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Sunday May 13, 2012

Building One Another Up I’m excited. Not going to lie. I’m excited that Cody is coming up to work with our teens, and I’m pretty excited about the chance for him to get his feet wet, and the opportunity set before us to help develop him and build him up. Here are a few ways you can come alongside Cody to build him up: • Judge him, and his motives.

way to build Cody up: Be patient. Be kind. Do not envy, do not boast. Do not be proud, do not be rude, or self-seeking. Do not be easily angered. Do not keep a record of wrongs. Instead, protect him, trust him, hope in him, and persevere with him. In short, love him. True love has never failed to build someone up. • • • • • •

• Tell him he’s mean. Call him a liar. And while I’m on the topic, are there people here that you • Be sure to talk about him, but never to him. know who you feel are broken or backwards? Maybe our I’m sure that after a while, we will watch him become just deacons? Our elders? Our preachers? If so, do you treat the leader we have nurtured inside of him. them with love? Actually, it happens all the time—that young aspiring minThe above advice I gave on how to love Cody was the isters get stepped on, instead of nurtured and developed. same advice Paul gave to a broken, fractured church in CorI’ve watched it happen several times in many different inth. This very talented group of people met and argued and churches. bickered every day because for all their talent, they did not The truth is, you and I know that this plan is a plan that act in love towards each other. would crush Cody, and destroy him, instead of build him up. Poison destroys a person. Baby Christians get hit the fastIt’s poison. It’s poison for anyone who wants to serve God. est, but in time, it will take down giants. James chapter 3 It’s poison for elders, deareminds us that the tongue is cons, preachers, and ministry filled with deadly poison. leaders. Actually, the church May we each love people with is too small of a pool for this “True Love has never our conversations, attitudes, kind of poison. It affects eveand actions. ryone. failed to build someone up.” Ben Cook Instead, I would like to show you the most excellent Elders:

Church Staff:

Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Les Lewis ........ 360.876.4188 Dale Sanders ... 360.876.8825 Ray Switzer ..... 360.874.8889

Ben Cook ........ 360.329.2136 Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Connie Switzer. 360.874.8889

Deacons: Gary Chasteen 360.895.4143 Gene Gerard ... 360.876.4612 Darren Hanson 253.884.5116

Trent Herbert.. 253.509.8769 Troy Hill ......... 360.674.7181 Brad Orser ...... 360.874.8184 Brett Wheeler . 360.697.5439

To get this bulletin emailed to you, and to receive other important news emails from church, send an email to, and ask to be added to our distribution list.

Welcome Guests You are welcome to worship with us here, and we are glad to have you! A few things you should know about worship this morning: We are a friendly group, and would love to visit with you after church if you stick around. But during worship we aren’t going to do anything out of

the ordinary for you. You won’t be asked to stand and wave, or anything else conspicuous. Just enjoy worship and participate as much as you feel you can. Our worship is intentionally simple. Songs, communion, prayers and lessons are what we offer to God each Sunday;

Help Needed

Time Is Running Out to Sign! Initiative 1192 & Referendum R-74 (Marriage of one Man and one Woman) If you are interest in signing the Initiative about marriage and the Referendum to preserve it, they will be available in the lobby this Sunday for you to sign. You will need to sign both forms. The referendum is in support of redefining marriage to be between one man one woman. The Initiative 1192 must be in the mail soon. We have only one more Sunday to sign.

If you need someone to pray with, or you want to talk about God, send me an email: I’d love to visit sometime.

Ben Cook

Port Orchard News and Events

Nursery Attendants Needed We are in need of people to sign up to tend the nursery during worship beginning the first of May. A signup sheet is available on the table in the lobby.

and we are glad you are spending it with us.

Arrow of Light Ceremony Tristen Herbert has been the first of his troop to be awarded his Super 20 in cub scouts and he has completed all of his academic and athletic belt loops in under a year. Everyone is invited to his Arrow of Light ceremony next Thursday, May 17th at 6:30pm. It will take place at the Key Peninsula Civic Center. The center is at 17010 S Vaughn Road KpN, Vaughn, WA 98394.

Memorial Day Is Coming Up Soon Sign up first thing Sunday if you want your name in the drawing for the cabins and rooms. We have the camp for the weekend, and have some fun familyfriendly games and activities planned. Nothing feels more like family than gathering together to enjoy good fellowship, fun, and conversation.

Teen Ministry This Sunday afternoon, a few of us will meet up at 3pm to work on the teen room. (Bring painting clothes) After that, we will have a devotional. See Amanda for where we will be devotionalizing. Friday the 18th, we are planning a night out to celebrate our seniors! We will be going to Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center from 9-11pm, and have a group reservation for laser tag, go karts, and all sorts of other stuff. Teens, parents, and friends: If you want to come and join us, our group rate is $20 a person. Seniors are covered. We will meet up to leave at 7pm on Friday. Sunday the 20th, at 6pm we will be honoring our seniors together. Cake and refreshments will be provided.

Serving May 13, 2012: Prayer Leader: Scripture Reader: Offering Thoughts: Communion Meditation: Servers: Ushers: Greeters: Nursery Attendants: Sound: Slides/Lighting:

Melvin Byrd Darrell Fry Les Lewis Dale Sanders Rubin Carter/Darrell Fry B. Zepf / S. Cartwright Virgil & Lucille Lowe D Woodrow/Danielle Gross Rick Bell Seth Cartwright

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Communion Prep: Connie Switzer Communion Cleanup: Pam Woodrow Praise Team: Lead: Gene Gerard S—Connie Greer A—Tiffany Gilly T—Jon Powless B—TBD Fellowship Team: Donuts—Barbara Byrd Coffee—Barbara Byrd Cleanup—D. & P. Woodrow

Our Prayer List

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Altared Youth

Reg Engman/Duffy family after

We are planning an Ice Skating adventure for Friday, the 18th. Please see Bonnie Mitchell if you can help coordinate!

the death of Reg on Monday

Life Groups

Peggy Powell (Mary Carter’s sister-

There is a Sunday evening life group meeting at the Latham home. Another Sunday evening life group is meeting at the home of the Switzer’s on May 6th, and June 3rd. Because of the Senior Graduation Service they will not meet on May 20th.

in-law) who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer (stage 4), her husband Bob, and Mary’s mother for whom Peggy is caregiver.

James Greer to find the problem with his heart.

The Thursday evening life group will meet at the building this week to clean the flower beds and make the building look great for Mother’s Day. They will eat at 6:30pm, but if you want to come earlier to work you are welcome to do so. Anyone that would like to help is welcome.

safe in her home.

Summer Small Group Update

Betty Widman for strength and

Charlotte Hahn that she will feel

This Sunday on the back of our order of worship, we will have a feedback form for what groups we would like to have this summer. Please take the time to fill it out. This is a great opportunity for us to connect together over the summer with each other and with our friends!

increased health

New Wireless Access

Les Lewis that the treatments have

If you have a laptop, iPad, or Kindle Fire, we have just recently upgraded wireless access at the church building. This step will hopefully give you greater access to online Bibles and study resources, as well as allow us to implement

been successful.

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Jon Powless and his health

Nora Hoover to continue doing better all the time.

Wendy Sanders and her baby.

Area News and Events Christian College Days Northwest On October 6, 2012, the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, OR is hosting their 3rd annual College Days, where recruiters and information from Christian colleges across the country will be available to answer your questions about financing and degrees. The featured school is Pepperdine, but there will be representatives from many other Universities. If you are interested in Christian education, this is a great way to learn more.

Delano Days On Saturday June 2nd, you are invited out to Delano Bay for an opportunity to celebrate our camp with an afternoon of family fun with many different booths for kids of all ages.

To send out a prayer request, or participate as a part of our prayer chain, please email:

May 6, 2012 Bible Class: 52 Worship: 92 Offering: $3,396.25 Goal: $5,612.48

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them in classrooms. The wireless SSID is: “POCOC free wifi�. This signal is not connected to our office resources, just the internet. There is no password, but there are filters in place. Use it for the glory of God, and be sure to thank Ron Nystrom, Trent Herbert, Josh Bedford, and Gary Chasteen for all their hard work in making it happen!

Port Orchard Church of Christ 2585 Carr Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 360.876.2604

Bulletin May 13th, 2012  

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