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Meeting #5 Recap

Your Mentors

Steve Thomson Vibeke Koszeghy Peter Kanakos Cynthia Laracuente John Walsh George Cho Robert Sutter Maura Sordo Aaron Johnson Winston Wolf

Drawing Management Inc. Client/ Structural Eng Con Edison Client/ Architect GC Eng MEP/HVAC Engineer IPAC Construction Mngmt IPAC Structural Engineer RTSPCPinnacle Architect RTSPCPinnacle Architect, AIA RTSPCPinnacle Interior Design RTSPCPinnacle Landscape Arch TRA Studio Architecture

Moving Forward With the teams defined the project now moves into two directions simultaneously. As we continue to think about how each individual space is developed we must also consider the relationship between each building and program. As we progress down this path the landscape and exterior experience will take shape. By visualizing in plan, section, and 3D we will be able to develop this experience real time using different design methods such as SketchUp. To the right you can see the building concepts and their size relative to one another. Consider more in depth how a person would want to get to each destination. Here are some other issues that will need to be addressed as our design progresses: The regulation sports fields take up the entire width of the pier. Where to locate pedestrian gathering areas and to which buildings they are related. The length of travel from the entrance to the end. The visibility of each building both on-site and offsite.

Next Time: Master Planning

The Brainstorm

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ACE Team 16 Meeting Recap 5  
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