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Transformation and Integration, between Heaven and Earth. Between heaven and earth is ‘Dwelling’, the space where we live. The bridge, built on a solid foundation, represents the earth; solid and constant. Built off of that foundation we construct our dwelling space where we travel though time. This bridge and length of time, is the path we travel, emerging as an older, wiser version of we left. The sky above us is a constant reminder that there is always more ahead, it promises new experiences. The young lady leaves to start her journey; she will encounter and join with others along her course through life. At the end of her journey, when she has experiences everything along her path, she will be able to look back. By seeing her past experiences she will know the lives she merged with. Along with all of this, the meaning of transformation and interaction are crucial, both transform the project into the reality, and that’s what we want to convey though the montage, the feeling of change.

... Which is constant and innocent ... Which it’s a surprise during the journey along


AJ_Manifesto_The Naked House  

The Manifesto of Re-Reading The Naked House