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External Positioning

Internship - Overthrow Through the networking event ‘Bladdered’ I landed myself an internship at overthrow studios. Their style of work and projects they receive correlate a lot with my style of design which was a huge bonus, they work with a numerous of musicians, creating record covers as well as the music videos. They are currently refurbishing rooms in their studio, they are constructing a film editing room furthermore a recording studio. They seem delighted that I used to study music and have knowledge in recording & producing. There are four members in the studio being Jim, Brian, Paul and Joan and they are looking to expand very soon, which sounds promising. I was very surprised with the project they offered me to work on, which is a 100 page hard book which will be published in a couple of months. The client is Vijay Metha, whom has many connections with politicians from around the world, is wanting to publish a quote/ picture book which is very eye catching. Vijay is eager to get a few thousand books published, which is an amazing project to be involved with.

Since last hand-in I have carried on the internship, popping into the studio 1-2 days a week developing ideas and producing spreads for the book. I recently sent a first draft to Vijay Metha (client) and he has complimented my designs. Jim (Art Director) and myself thought it would be great to create an alternative layout for the book, to give Vijay more choice.

Prime - Branding I managed to receive freelance work for a new company called Prime Electrical Solutions. They wanted an entire branding ranging from a logo, business card, van vinyl and letterhead. I was very grateful to be involved in this project however I had great difficulty working with the client, as they constantly changed their minds. As there were two of them in the business they both couldn’t decide and kept asking for different ideas, this is something I can imagine happens a lot in freelance work, so it was a great eye opener for me. Logos such as FedEx are inspiring as the arrow isn’t noticed at first. I tried to incorporate a plug in my design as seen in the M, which the client loved. The client was also very adamant in using a lime green in the design in the branding so I placed a green backdrop on the front of the business card (right). I have finished the branding for the company and they have sent me some copies of the business card in the post (plus a nice cheque)which I will include pictures for the next submission.

All designs have now been printed professionally and Prime Electrical Solutions are generating good business due to the branding.

Prime Electrical Solutions



Business Card Front

Full Electrical Installation

Repairs and Fault Finding ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS

Michael Forster 07969568394

Business Card Back

Full Re-Wires Fuse Board Upgrades Additional Electrical Requirements Sockets, Lighting etc

D&AD - Diesel Brief Create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way. Over the past decade the world of music has undergone a revolution. Just as the ways people consume and experience music have been turned upside down, so the role of illustration in the world of music has changed too. The brief is to produce a minimum of two illustrations, each based on a different track from any band or artist who’s music inspires you, the solution maybe 2D, 3D or even time based. My chosen artist is Brian Eno and the record being Another Green World. Eno is known for his experimental approach whilst working with music. The decline of the vinyl has spurred me to illustrate with the record itself in an anarchy manor. The point of a record is to be clean and precise and I have gone against that by carving, gluing shapes and painting in ways I interoperate the music. Speaking to Bev Whitehead he feels my idea has great potential and I should keep exploring mark making, I am hoping to create a series of multicoloured vinyls and hang them on a mobile of some sort.

I have been furtherdevolping my ideas and are in talks with a lasercutter, to have patters cut into the vinyl to represent Brian Enos music.

Website Design I found it a great difficultly to approach studios & companies from the Internet for my external positions and I felt the main reason was because I didn’t have an online portfolio to showcase my work. My site is still in working progress however I feel far more positive in emailing studios with at least some work to show. I have included a range of my work from screen-printing to photography. I have been generating good statistic views for my site as shown below. This months target in 100 unique visitors.

I decided to completely change the layout of my website to create a more unique feel. I was keen on having a constant background, so I choose a photo I took in San Francisco. I also changed the scrolling style of the site as well as I went for a horizontal bar, this creates a gallery style view when browsing through my work.

Record/Poster Design Ka-Blam are a hip-hop band. based in Seattle They are still producing there debut album which will hit the shelves in Summer 2011. The band were keen on my photography and wanted me to incorporate kitchy typography over the imagery. I found the font housemovements custom in a book in the library and thought it represented the bands sound. The photo was taken down a sketch alley in Vancovuer where headphones were hanging from the telephone wire. At first Ka-Blam just wanted me to design a flyer which slips inside the record. However I thought my designs would work well as the record cover itself, so I sent the the guys my artwork and they quickly responded praising my work and wanting to make this the record cover. Great result. There are a few experiments i want to do with the typography before it goes into print, the band mentioned possible coloured letters, so i am going to print and project the letters onto a large blown-up image of the photo, then photograph that as a whole. This should create more depth to the piece and will allow me to still have control of the letters, due to the projector itself.

Photography Telstar Street Photography Now is a photography competition in which your work can be published at the end of the year.Each week, a leading contemporary street photographer issues a new instruction, written to inspire fresh ways of looking at and documenting the world we live in. I have entered in over 7 weeks of the competition and i am hoping i get a least one picture published in the book at the end of the year. The toilet photo below was taken in a Jazz club in Seattle. The photo of the field was taken in Higham. There are photos of my submitted photos on my blog

Telstar are a unsigned band based in Brighton. Currently they are in talks with record label Decca for a record label. As a band they found they lacked an identity. They are called Telstar because it was the first British song to reach #1 by The Tornandos in 1962. Telstars influences are the sounds in old British cinema. I tried to incorporate Telstars influences in the logo design. The bands frontman Freddy Bunn also has a side project which i designed their website asseen below. We are in talks of designing a site for Telstar.

Band Poster Typo Circle Los Explosivos England Tour Poster A collaboration with Joey Dean we created a mexican themed gig poster, I drew the illustration on the style of the bands music. We send the band a few different poster designs and they choose the image below. I have worked with Joey on a few projects in the past and have always enjoyed it, our style of work compliments each others. Los Explosivos mentioned there could be some paid work in the future, which sounds promosing.

Novemeber 11th Blog post

The typographic circle has been an event I have been involved with for a few years now, and highly privileged to be involved in such an event. Sallyanne hand selected a few students including myself to help showcase the TypoCircle yearly event where we chose the artwork that gets featured for the show; we also had control of how we displayed the work. A long day of placing artwork on two floors around the building but the pay off was great as we got to network with designers from around the world.

Mediapro Mediapro was an event Joey Dean and myself attended based on digital marketing; “something is changing in the world of media and marketing. Marketers, agencies and media owners now know all about email marketing and websites�. Since studying graphic design and marketing in Vancouver I am very keen on pursuing marketing further in m studies I feel it is a vital part of graphic design at the moment especially with the breakthrough ipad hitting the stores.

Blog Post: NOV 11th

Tee-shirt I am very keen on starting my own teeshirt company in the near future and have recently designed a series of designs that I would like to get printed. I contacted a new tee-shirt company based in Belfast who are in search of tee-shirt designers. After sending a variety of my design I received positive feedback and they will be in contact in the near future in with which designs they want to print.

Blog Post: NOV 1st

Bladdered A very self-explanatory event, where a large group of designers from around London meet up to get hammered on beer and ale. My goal was to keep ‘relatively’ sober and approach designers for internships. This tactic came out to be a very positive as I landed my self a one day a week internship at Overthrow Productions based in Finsbury Park.

Hard Up... Joey Dean and myself have been running this online blog for a while now, featuring photographers and artists from around the world. We usually conduct the artist and explain our intentions and conduct a short interview. A few artists which have been featured in the last couple of months are: Simon Goodwin who took a solitary trip up to Mount Snowdon, he captured his experience in an energetic manor. Alex Cornell is also a photographer we have featured took incredibly dreamy photographs of America’s West coast on the way back from a Neon Tree gig. Beamer Cola is an American photographer who captures Indie skatebearders, Nikki Gardham created a title Illustration for Beamer Cola photography series.

w w w. h a r d u p h u n g o v e r a n d t h e bastardlandlord.blogspot. com

External Positioning I felt I have been successful with my external positioning this term, as I have been broad but precise with the companies/studios I approach. I managed to secure myself a one-day a week internship at overthrown productions, a studio that works with a range of media including design, music and film. Jim (founder) was highly receptive of my work and felt I could confidently work independently on a hardback book that will go into print; they are hoping to print a few thousand. The client is called Vijay Mehta and is a highly established political speaker; he is very anti-war and promotes peace, his most recent event in which I was invited to was the Houses of Parliament. The project I am working on is called ‘Peace, Picture and Quotation Book’ Vijay is wanting the book to be a very eye-catching visual piece, he is very happy with my ideas and spreads so far, which consist of a large quote on one side of a double spread with strong imagery on the following page, using colours to emphasize each chapter. Overthrow are very interested in my current printmaking projects I am working on and they are hoping in the near future I can incorporate some of my printmaking knowledge in their current projects, especially the music based clients. Being highly influenced with music I approached many record companies including: Fatcat Records, Mercury Records, Tap ‘n’ Tin, Rough Trade, DFA and Atlantic, I wasn’t successful with these record labels, however I managed to receive work from a hip-hop artist based in Seattle called Ka-Blam, a Brighton band called Telstar, a Kent band called Culture Vultures and finally a Mexican band called Los Explosivos. Some of the artwork for these bands are still pending. My main goal is to use the printmaking skills I have been experiencing this term to create interesting album art. I feel after these designs I will re-approach the record labels again with fresh artwork to show them. Further external positioning which has been great this semester were: the branding for Prime Electrical Solutions, my Portfolio Website, D&AD, the tee-shirt designs for the Belfast based company, Street Photography Now weekly competitions and finally networking events such as The Typographic Circle & Bladdered.

Aaron Kitney

EGRD3013 Studio Practice 3A External Positioning  

Aaaron Kitney - External Positioning

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