sky Feast of Fields – 1-5 pm at the North Arm Farm in Pemberton, BC. Tickets are $75 each. • August 19: Chefs To The Field Competition – 10 teams of professional chefs cook-off using products just picked from the field at Terra Nova Rural Park located at 2631 Westminster Hwy. • August 23: Aussie Bottle and Bangers – Australian wine and BBQ hosted by Liberty Wine Merchants, at Vancouver Rowing Club.

This little brother is a blend of all five aforementioned Bordeaux grape varietals and has come out swinging. Sales at B.C. liquor stores (and some restaurants) are swift, perhaps part price and providence. I think it’s a bottle with really good value that won’t make you feel guilty for feeding your dinner guests rather than your cellar. Osoyoos Larose “Pétales d’Osoyoos, Okanagan Valley BC 2004-What can I say, little brother is big- meaty, burly and brawny. My suggestion is to open this wine at least two hours before consuming or decant for at least one hour. Black cherry, plum, black current and leather aromas with dried fruit and earthy-woodsy notes. Intense on the palate with cocoa, tobacco, leather, spice and aggressive tannins that soften with decanting. Recommended eats are strictly protein-based. Put away your salad fork. $25.00 (+343103) BC Liquor Stores If you are in the market for some classic French Bordeaux wines, Marquis Wine Cellars at 1034 Davie St. are hosting their annual Bordeaux release on Sept. 15. I was recently able to sample a few of the upcoming 2004 gems, and here are a few suggestions for your cellar: Château Paloumey, Haut Medoc, 2004 ($39.90) an affordable Bordeaux with sweet red cherry, cassis, cocoa, leather and woodsy notes and similar palate flavours followed by dusty tannins. Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien, 2004 ($64.90) Robust red berry and plum-y aromas with chocolate, tobacco hints of greenery and a dry, earthy palate and tight, youthful tannins. Château La Tour Haut Brion, Pessac-Léognan 2004 ($94.90) Soft fruit with a creamy note, sweet spices and a hint of banana and floral aromas. On the plate it is refined and fresh with warm spices and a fairly smooth texture and slightly astringent finish. Château Léoville Las Cases, Saint-Julien, 2004 ($189.90) Rich and masculine with earth, black and red currant fruit aromas and notes of spice and greenery. Dark fruit flavours on the palate with cocoa, leather and coffee flavours and obvious tannins.

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS


THE YOUNG FILM EXEC KRISTA KELLOWAY AGE: 23 DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION BRIGHTLIGHT PICTURES At 23 years of age, Krista Kelloway already holds an enviable position with one of B.C.’s top film and TV production companies, Brightlight Pictures. Brightlight’s projects include The Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage, 88 Minutes with Al Pacino, and White Noise with Michael Keaton, which has grossed more than $100 million since its release in 2005. Kelloway began as an office assistant at Brightlight three years ago, quickly rose through the

PROMOTER SEARCH’S LAST TWO TEAMS GET READY BY JESSICA GRAJCZYK Caprice Night Club’s Search for The Next Big Promoter contest is coming to an end this month with two teams left to compete. The Search, which began back in June, has already seen three teams of local up-and-coming promoters take a shot at the title and prestigious bragging rights. Competitors will be judged by their creative use of budget, level of liquor sponsor brand awareness and overall attendance. “So far, it’s been another great year for this competition. Everyone’s done really well, but the best could still be yet to come,” says Dax Drosky, promotions manager at Caprice.

ranks and landed the director of production position in March. She manages all day-to-day production needs for the company, including sourcing and developing new material and liaising with cast and crew. Words of advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps? “Get involved and learn as much as you can, ask lots of questions.” In her spare time Kelloway also fills producer shoes on independent side projects.

Team Polar Ice (Topps Promotions) will throw their “A Night in Old Chicago”-themed party on Aug. 9. Team members David Topps and Marcus Schaper-Kotter will transform Caprice into a 1920s cabaret with bar staff decked out in formal tuxes and bowties, costumed promo girls and dancers, and a 1920s dress code. DJ Tyson Villeneuve will spin house music, enhanced with live sax and drums. Complimentary Polar Ice martinis will be offered during the first hour of the night. Topps Promotions participated in last year’s Search and are collaborating with Angry Giraffe Promotions this year to give it another shot. Topps is confident his team has a good chance of winning this year. “We’ve been throwing parties for three years and we already have a loyal client base, and I know we’ve got the best-looking crowd,” says Topps. Caprice will be transformed into a winter wonderland on Aug. 30 when Team Molson Canadian (After Eight) presents “Shiver.”

Teammates Boris Renes, James Basnett, Jason Binstock and Mike Woodward plan to highlight their liquor sponsor with this Molson Canadian winter-themed party. Clubbers will enter into the blue, white and silver decorated club, be treated to complimentary Sno Cones and have the opportunity to get professional photos taken in the themed photo booth upstairs. “After Eight already has a huge campus following. We’ve been throwing parties at UBC for a year now,” says Woodward. “We’re definitely gonna pack the place. We’ll make sure everyone has a good time and gets to walk away with something fun to remember their night by. We’re excited to be a part of this and we’re happy that Caprice has given us this chance.” Get your tickets ($10) for each party at or at the door (967 Granville St.) and judge the best for yourself. Check next month’s INFAMOUS to see who came out on top.

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Now On Sale!

with special guests

Saturday September 1 Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park


general admission


Tickets also at Zulu, Beatstreet, and Highlife

Tickets also available online at

, all

outlets, charge by phone 604-280-4444






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               ! "  ## $%    &   '  


(    )    ! * #  +  ,    -++

. #    /  - ! "  ## 0    -- 01 , !  ) '  - /(   +-++


August, 2007 â– INFAMOUS






tunning 19-year-old Barbados R&B beauty Rihanna has already sold 5.4 million albums, released five No. 1 singles, worked with megastars (Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland) and insured her legs for $1 million US. She’s also developed a new bad-girl demeanor, which comes complete with scandalous, fetishy outfits, sexy videos and diva behaviour.


Rihanna’s fittingly-titled new third record, Good Girl Gone Bad, has been dominating the charts with the prowess of its catchy first single “Umbrella,” which features a guest spot by Jay-Z, who discovered the singer and put her out on his Def Jam label. The record has also ushered in a naughtier image for the fresh-faced singer, who was first introduced to us as a soft island beauty with songs such as last summer’s inescapable dancehall smash “S.O.S.” and club classic “Pon De Replay.” Now Rihanna has traded in her ballads and tropical dresses for barely-there latex booty shorts, fishnet stockings and, sometimes, nothing but body paint, such as in the new video for “Umbrella.” “This record [Good Girl Gone Bad], I basically took the attitude of the bad girl and I really got rebellious and just did everything the way I wanted to do it,” she explains. “I didn’t want to listen to anybody. I didn’t consult with anybody. I just want to have a little more fun with my music and be a little more experimental in terms of my image and my sound. I just reinvented myself.” The hit-maker also describes the recording of Good Girl Gone Bad as incredibly enjoyable, largely because of the amazing help she had from artists like Jay-Z, Timberlake and Timbaland. “It’s just an honour to work with Justin. He’s a fun guy, a great

artist and a very talented person,” she says. “Jay-Z, he is such a perfectionist. That’s what I love about working with him.... Everything has to be done in the most perfect way possible. Timbaland, he just has so much fun with his creativity. I really was shocked to see how he and Justin Timberlake could be in a studio making great music, but having fun at the same time.”

to the irritation of her neighbours, who complained about her loud vocal pipes. “I laugh about it all the time. It’s just crazy to me. It’s like, ‘Whoa, I remember those days. That’s crazy,’” Rihanna says of her humble past. “Every time I go back to Barbados, I see them [the neighbours]. And, no, they don’t complain anymore.”

But it wasn’t too long ago when Rihanna’s singing was more of a nuisance than a commodity sought after by the hottest producers. Growing up in Barbados, the teen would sing in the shower, much

INFAMOUS ■ August, 2007




August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS




Influenced by equal parts Kraftwerk, AC/DC and Farley Jackmaster Funk, Midwest rave legend and Brooklyn, New York, resident Tommie Sunshine continues to raise the bar. Covering ground as an artist, remixer, producer, label owner, DJ and songwriter, his studio collaborations have included Felix Da Housecat, James Murphy, Arthur Baker, Mylo and DJ Hell, and he has played everywhere from Hong Kong to Reykjavik. As an established remixer, Sunshine has been requested to retouch work from a diverse list that includes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Good Charlotte, Kid Alex, Elvis Presley, Fall Out Boy, Gang of Four, The Killers, ’Da Brat, P.O.D., Fischerspooner, The Faint, Kill Hannah, Ima Robot and Ladytron. Furthermore, major fashion houses such as Versace, Raf Simons, Chanel, Xavier Delcour and Jeremy Scott – Beverly Hills have asked Sunshine for his deck time. We found Tommie on tour in Germany promoting his new Ultra.Rock Remixed mix CD. INFAMOUS: How long are you in Germany for? TOMMIE SUNSHINE: Just two nights; I played at a club called Magnet. INF: Do you travel with tour manager/entourage or solo? TS: I travel mostly alone and occasionally I get to bring the love of my life, Ultra cover girl and my girlfriend, Daniela. INF: Where is your current tour taking you? TS: The tour goes all over the U.S. from one coast to the other and lots of Canadian dates, while I am still going overseas a bunch. France, Australia, Germany, Kiev, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and England are a few of the places thus far. INF: Tour stop you're most looking forward to? TS: I just did a party at Roberto Cavalli’s villa in Florence,

Italy, where Terry Richardson was shooting the campaign for Cavalli's H&M line. INF: Hotel amenity you can’t do without? T: Bathrobe. INF: Most irritating promoter trait? TS: Alcoholism.



they go large in Europe. INF: Versace still the suit of choice? TS: Yes, and always will be. INF: New clothing lines/designers you’re excited about? TS: I love T-shirts from Forever 21. Do not tell anyone this. INF: Drink of choice? TS: Ginger Ale, Honest Tea Juices and Nantucket Nectar’s Apple Juice. INF: Single/involved? TS: Very involved with my future wife, artist Daniela Morselli. INF: Biggest vice? TS: Daniela.

INF: Bizarre tour experiences this time around? TS: Every time I get on a plane begins another adventure that is hardly done justice by words. Real life is way more bizarre than drugs ever were.

INF: Most recent decadent indulgence? TS: A good night a few months back in Vegas that began with bald eagle soup, snorting cocaine off a clubbed baby seal and ended with losing my mind on PCP. (Kidding, of course.)

INF: Your new mix CD? TS: It is wonderful and you deserve to own it.

INF: Tracks you’re feeling this month? TS: Anything by Crookers, Switch, Speaker Junk, Trevor Loveys, Herve, Jesse Rose or Sinden are all sure-shots.

INF: Current remix projects? TS: Young MC “Bust A Move” for Delicious Vinyl and Midnight Oil “Beds Are Burning” for Sony in Australia. INF: Label projects? TS: I am about to relaunch my label, xylophone jones Recordings (xjR) on Beatport and use it as a rest area for tracks before

INF: Were you in town when that water main blew in NYC a few weeks ago? Did it freak you out at all? TS: I was and am a New Yorker. You can’t worry about stuff like that. There are real things to worry about, like Republicans. Tommie Sunshine plays Stereotype Fridays at Celebrities Aug. 10

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0807INF 0807INF

August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS


BOLL GOES POSTAL BY TERRI PORTRATZ If you know who Uwe Boll is, you may not believe that our review of his latest film Postal is actually a good one. If you don’t know who Uwe Boll is, you might recognize him as the reviled German (now Canadian!) film director who was so fed up with critics bashing his films, he challenged them to a boxing match at Plaza of Nations last year. And won. Boll readily admits that time was a dark one for him. His films met with horrible reviews, while politics and the 9/11 attacks left the world in a tumultuous state. He wanted to make a good movie, so he wrote a comedy. Although the film retains the same name as the video game on which it is based, that’s where their similarities end. Boll crafted a cohesive plot in this film, which involves both the Taliban and a disgruntled do-gooder named Dude scrambling after an exclusive shipment of valuable merchandise. Much like Team America: World Police, Postal is overtly political, offensive and utterly shocking — but doesn’t hide behind the fallacy of marionettes.

The extreme humour and satire that permeates the film allows Boll to toe the line, and he doesn’t even spare himself of this mockery. His theme-park cameo demonstrates his ability to take a few jabs and hooks in stride.

“BOLL’S GENERAL MESSAGE IS THIS: THE WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT, AND IT’S TIME TO TURN IT AROUND” Dave Foley as a cult leader and Zack Ward as Dude make a great lead team, while Verne Troyer and Erick Avari insert their own bits of hilarity into the mix. And the ride doesn’t end here: Boll has produced two films (BloodRayne II: Deliverance and Tunnel Rats) since filming on Postal wrapped, and Far Cry began shooting recently in Van-

couver. In fact, Boll is notorious for jumping from one project to the next, often retaining a loyal core crew throughout these consecutive projects. Tink has been the production designer on at least half a dozen of Boll’s films, and invited us onto the Far Cry laboratory set for a poke around. Another video game adaptation, Far Cry is based on an ex-Special Forces man who visits a military facility with a female journalist. They soon discover the Micronesian island is a haven for genetic modification experiments, and action ensues. Whatever your opinions on the director everyone loves to hate (even those who have never seen a minute of any of his films), do yourself a favour and let it go for an hour and a half. Boll’s general message is this: The world has gone to shit, and it’s time to turn it around. Jaws will drop, audiences will laugh, and you’ll be treated with a dose of tough love, Boll style. Postal will be released on October 12, 2007.

MANUFACTURING MICHAEL MOORE Manufacturing Dissent creators Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine certainly aren’t the first to expose Michael Moore’s manipulative filmmaking techniques. But far from being vengeful haters, this Canadian husband-and-wife team initially sought to make a positive documentary about Moore, whom they respected deeply. After continual refusals by Moore for an interview, they instead followed him on his “Slacker Uprising” speaking tour, interviewing some of his former colleagues along the way. Moore’s true character reveals itself as Melynk and Caine whisk us into the past, guide us through his career path, and land squarely in Moore’s present wake. The most laudable of Moore’s errors was also one of his first. After centering the premise of Roger & Me around his quest for an interview with GM’s Roger Smith, he actually obtains two interviews with the CEO. Instead of rearranging the story within his docu-

mentary to align with the truth, Moore pushes the façade. Another cringe-worthy moment sees a resident of Flint ask Moore why he mocked their fundraising efforts in the film and question what he plans to contribute to the community. Moore scoffs, proudly announcing, “I’m sorry I made a movie millions of people want to see.” This is a poignant example of how Moore is more invested in himself than the movements he parades on screen. The tally of Moore’s cons is seemingly endless; that Bowling for Columbine scene where he famously enters a bank and leaves with a gun? All staged. Moore and his people spent 30 days setting that up. Melnyk and Caine find no shortage of individuals who expose Moore’s lies; but instead of pushing this angle to create a more controversial (and possibly more profitable) film, they provide a fair, even-handed approach by also addressing the good Moore has done for the political left. Manufacturing Dissent has

all the ingredients of a good doc — its creators present their intentions at the outset and openly admit how their biases changed throughout the filming process, while giving equal credence to both sides of the issue and letting the actions of their subject speak for themselves. Effectively timed to coincide with the release of Sicko, Manufacturing Dissent provides an integral balance to Moore’s skewed vision, however well-intentioned it may be to serve the needs of the left. As one interviewee aptly notes, good intentions lose all value when you utilize lies as the foundation of your cause. — Terri Potratz

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Bar None, Aug. 22 Bringing back the soulful experimentation of early club classics, mixing live and electronic instruments.

ZZ TOP Aug. 23, GM Place, 7:30 pm, $59.50-$400 “Legs” was probably the best video ever made, especially if you love shoes and makeovers as much as we do. Act fast, this show should sell out.


❮ ❮

Aug. 25, GM Place The electronica giant plays the Garage on his Elements of Life Tour.



Aug. 16, The Network Hub, 7 pm, free Get a leg up in your industry at this open networking event. Marketers, fashionistas, coaches, florists, writers, photographers, you’ll meet them all here. Bring wine and cheese if you like!

Sept. 1, Malkin Bowl at Stanley Park, 6:45 pm, $32.50 With You Say Party! We Say Die! Torontonian K-Os will perform his own eclectic mix of pop and hip hop from his newest Atlantis: Hymns for Disco.



Aug. 17, Plaza Club, 7 pm (early show), $10 Members of Metric (bassist Joshua Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key) took a break from the band to produce their Best Friends in Love album.

Sept. 1, Red Robinson Show Theatre, 8 pm, $29.50 We hope Billy Bob is the kind of musician who tells hilarious anecdotal jokes between his folk songs, because he probably has a lot.



Aug. 19, Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, 6pm, $36.50 All-ages show, with Los Rastrillos.

Sept. 2, Plaza Club, 9pm, $14+ With island lovelies Immaculate Machine. Tickets at Zulu, Scratch, and



AARON LACRATE Aug. 4, Shine Baltimore club hero and Lily Allen’s DJ, LaCrate brings gutter fun straight from Bodymore Murdaland.

SUBTLE Aug. 8, Richard’s on Richards, 8 pm, $13+ Subtle infuses indie rock with hip hop elements, and their experimental genius knows no bounds or labels. That’s why they call themselves genre-less. Tickets at Zulu, Scratch and

2 LIVE CREW Aug. 8, Plaza Club, 9 pm, $18 Controversial rappers dodged jail long enough to go on tour, hooray! With Fresh Kid Ice and X Rated Rydas. Tickets at Boomtown, Dipt, Beatstreet, and

Aug. 10, Celebrities, 9pm, $15-20 Check out Tommie’s slick style with DJ Timeline and RC Lair for Stereotype Fridays. You won’t cut your hair for at least a year. Tickets at Boomtown, Beatstreet,

ROOTS AND BLUES FESTIVAL Aug. 12, Deer Lake Park, 2-10pm, $29.50+ Eighth annual festival with a full day of continuous music on two stages, featuring Los Lonely Boys, Allen Toussaint, Dr John, Otis Clay and many more.

BACK 2 BASICS Aug. 16, Shine, 10pm, $7 Old-school house sessions with DJs Dickey Doo, Luke McKeehan, Amtrak, Hebegebe and John Wirth.


August, 2007


TOMMIE SUNSHINE Aug. 20, Malkin Bowl at Stanley Park, 6pm, $37 With Richard Swift. This show is at the Bowl so you can gaze at the sky, blue sky and listen to Wilco sample tunes from Sky Blue Sky. Beauty.

POINTER SISTERS Aug. 20, PNE, 7:30 pm, free with PNE admission We’re SO excited for this show, and just can’t hide it. These divas have persisted over decades, and their performance at the PNE is included with admission. Hello, deal of the century...!

Sept. 7, Richard’s on Richards, 9 pm, $22.50 Our kindergarten teacher friend said a nine-year-old girl recently brought the Wolf Parade CD to class, then asked if she had heard of this band, “They’re really good.” Um, yeah, they are really good, and you’re nine! Zulu, Scratch,

SPOON Sept. 7, Commodore Ballroom, 8pm, $25 Spoon turned the camera on in 2005 and we still can’t turn our players off. I bet we’ll go ga-ga for Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. We’re giving you lots of notice because this show will sell out. Ga. Tickets at Zulu, Scratch, Noize, Highlife and

HOT 20



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Dine, Dance, Sing or Just Relax On The Beach Party at the “Pipes”, sleep at the Ocean Promenade Hotel Be sure to check out our new menu

JOIN US FOR BC LIONS GAMES ON CFL! Draws to be held for Lions tickets!



THIS MONTH The NEW Jam Night with Glen Pearson

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A Cornerstone of White Rock for over 26 years. We are proud of the reputation we have for being “The place to be on the beach”. We serve only the best quality beers & fine hearty pub foods. At any one time our customers can choose from 15 ales and 1 draft cider.

“ ‘Tini Tuesday for Two Toonies”

after 7pm • Sunday - Wednesday Some restrictions apply

15595 Marine Drive White Rock • 604-531-7625 w w w. s a n d p i p e r p u b . n e t

Open 7 Days a week 10:00am to 11:00pm August Specials. See In Store for Details. Enquire within to get $1.50 off regular retail prices. Seniors Specials Monday 10% Off. August, 2007 ■ INFAMOUS

1235 Johnston (5 Corners Clock Tower)

White Rock 604-535-1322





August 2007 Issue

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