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The single biggest clinical denture innovation in years


Unparalleled control in your clinic Welcome to a new world of performance and profitability



Introducing precision231

Developed by dental practitioners for dental practitioners

Dear fellow dental professional, let me proudly introduce you to precision231, the revolutionary new full denture system designed to make a real difference to both your clinic and laboratory procedures. As a fellow practising dental practitioner, I know only too well the convoluted workflow practices of conventional denture manufacture. First, there’s the numerous appointments required for both practitioner and patient, often 6 or more. Second, there’s a series of involved and complicated procedural steps by the practitioner and the dental technician to manufacture the denture. Third, the denture itself is subjected to several round trips between the clinic and dental laboratory where the hazards of long distance transportation and poor communication are well known and understood. Add it all up and the process, largely unchanged for decades, is complex, arduous, time-consuming, error-prone and hugely inefficient on so many levels for the patient, clinician and the lab technician. Borne out of this frustration, I began working to simplify and streamline the experience of denture manufacture over 18 years ago. What followed was years of research and development, where disappointment and setbacks were constant companions. Increasingly though, it became apparent the more we thought of the problems and processes as a ‘system’ and not a ‘product’, the more we could see the real opportunity to improve the experience of denture manufacture. That’s why precision231 is so radically different from anything else in the market: it is a system designed to work together as a whole, seamless, coherent experience, from start to finish. For the patient. For the clinician. And for the laboratory technician. Welcome to a new world of performance and profitability for your business. Welcome to precision231. Welcome to dentures redefined.

Sebastian Riggio Sebastian A Riggio


Designed to make a real difference

precision231 is a radically different and truly revolutionary full denture system designed to deliver repeatable results with a high degree of exactness, time after time, in the clinic.

This is going to change how you work

2 visits A full and finished denture in just 2 easy appointments

1 day Actual same day turnaround means more satisfied 3 stages patients and Clinical control in 3 simple stages. increased profits. Accurate, fast and consistent.


Designed to give real clinical control


precision231 simplifies the complex traditional process in just two visits.




30 minutes

The first patient visit The pioneering 3 stage process is completed during the first patient visit in approximately 30 minutes.

15 minutes

The second and final patient visit On the same day, the patient returns for the second visit and final fitting. The second visit takes no more than 15 minutes.


precision231’s pioneering 3 stage, step-by-step procedure gives the practitioner unparalleled control in the clinic.



precision231 is very different from any other clinical denture system or process on the market today. For the first time, the quality and controllability of the denture produced is now entirely in the hands of the dental practitioner and not the laboratory technician. Each component, each step and each action in precision231’s innovative 3 stage procedure has been carefully considered as part of an overall process to help the dental practitioner confidently achieve a precise and accurate result. It starts with well prepared, true and accurate upper and lower bases, made with due care and attention to detail by the technician or the dental practitioner.

Stage 2 determines the arch size, shape, shade and class. Here innovation abounds replacing many of the complex steps in the traditional process. The dental practitioner now has a choice of TGA Approved pre-assembled dental arches and occlusal contact shapes. There are five sizes of each arch shape, ranging from extra small to extra large and pre-assembled high quality acrylic teeth in 4 different colour selections. In this first of two patient visits, the practitioner quickly and efficiently determines and controls the precision and accuracy of the patient’s natural registration, fit, OVD, RVD and interdigitation.

day precision231 delivers a quality denture at a speed simply not possible by any other method. 4




In-built flexibility and cross-check control Each of the three stages has been carefully considered as part of an overall process. However, at any point the dental practitioner can go back a stage to correct or fine-tune the precision and accuracy of the denture being produced.

Impressions The final and third stage calls for correct impressions. Using a quality rubber-based impression material the practitioner produces superior impressions, noting contact irregularities and minor inconsistencies. Final adjustments are easily affected before despatch to an internal or external laboratory for finishing. Importantly, should any stage be deemed below par, the practitioner only has to repeat the procedure taking care to ensure each stage is faultless, to produce a quality denture.

Clinical control Tooth set up Registration rim placement Articulation accuracy Registration bite Try in Aesthetic suitability

precision231 not required not required not required visit 1 visit 1 visit 1

traditional process laboratory laboratory laboratory laboratory subsequent visits subsequent visits


Designed to deliver real benefits to your bottom line


With precision231 it is feasible that the average practice could increase weekly completed denture patient numbers from around 6 to 25. Think of the impact this could make to your business.

Weekly scenario


1 week


traditional process


Number of practitioner visits

Clinical chair time




Laboratory visits

Number of weekly dentures completed



Designed to make a real difference to performance and profitability precision231 is an integrated system, where every step has been analysed and considered to make the workflow processes more productive and efficient. Quite simply, the cost savings and time gains are significant, which means more satisfied patients and increased profits.

Flow on benefits Patient preparation and follow up Clinic preparation and sterilisation Chair time Bagging and packaging of impressions Despatch and couriers Inventory control Administration

precision231 reduced reduced reduced reduced reduced reduced reduced

Up to 25 patients A potential 400% increase in revenue

6 patients






Number of practitioner visits


Clinical chair time

Laboratory visits

Number of weekly dentures completed


2 visits A finished full denture in just 2 easy appointments. 3 stages Clinical control in 3 simple stages. Accurate, fast and consistent. 1 day Actual same day turnaround means more satisfied patients and increased profits.

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precision 231 Brochure  

precision 231 Brochure