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Sunday May 20, 2012

When Being Right is Wrong

(pt 1)

When I first got married, I had the hardest time communiidea is better. Committee meetings unravel as strong percating with Kim. It was always little things: exactly how sonalities square off and decide that being right is more immessy our house could be, how many people we could have portant than being loving. over, and whether we would incur the national debt by leavSuddenly, choosing the right paint color, or the right pews ing lights on in rooms. or accent flowers becomes a bigger issue than honoring JeYou know... the big, life-altering issues, right? Yeah. But sus’ prayer for unity. Little issues blow up because the mowe fought about it nonetheless. As I reflect on that first ment we begin exchanging harsh words, the little issues are year or two of marriage, I realize that what I was struggling replaced by the bigger issues of trust, respect, and love. with wasn’t how many light bulbs were on. I was struggling In the this whole mess, the wisdom of Solomon haunts us, with being wrong. I had never been wrong in my entire life! when he wrote: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty Yet with Kim I felt like I was wrong all the time. spirit before a fall.” (Pr. 16:18) This led to little issues bubbling over into bigger issues. I’m a slow learner. It took me a long time to give up Choosing to turn off lights and doing the dishes are all small “being right” with my wife in order for us to become one. issues. But taking back the harsh, prideful words that we Being right isn’t as important as being one. And I mean exchanged while discussing the lights…? Well, that’s a lot that. My pride. My dignity. My need to be right. None of it harder. And it made my life miserable. matters if I lose the love, trust, and respect my marriage Proverbs 15:1 says “A gentle answer turns away wrath, needs to flourish. A marriage don't usually die through one but a harsh word stirs up dissention.” cataclysmic event. It erodes over time because spouses refuse to love to each other more than themselves. Maybe it was my marriage… or maybe it was my first few years of ministry, but ProvSo let me ask this directly: erbs 15:1 has dug deeply into In this church, how badly do my heart as a guiding princiyou need to be right? About ple whenever I talk to people. what? How often? And what “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but price are you willing to pay to And I’ve noticed how rarely a harsh word stirs up dissention.” be right? we heed Solomon’s advice. Especially in church. Deacons Ben Cook fight and bicker about whose Elders:

Church Staff:

Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Les Lewis ........ 360.876.4188 Dale Sanders ... 360.876.8825 Ray Switzer ..... 360.874.8889

Ben Cook ........ 360.329.2136 Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Connie Switzer. 360.874.8889 Cody Rousseau 541.921.8203

Deacons: Gary Chasteen 360.895.4143 Gene Gerard ... 360.876.4612 Darren Hanson 253.884.5116

Trent Herbert.. 253.509.8769 Troy Hill ......... 360.674.7181 Brad Orser ...... 360.874.8184 Brett Wheeler . 360.697.5439

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Welcome Guests You are welcome to worship with us here, and we are glad to have you! A few things you should know about worship this morning: We are a friendly group, and would love to visit with you after church if you stick around. But during worship we aren’t going to do anything out of

the ordinary for you. You won’t be asked to stand and wave, or anything else conspicuous. Just enjoy worship and participate as much as you feel you can. Our worship is intentionally simple. Songs, communion, prayers and lessons are what we offer to God each Sunday;

Help Needed

Time Is Running Out to Sign! Referendum R-74 (Marriage of one Man and one Woman) If you are interest in signing the Referendum to preserve marriage, it will be available in the lobby this Sunday for you to sign. The referendum is in support of redefining marriage to be between one man one woman.

If you need someone to pray with, or you want to talk about God, send me an email: I’d love to visit sometime.

Ben Cook

Port Orchard News and Events

Nursery Attendants Needed We are in need of people to sign up to tend the nursery during worship beginning the first of May. A signup sheet is available on the table in the lobby.

and we are glad you are spending it with us.

Saturday Morning Elder's/Deacon's Meeting Elders and deacons are scheduled to meet this Saturday. 8am for breakfast at That One Place; and 9am for our meeting.

Come Join Us in Celebrating our Seniors We will celebrate our Seniors Sunday evening at 6:00pm at the building. There will be stories of their lives and time to love and encourage them as they enter a new phase of their lives. Come and be a part of the excitement!

Memorial Day Is Coming Up Soon We have the camp for the weekend, and have some fun family-friendly games and activities planned. Nothing feels more like family than gathering together to enjoy good fellowship, fun, and conversation.

Cody Rousseau Arrived on Tuesday Cody is our summer intern to work with the teens. Be sure to meet him this week end and make him feel welcome.

Teens It would be called a banquet, but we're going out to Bullwinkle's to play! We need to meet at 7pm. Friends, family, and well-wishers are welcome. It costs $20 per person for our 3-hour package of games. Seniors, of course, are covered!

Serving May 20, 2012: Prayer Leader: Scripture Reader: Offering Thoughts: Communion Meditation: Servers: Ushers: Greeters: Nursery Attendants: Sound: Slides/Lighting:

Darrell Fry Darren Hanson Melvin Byrd David Latham Rubin Carter/Darrell Fry B. Zepf / S. Cartwright Furstenwerth/J Snead Amanda & Haley O’Dell Dale Sanders Aaron Hanson

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Communion Prep: JC & DeLoris Lawler Communion Cleanup: Pam Woodrow Praise Team: Lead: Gene Gerard S—Connie Greer A—Rachel Karn T—Jon Powless B—Mike Chavez Fellowship Team: Donuts—JC & D Lawler Coffee—V & L Lowe Cleanup—Len Lewis

First Quarter Financial Report Things we noticed while preparing the financial results for the first 3 months of 2012: Compared with 2011, contributions were down 10,914 for the first three months of 2012; compared with the budget, contributions lagged by 12,640 or 972 per week. We spent 1,197 more than we took in, that

included the support given to the Blair family for January and February 2012. However, some expenses are seasonal, (taxes, insurance and Celebrate Jesus), and that needs to be considered in planning for the coming months.

contributions were 4,566; budgeted contributions were 5,507. If we continue on the current financial path, contributions would lag the budget by about 50,000 for the year.

Your fellow servants in Christ, Darrell W. Fry, and team.

April contributions continued to lag the budget, average weekly regular

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Our Prayer List

Altared Youth

Peggy Powell (Mary Carter’s sister-

We are meeting together at 4:30 Friday to go ice skating, and plan to be back at 8:30. It will cost $10/person, and includes some games and pizza before we leave.

Gift for Wendy Sanders and baby Tammy Avery wants to let everyone know that the gift for Wendy Sanders was a gift card for $265.00 and $10.00 in cash. Thank you all for your generous gifts.

Auction at Delano Bay We will have a silent auction Sunday afternoon, May 27th at Delano Bay, proceeds will help offset the cost of renting the Lodge and Camp for the weekend. Please bring your donations for the auction to Delano Bay with you when you come.

Life Groups

in-law) who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer (stage 4), her husband Bob, and Mary’s mother for whom Peggy is caregiver. Please pray they can find a chemo she can tolerate. She is not doing well.

James Greer to find the problem with his heart.

Charlotte Hahn that she will feel safe in her home.

Betty Widman for strength and increased health

There is a Sunday evening life group meeting at the Latham home.

Jon Powless and his health

Another Sunday evening life group is meeting at the home of the Switzer’s on May 6th, and June 3rd. Because of the Senior Graduation Service they will not meet on May 20th.

Les Lewis that the treatments have

The Thursday evening life group will attend the Arrow of Light ceremony for

been successful.

Nora Hoover to continue doing better all the time.

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Wendy Sanders and her baby.

Area News and Events Christian College Days Northwest On October 6, 2012, the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, OR is hosting their 3rd annual College Days, where recruiters and information from Christian colleges across the country will be available to answer your questions about financing and degrees. The featured school is Pepperdine, but there will be representatives from many other Universities. If you are interested in Christian education, this is a great way to learn more.

Delano Days On Saturday June 2nd, you are invited out to Delano Bay for an opportunity to celebrate our camp with an afternoon of family fun with many different booths for kids of all ages.

To send out a prayer request, or participate as a part of our prayer chain, please email:

May 13, 2012 Bible Class: 70 Worship: 163 Offering: $5,279.98 Goal: $5,612.48

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Tristen Herbert at the Key Peninsula Civic Center at 17010 S. Vaughn Road KpN, Vaughn, WA., 98394 this week. Come and join them. All are welcome!

New Wireless Access If you have a laptop, iPad, or Kindle Fire, we have just recently upgraded wireless access at the church building. This step will hopefully give you greater access to online Bibles and study resources, as well as allow us to implement them in classrooms. The

wireless SSID is: “POCOC free wifi�. This signal is not connected to our office resources, just the internet. There is no password, but there are filters in place. Use it for the glory of God, and be sure to thank Ron Nystrom, Trent Herbert, Josh Bedford, and Gary Chasteen for all their hard work in making it happen!

Soda Pop Machine Some may wonder why the price changed on the pop machine. We discovered we were losing 35 cents per can, and therefore needed to change the price.

Port Orchard Church of Christ 2585 Carr Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 360.876.2604

Adult Class Quarters Beginning Sunday, June 3rd, we will have new adult classes. The downstairs class will be taught by Joshua Wilson, and the upstairs taught by Ben Cook. More information to come shortly.

Church Bulletin 5-20-2012  

The weekly bulletin

Church Bulletin 5-20-2012  

The weekly bulletin