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hank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn about our family. We are Aaron and Kari (plus two cats Duke and Dutch) and we are truly honored that you are considering us as your child’s adoptive family. We are looking forward to bringing a new baby into our home and family- a place filled with love, laughter, adventure, play and stability. The choice you are making now requires a great deal of courage. We admire your commitment to giving your baby the best home and life possible. Your hopes and dreams for the future are very important to us, and if you wish, we would love the opportunity to visit with you about them.


aron is your all-American guy. He is honest, smart and has a way of making people feel warm and welcome. He is an amazing husband and I am proud to be his wife. Aaron, like myself, grew up on a family-owned and operated farm. They raised livestock and farmed small grains and soybeans. He has a strong work ethic and knows the challenges of rural life. Currently, Aaron works as a marketing manager and loves the fact he still gets to help his dad on the farm from time to time. Aaron’s hobbies are NDSU football, reading novels, hunting and spending time with friends and family. Aaron’s favorite little person (our niece) has him wrapped around her little finger. When I watch him with her, I know he is going to be an amazing father.


Sports Team



Hoosiers Grilled pork chops

Smell Alfalfa

TV Show

How it is Made

Color Blue

Season Fall

NDSU football

Taking care of the yard, computers, football, baseball, working in the garage, farm toy collecting

Favorite Computer Program Excel

Children’s Book

Curious George books by H.A. Rey

Children’s Movie

Monsters Inc. (Disney)


ari and I met in college through her brother, became good friends and started dating about a year later. Kari’s bubbly personality, wonderful laugh and spur of the moment attitude are a few of the many things that I LOVE about her. Kari loves many things in life, a few of which are her family, friends, cats, photography and the lake. Most weekends you’ll find Kari in the water swimming, boating or her favorite – water skiing. I know that she will be a great mom - she’s always been great with kids. Our niece has been such a joyous addition to our extended family and Kari (as do I) takes every chance she gets to get some cuddle time in.


Weekend Getaway



Princess Bride Popcorn, Cheese

Sport to Play Waterskiing

TV Shows

The Lake

Sewing, Photography, Making Jewelry, Cooking and Baking

Favorite Computer Program Photoshop

Glee & cooking shows

Children’s Book


Children’s Movie


Interesting Fact



I Will Love You Forever by Robert Munsch All Disney’s Classic Movies I am CPR/First-Aid Certified

Kari LOVES to teach people how to waterski and wakeboard

Kari’s goofy brother Scott Aaron’s Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary

Kari’s Grandma Phayme and Aaron’s Parents Alan and Peg

Our precious goddaughter... only 1 day old!

Going to the game... MN Twins & NDSU!


ur friends and family are very excited about our plans to adopt. Our child will be surrounded by a community of adults including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, family and friends. We love our families...they mean everything to us. We enjoy spending time together at the family lake cabin, at each others homes and on family trips.

Aunt Jess, Uncle Scott and Cousin Ina

Kari and her Dad Dave Grandma Myrtle and Kari at our wedding

Mt. Rushmore, and Aaron helping on his Dad’s Farm On our way to a wedding with our best friends Tom and Crystal

Kari’s Parents Dave and Renee Easter Sunday with our BIG family at Kari’s Parents house

Lori Line Concert with the Moms


e are so excited to share our traditions with our child. We are blessed to live close enough to both our extended families that we get to spend time at Christmas with everyone. Kari loves to use all of her Grandma Myrtle’s Christmas baking recipes (and Aaron enjoys testing them!) We always spend the 4th of July at the family lake cabin. We have a fireworks show and a huge campfire with s‘mores. In the fall we attend all home NDSU football games with family and friends. We can’t wait to share these traditions with our child, create new ones and, if you wish, incorporate your important family traditions as well.


ur home is located on a large corner lot in a neighborhood filled with kids! We are located only 2 blocks from a new elementary school, park and pond. Our home is warm and spacious with lots of room to grow. We take pride in the fact that we did a lot of the ‘finishing work’ ourselves. We completed the basement, built the deck and added the landscaping. We have the perfect room for a nursery that is located right across the hall from our bedroom.


e love to spend our summers (and winters too) with all our family and friends at the lake cabin in Minnesota. We love to play on the water, eat amazing food and enjoy some rowdy yard games or a heated game of cards. Our motto is “Everyday is a good day at the lake.”


ur two cats Duke & Dutch joined our family the spring of 2004. These brothers came from Kari’s parents farm and are still best friends!


ur faith is very important and has been an integral role in both of our lives since childhood. We believe that a strong foundation of spiritual beliefs not only provides structure, but also comfort during difficult times and provides a lifelong guidepost to assist in building morality and integrity. We will raise our child to know the love of God and to know and understand other religious beliefs so they will have a respect of all humankind. Our child will have a huge extended family in our church community, a literal village to help raise our child.

Our Church: 130 years old

The baptism of Ina Claire, our GodDaughter


n the fall of 2004, we were married in a little country church that we still continue to be active in today. Both our families have a strong tradition of stable marriages. If you total all the years of marriage of our Grandparents, Parents and us... it is over 300 years!


e promise to provide your child a safe, loving and stable home. We promise to embrace him or her with the same unconditional love we have for our families. Their life will be filled with love, laughter, hugs and kisses. We promise to raise your child with high morals, strong values, respect and compassion for others. We will support and encourage them to go to college and to pursue their dreams. Your child will know how much you love them and know adoption is an important part of who they are. We would be happy to keep in touch with you through letters, pictures and possible visits. We can’t wait to welcome your child into our family. Thank you for considering us as your child’s adoptive parents.

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his profile is dedicated to our parents, Dave & Renee and Alan & Peg. Thank you for all of your love and support over the years. We know that because of the way you both raised us, we will also be wonderful parents to our children.

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We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives! We are looking forward to brining a new baby into our home and family that is fill...