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More than a Consumer Our church planning meeting last month was wonderful. I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about how it went. The one thing I would tweak in future planning meetings would be that we take just a little more time in each group to get discussion and brainstorms. Even so, it was a very encouraging time for me, and apparently for you, too? We have another meeting this next week (Sunday, the 24th). And it will look similar, but a little different. So let me give you a head’s up on what to expect.

They have already missed out on one significant day in the life of this church. We don’t want them to miss out on another. We all need to find a place where we can serve.

By this Saturday (2/16) the elders and deacons will have met and worked out most of the finer details. Instead of having a planning/ communication meeting, this one will be an ‘involvement meeting’ where we will choose several ministries at our church that need to be highlighted, and each breakout group will actually be the ground floor for learning about and getting involved with that area in our church. For example: If you want to come alongside Gary with some of the enormous maintenance needs—his group is ‘ground zero’ for involvement.

Between now and then, I would love some input on two things: First, if you can think of a ministry that you would like to get involved with, or learn more about, drop me a line! Email, phone, text, or facebook. Or… I suppose you could even talk to me this Sunday.

Because you can’t be involved in everything that we do, our groups will be elective. For example, we may have 4 ministries to highlight, but only two timeslots to choose from. This means you would need to choose the two that you are most interested in getting involved in. Go to one on the first session, and another on the second session. What about the other two sessions? Maybe you could send a spy to check them out for you?

And on that note—parents—don’t underestimate the power of working alongside your family. If you volunteer to help with something, is it possible that you could do it alongside your son or daughter? Or maybe alongside your spouse?

At any rate, here is what will be similar: We will have potluck and the main dish will be provided. So come prepared with side dishes and desserts for fried chicken (hey, you go with what works!) We are still working out the details of child-care for this meeting. But at this point, I’m hesitant to ask the teens to do it again— primarily because our teens are the church of today, not the church of tomorrow.


Church Staff:

Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Les Lewis ........ 360.876.4188 Dale Sanders ... 360.876.8825 Ray Switzer ..... 360.874.8889

Ben Cook ........ 360.329.2136 Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Connie Switzer. 360.874.8889

If you have been feeling a little lost on how you can serve, plan on coming. We could use you. We can use your talents and gifts. We could use your energy and your love for God. It should be an encouraging day for us all.

Second, we would still like to have some form of childcare available. Even if it’s a low-key set of adults who are willing to watch kids as their parents go to their different sessions.

It’s hard to describe how influential it is to our kids when they not only get served at church, but when they turn around and begin serving. Those moments have the power to form, mold, and shape their character. In those moments, they begin developing habits of service that will honor God for their entire life. We live in a world filled with consumers. And yet, God’s people can (and should) be more than a consumer.

Ben Cook

Deacons: Gary Chasteen 360.895.4143 Gene Gerard ... 360.876.4612 Darren Hanson 253.884.5116

Trent Herbert.. 253.509.8769 Troy Hill ......... 360.674.7181 Brad Orser ...... 360.874.8184 Brett Wheeler . 360.697.5439

A Publication of the Port Orchard Church of Christ • February 17, 2013

Welcome Guests Making the decision to come and join us for worship is a courageous one. Meeting with a new church can put anyone on edge. But don’t worry— we won’t embarrass you in any way during or after worship. But we would love to get to know you a little better.

If you have questions about our church, my sermon, or really anything at all, I’d love to take the time to visit. Especially over an excellent cup of coffee! :) You can find me on Facebook ( or email ( Or,

Save the Dates!

Saturday 2/16 Elders and Deacons meeting 8:30am Sunday 2/17 Widman Open House 1-5pm Monday 2/18 Secret Sisters Monday 2/18 & Tuesday 19 Teen Area Wide Work Day 1-5pm Saturday 2/23 Ladies fund raising meeting Sunday 2/24 All-church Involvement Meeting and potluck. Saturday 3/2 “Ladies Day” at Port Orchard 9:00am until 12:00pm

I look forward to the conversation! Ben Cook

Port Orchard News and Events

Saturday 2/16 Packing day at the Herbert home. Saturday 2/16 Cormier baby shower at Cormier home at 2:00pm

you could even fill out one of our attendance cards and place it in the collection tray.

Congratulations!! Rodney and Deja Cormier are the proud parents of a new son, Israel Davis Cormier. The whole family is doing fine. The grandparents are Ken and Tammy Avery and great grandmother is Runell Mason.

Teen Ministry We are hosting an Area-Wide on March 10th. Our theme is "Deep Integrity" based on Matthew 5:33-37. Teens and adults interested in helping - mark your calendar for workdays on 2/18, 2/19, 3/2 and 3/3. We need to borrow a video camera for the 18th and 19th - see Ben or Kim Cook if you can help out.

Tweens The memory work for the older children’s class on Sunday morning taught by Dale and Lori Sanders is I Corinthians 13: 4-7 NIV. They will be working on this for the next four Sundays. The 1-6 grade class will be collecting food items for Helpline as part of their Bible Lessons. A bin is in the foyer marked for this purpose. The items will be delivered after February 17th.

Bible Bowl 2013 The Youth Bible Bowl 2013 for Pre-teens Grades 4-6 & Teens Grade 7-12 will be at the Olympia Church of Christ, March 23, 10:00am–4:00pm. If your tween and/or teen would like to participate please, get your material from Bonnie continued on page 3)

Serving February 17 Prayer Leader: Scripture Reader: Offering Thoughts: Communion Meditation: Servers: Ushers: Greeters: Nursery Attendants: Sound: Slides/Lighting:

Rubin Carter David Snypp Josh Wilson Shawn O’Dell Darrell Fry/Brad Orser B. Zepf/Tristen Herbert Kim Cook/Karen Taylor Laura Fry/Jessica Zepf Dale Sanders Conrad Hanson

Communion Prep: Eloise Gerard Communion Cleanup: Wayne & Pene Hammock Praise Team: Lead: Tom Miller S— Abby Cook A— Laura Gerard T— J. Powless/G. Gerard B— Mike Chavez Fellowship Team: Donuts— Roy & Jo Vaughn Coffee— J./M. Furstenwerth Cleanup— Len Lewis

Our Prayer List

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Mitchell and see her for questions. If you are participating read through Proverbs Betty Widman that she may be comforted. 1-10 for the next practice.

Rodney and Deja Cormier and family as they recover from the birth of All-Stars for Jesus is each Wednesday. Bring your kids at 6:30pm each week for an exciting time of fellowship and Bible learning. The memory work is to con- Israel. tinue learning Psalms 23 . Amanda O’Dell after the loss of her grandmother, Mary Fields on Feb. 5th. Pulpit Preview This Sunday we will celebrate Justice Day by parking in the prophets. Even though Israel and Judah worshiped God, the rituals and worship had failed to Herbert Family as they prepare to transform them. They never acquired the heart of God. They didn't love what move. God loves. They didn't hate what God hates. God hates injustice. As His peoVirginia Chapman as she recovers. ple, so should we. Next week, we will have a special presentation offered by some of our kids, as well as a very kid-friendly lesson on Psalm 23. You won't want to miss this. Virgil Lowe as he recovers from a broken hip at Ridgemont Terrace.


Barefoot on Wednesday

We are on chapter 8. We have had great discussions. Read chapter 8 Watts Family as they move. (“Partnering With the Non-profit World”) and come ready to discuss. Jon & Rene Powless for Jon’s Ladies Day health. Calling ladies young, old, and in between! You are invited to a Ladies Day sponsored by the Teen Girls. Our theme is "If the Holy fits, wear it!" Please come The Fry’s Grandson, Daniel who Saturday, March 2, from 9 am to Noon to enjoy fellowship and more. If you are has a malignant brain tumor. interested in bringing a breakfasty goodie (such as muffins) please speak with Beth Miller. Also, MEN! We would some of you to serve as support staff/logistics Melvin Byrd as he continues to resquad. Again contact Beth. Pinky swear you'll be there! cover.

Open House There is an open house at the home of Betty Widman Sunday, February 17th from 1:00pm until 5:00pm honoring Betty’s 88th birthday. No gifts, but cards would be nice but not a must.

Bonnie Mitchell’s daughter, Penny and her son Chris for strength to lean on God and deal with life.

Can you help pack the Herbert family? The Herbert family will be leaving soon to be with Trent. They need all the help they can find time on Saturday, February 16th, 9:00am until 8:00pm. If you have any time that day and a strong back, they will appreciate your help, so make your plans now.

A Baby Shower The baby shower for Rodney and Deja Cormier has been rescheduled for February 16th at 2:00pm at the Cormier home. The address is 7141 Brunswick Pl. NE, (Continued on page 4)

February 10, 2013 Worship: 141 Class: 72 Offering: $3,982.66 Goal: $4,706.37

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A Thank You from the Watts Family

Bremerton, WA 98311. Contact Tammy Dearest congregation, we thank you all Avery or Tanya Howard with any ques- for being so welcoming and loving tions. since the very first day we attended months ago. We will miss you all. You Thank you from the Nance will all be in our hearts and prayers Family always! God bless! Galatians 6:2 says "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Ladies Ministry Christ...". When one is going through The monthly Ladies' Fellowship time surgery or illness and members of their has changed to the 3rd Monday of church family call, come by to see every month at 6:30pm. If you are them, pray for them, send cards and participating in Secret Sisters, please look after their loved ones, we bring a card for your sister at that see Christ's brothers and sisters actu- time. If you are unable to attend, ally 'bearing one another's bur- please put a card in the basket in the dens". Thank you so much to all of foyer so it can be given to your Secret you who have helped me through this Sister. The next Ladies' Fellowship will recent surgery. It will be a number of be on Feb 18th in the teen room. All weeks before I am back to 'normal', ladies are invited! but Karen and I are both very grateful for all of your love and support. Technology Needs In Jesus, Charles Nance We are currently working on overhauling the technology available in two of our classrooms: the elementary class-

Port Orchard Church of Christ 2585 Carr Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 360.876.2604

room, and the teen room. Currently the needs in both rooms are similar: They each need a computer. (no monitor, no keyboard/mouse) Both classrooms are working on integrating multimedia resources from online (youtube videos, teaching materials, etc..), but these improvements haven't made it into our 'basic budget' for this year. If you are interested in contributing towards a computer (or you possibly have a current computer that you're not using), please connect with Ben. These resources are not expensive. Each computer would be between $300-$400 each.

More than a Consumer  
More than a Consumer  

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