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We will offer food THIS MONDAY at 6pm. Come and help serve, or just be with us as we share God’s provision with our neighbors. Come and eat.

Just a Little More Renovation (pt 2) A new beginning. A fresh start. Another chance. The Bible is the story of God doing just that. Over, and over, and over again. But sadly, that’s not the story of God’s people. Fresh starts are hard to come by. Checkered pasts are hard to shake, and broken friendships are rarely mended. How tragic that people look to us, and believe that we reflect the image of our God! But then sometimes, it happens… Sometimes the spirit of God breaks through, and He works in ways that are powerful, and in ways that bring tremendous healing. Two weeks ago was just such a moment. If you weren’t there, we had a meeting where we talked about the church’s budget, finances, and last year’s remodel. I know that from the time I arrived at Port Orchard, these issues have been festering. They were a cauldron—with many strong feelings on every side. I know that we have not been good at communicating as a church. I have heard that over and over again. But I am telling you, we are really trying. That meeting was part of the effort. If you weren’t there, you still need to know what happened. First, we hammered out a final budget for this year. It is Elders:

Church Staff:

Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Les Lewis ........ 360.876.4188 Dale Sanders ... 360.876.8825 Ray Switzer ..... 360.874.8889

Ben Cook ........ 360.329.2136 Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Connie Switzer. 360.874.8889

only for this year; but it will get us through 2012 with our current giving levels. Second, we learned about a reestablished finance team. But most important (in my mind), Dale got up on behalf of the elders to share about our remodel projects last year, and what was on the hearts of the elders during and after that project. First—what wasn’t communicated clearly was the need. State laws have changed, and churches that do not have all the code requirements of a professional kitchen are not allowed to prepare and serve food in any capacity to people outside of their church. (e.g. weddings, funerals, outside groups of any kind) In fact, churches have been shut down because they were in violation of these codes. Second—we spent more than we expected. Partly because of unforeseeable expenses. Partly because the deacons and elders went forward with bathroom projects that, in the minds of many, often get lumped into “the kitchen” as the final cost. Third—Dale shared a couple of regrets. First, that the deacons were not more involved in the process. And second, that the elders did not have a firm grasp on what funds were available when they launched into the project. Now… let that sink in. Go ahead and re-read it, if you need to, and when you’re ready; flip to the back and continue… (Continued on page 4)

Deacons: Gary Chasteen 360.895.4143 Gene Gerard ... 360.876.4612 Darren Hanson 253.884.5116

Trent Herbert.. 253.509.8769 Troy Hill ......... 360.674.7181 Brad Orser ...... 360.874.8184 Brett Wheeler . 360.697.5439

A Publication of the Port Orchard Church of Christ • October 7, 2012

Welcome Guests You are welcome to worship with us here, and we are glad to have you! A few things you should know about worship this morning: We are a friendly group, and would love to visit with you after church if you stick around. But during worship we aren’t going to do anything out of

the ordinary for you. You won’t be asked to stand and wave, or anything else conspicuous. Just enjoy worship and participate as much as you feel you can. Our worship is intentionally simple. Songs, communion, prayers and lessons are what we offer to God each Sunday;

Celebrate Jesus

This year we may end up hosting a youth group or two from Oregon, and even have a videographer around to help us with creating high-end promotional videos. Also, Amazing Grace Community Church (correction) has offered to fund the rebuilding of the scene that burned over the 4th of July.

How You Can Help • •

Pray about this outreach. Pray for the story to touch lives. Show up on Wednesdays (6:30pm) to work. Come every Saturday in October to work.

Children’s Class Homework All children– memorizing the New Testament, I Timothy—Rebelations. Everyone should bring their Bibles and any change they may have to put in the “giving jar.”

Wednesday Evening Happenings 1.All-Stars Children's Ministry-all children from 2 years through 6th grade.

3.The adults will study from the book “Barefoot Church” taught by Ben Cook The books should arrive by Sunday. They will be $14.50 each. It is also available in e-reader formats.

Youth Ministry Devotional tonight will be at the church building at 6pm. Cook's will bring ice cream. There are brownies in the freezer at church for us. Bring some toppings/fruit/cookies to go with. In November, we will begin having joint Sunday night devotionals with Central Kitsap every other week. This means that on November 11th CK hosts, and November 25th we will host. Both groups together are a pretty big crowd!

Preaching Ministry This Sunday we are finishing up our series on the Deadly Sins with "Pride"

Serving October 7, 2012: Prayer Leader: Scripture Reader: Offering Thoughts: Communion Meditation: Servers: Ushers: Greeters: Nursery Attendants: Sound: Slides/Lighting:

Ben Cook

2.Teen Girls Bible Study is from the book "Authentic Beauty".

December 14- 16th

If you need someone to pray with, or you want to talk about God, send me an email: I’d love to visit sometime.

Port Orchard News and Events

Donations Celebrate Jesus event preparations are well under way. Every year this ministry relies on additional donations in order to support the event. If you are considering additional gifts above your normal tithe we would encourage you to remember the ministry of Celebrate Jesus. Thank you, Your Finance Team

and we are glad you are spending it with us.

Melvin Byrd Darren Hanson David Latham Jim Snead Darrell Fry/Brandon Karn Brandon Zepf/Isaiah Zepf Jim Frustenwerth/Jim Snead TBD Trent Herbert Tristen Herbert

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Communion Prep: LaDonna Latham Communion Cleanup: Connie Allen Praise Team: Lead: Gene Gerard S— Deja Courmier A— Laura Gerard T— Gene Gerard B— Mike Chavez Fellowship Team: Donuts—JC &DeLoris Lawler Coffee— Barbara Byrd Cleanup— P. & D Woodrow

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Our Prayer List

Oct. 14, we will have a stand-alone sermon titled "Doctrine: a Four Letter Word." Oct. 21, we will have a guest presentation that explains a little more about the ministry that we have going on with the Heritage House. Oct. 28-Nov.18, we will have a 4-part series titled "Yielding your Life: Exploring Christian Baptism"

Jon & Rene Powless while Jon is in the hospital and her knee is injured.

Girls Movie Night

Rubin Carter and his loss of strength in his legs and the doctors treating him.

Girl's movie night (for any tweens, teens, and ladies ), will be held on Tues. Oct. 9 at 6:30pm. This month's movie will be "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Cary Grant! If you wish, movie snacks and drinks are welcomed (we even try to keep it healthy sometimes). We'll aim for a closing time of 9:00. Our movie nights will be held monthly, so come and enjoy some time of candles, goodies and a classic movie with Lori!

Opportunity to Give: Some of you may have noticed the work being done in the small Prayer Room off of our lobby. Several members have been re-imagining the way the space is used, and felt it was time to do some painting and furnishing of the room to make it more conducive to small group and individual prayer. To finish the work that has begun, additional funds (about $150 total) are needed. If you would like to contribute to the fund, please see Gene or Laura Gerard.

The Fry’s Grandson, Daniel who has new malignant brain tumor.

Linda Lowe Virgil & Lucille’s daughter-in-law as she has a bone marrow transplant.

Peggy Powell (Mary Carter’s sisterin-law) who is fighting cancer (stage 4).




as he recovers

from a hand injury.

JC & DeLoris’ Great Grandson-

Youth Ministry Cider Press got cancelled, but the Woodinville Youth Rally is just around the corner (Nov. 9-11) ! If you are interested in going, please connect with Kim Cook or Gene Gerard.

Area News and Events

Brodric was born 2 months early at 2lb. 7 oz.

Travelers– Please pray for a safe journey for the Charles & Karen Nance and James and Connie Greer.

To send out a prayer request, or participate as a part of our prayer chain, please email:

Christian College Days Northwest On October 6, 2012, the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, OR is hosting their 3rd annual College Days, where recruiters from 8 Christian colleges will be available to answer your questions about financing and degrees. If you are interested in Christian education, this is a great way to learn more.

Men’s Breakfast The men’s breakfast at Lakeview will be October 6 at 8:00 AM. Olympia Church of Christ will be hosting.

September 30, 2012 Bible Class: 58 Worship: 132 Offering: $4.160.60 Goal: $4,600.17

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After 9 months, I know how deeply these issues have affected us as a church. I have talked with several of you, continuing the conversation into and through tears of frustration. It’s hard enough to be in conflict when you are understood clearly. But it’s even harder to feel misunderstood, disrespected, or irrelevant. I truly believe that it is a work of God when a group of people can gather together and express how they feel, but do it in a loving and respectful way. In reflecting on that meeting, I though I would contribute one more thing to the conversation: Dale got up and spoke on behalf of the elders, but he used the word “I” several times, which may leave people wondering how the rest of the elders felt? I feel like this needs to be communicated clearly: Dale was speaking on

behalf of the eldership, and each of

our elders agree with what he said.

plan budgets, spend funds, and lead.

I am certain because I have visited with our elders to make sure that what I assumed to be true was the case.

I am certain that the process of renewal and renovation will be slow. It may be cumbersome and awkward at first, but it’s also exciting to behold.

But renewal is happening beyond our eldership. Since I have been here, our deacons, elders, and several others have met to make peace and express their love and re-affirm their commitment to each other. I have heard heart-felt apologies. I have witnessed tender hearts. And I am stirred in my soul about what is ahead of us as a church.

Elders are not perfect. Deacons are not perfect. And (believe me), preachers aren’t perfect, either. But I marvel sometimes at what God has in store for us at this church. Because I believe we are here for a purpose.

The last several months of meetings and planning is now beginning to bear fruit in two big ways: First, we have a Finance Committee that has been assembled and tasked with keeping track of our cashflow so that we are good stewards of what God has given us. The second big change is that we are working to place our deacons in charge of the ministries of our church, and providing them the latitude to

Port Orchard Church of Christ 2585 Carr Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 360.876.2604

I love the way Paul says it in Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Praise God, that he can take broken people, and create a masterpiece out of us. And if you haven’t already, begin asking God what, exactly, these great works are. He will reveal them in His time.

Ben Cook

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