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Meeting #4 Recap

Your Mentors

Steve Thomson Vibeke Koszeghy Peter Kanakos Cynthia Laracuente John Walsh George Cho Robert Sutter Maura Sordo Aaron Johnson Winston Wolf

Drawing Management Inc. Client/ Structural Eng Con Edison Client/ Architect GC Eng MEP/HVAC Engineer IPAC Construction Mngmt IPAC Structural Engineer RTSPCPinnacle Architect RTSPCPinnacle Architect, AIA RTSPCPinnacle Interior Design RTSPCPinnacle Landscape Arch TRA Studio Architecture

Moving Forward We have begun identifying what specifically is to be included in each of our buildings. To do this we divided Team 16 into four sub-groups in order to further develop the site.

The Brainstorm 4Performa nce Center

Once divided each team began to think about the uses of the building, spatial qualities, building location, and even several rough layout plans. When presented, the general location and site choreography became more clear and a synthesis of the team collaboration gives us a view as to how the site will begin to amass. These teams will now continue developing each individual building. The next goal is to lock down standard and desired square footages for each of the noted program elements. The four teams are: 1. Entrance conditions 2. Recreational facility 3. NYC Museum and 4. Performance center

3 NYC Museum

Loading Ar ea Truck Acce ss Storage Partial wal ls 2 story 36 ’ tall Sound considerat ion Chronolog ical order

2Recreatio nal Facility Weight Ro om Turf Field Basketball Shower Elevator Baseball Field Bathroom

20’ Tall Floo


Tasks per team: 1. Focus on scale; the size of desired program and space available. 2. Look up typical field dimensions and layout 3. Continue developing building layout/circulation 4. Refine program, consider relation to other buildings and landscape between.

Next Time: Square Footage


Restroom Food Gift Shop Shuttle Service Facade ADA Accessibilit y

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TEAM 16 Museum


Meeting #4 Recap

TEAM 16 Rec Center

Meeting #4 Recap

ACE Team 16 Meeting Recap 4  
ACE Team 16 Meeting Recap 4