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The Three APUSH Students BY: Aaron Killian

Once upon a time there were three APUSH students. They were very good students and always did as they were told. They did all their homework and got A’s on all their tests. But one day they came to school and went to Mrs. Beaver’s class prepared and ready to learn.

When they were seated and ready Mrs. Beaver informed them that she had to leave for awhile. She told them, “Don’t let anyone in unless they know the bill of rights and five other things about the constitution.” The students replied, “Yes mam.” She left the students to study and discuss what they were learning on their own.

While they were studying there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?”, asked Dale. “It’s Mrs. Beaver of course.”, answered the mysterious stranger. “You sound like big bad Dr. Coleman to me.” replied Aaron; another of the students. “If you’re really Mrs. Beaver answer this question.”, chimed Brian the quisitive student of the trio.

“Fine.”, replied Dr. Coleman obstinately. “Name two important things about the constitution!”, cackled the trio. “It created unity in the American’s hearts.”, said Dr. Coleman, “..and started to give a basis for the government.” “Fine, name three more, if you’re really Mrs. Beaver.”, replied the trio quizzically. “Blacks gained rights, women were given the right to vote, and allowed presidents only 2 terms.”, laughed Dr. Coleman.

“Last question.”, said Dale squeamishly. “No more questions!”, yelled Dr. Coleman. So Dr. Coleman kick in the door just to be thrown in a chair and duct taped to it. Thanks to the hand-to-hand combat Mrs. Beaver had taught the trio. They put the door back on just in time for another knock on the door. “Nobody is home.”, squeaked Brian. “It’s Mrs. Beaver.”, replied the real Mrs. Beaver.

“Not falling for that one again!!!”, the trio argued. “Name your bill of rights.”, questioned Aaron, “this ought to get him.” “1st- freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly. 2nd- right to bear arms. 3rd- no quartering in homes with out consent. 4th- no unreasonable search and seizure 5th- right to jury, can’t be tried for same thing twice, or self-incrimination 6th- rights of an accused person 7th- civil trial by jury 8th- no excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment 9th- protection of non-enumerated rights 10th-power of states and people.”, stated Mrs. Beaver matter of factly.

The trio were enthralled that their teacher had returned . They related their story about the days proceedings. She was glad that they had listened and were so smart.

The End

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