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haiku house

transporation hub “weaving communities together”




Voids becoming filled A fresh canvas in focus, The gorgeous vista.

haiku house douthit hills first year . fall 2013 professors dustin albright and ufuk ersoy

Vista House is a prefabricated, energy efficient home design with the intent of highlighting its site’s beauty through selective views. Each design decision was made intentionally to frame views of the proposed gathering spaces as well as specific natural elements on site. In preparation of design, living patterns and habits were traced in order to place the appropriate view, to the appropriate user, at the right time of the day. This process allowed for a great understanding of the future owners path through the house. LIVING



space organization

connect with outdoors

maximize views

vista . douthit hills

parametric plan


floor plan

final model

Occupant comfort is the overall driving force behind this prefabricated home. The floor plan encourages gathering in the living room while providing private space opposite the hallway. Energy balance was another factor that contributed greatly to the final product. Orientation on site drove the schematic design in an effort to capitalize on natural ventilation and solar collection. Prefabrication was ultimately the specific intent for this home.

vista . douthit hills

precast stem walls

prefab floor joists

prefab walls

The design allows for an entirely prefabricated process and highlights the wall panels through the plan. Vista House can be modified to any site and perform efficiently. Depending on the site, orientation must be addressed, specific views will be selected, then the short wall panels can begin opening up to enhance each view.


prefab rafters

vista . douthit hills


master plan

site plan

transporation hub “weaving communities together”

clemson, south carolina first year . fall 2013 professors dan harding and carlos barrios

The Transportation Hub is a proposal focusing on weaving Clemson’s existing infrastructure together while connecting Clemson with cities along the East coast via a high-speed rail. The site was selected adjacent to the existing station, now serving the local routes to create a Transportation Hub that includes two stations, a bus station, restaurant, offices and a park. As a station located on the Souther Crescent Railway, the design intends to highlight Southern values. The shell of the high-speed station is designed as an open air form that creates a porch for the occupants. The skin showcases woven precast concrete panels that enhance natural ventilation while protecting the occupants from the harsh southern sun. The form of the skin plays off the idea of weaving people and communities together through public transportation.

train . clemson, sc

plane vs. voids

planar study

planar elements

voids create new voids

Precast Concrete: The Transporation Hub highlights innovative design solutions through the use of precast concrete. Numerous studies were conducted through the pouring of plaster to identify the opportunities in broadening the abilties of precast concrete. The iterations focused on the linear vocabulary with interlocking parts. As the study continued and the focus on program became important, the identically woven 12’-0� panels became the driving design factor. Each panel is self-supporting while allowing air and light to penetrate the voids.


linear forms

linear study

tessellated study

architectural study

train . clemson, sc

Clemson University MArch Semester 3  

Compilation of Semester 3 Design Studio projects in Clemson University's Graduate School of Architecture

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