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Sunday June 3, 2012

A Memorial Day to Remember! What was your favorite part of our Memorial Day weekend? Was it the spread of food on Monday? Time by the campfire? Or was it: ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, kayaking, paddle boarding, meat-fest, breakfast-fest, kids digging for gueducks, finding clams, looking for sea glass, sipping iced tea, playing with crabs, packs of kids playing, swimming, visiting, disc golf, flying a kite, playing with dogs, the scale of male, or just the beautiful weather? Was it the worship and praise? Was it the sense of getting away? Or was it the time we spent feeling like one big family..? What a blessing we have in Delano. A bigger turnout (so I’ve been told) than we have had in years! We have been so very blessed to have had this time together. A huge “thank you” goes out to Ken Avery, LaDonna Latham, Gary Chasteen, Melissa Bell, and all the other crew that dug in, and made this weekend a huge success! I was blessed by you, and by spending time with you. I’m proud to call you all my church family. Ben Cook


Church Staff:

Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Les Lewis ........ 360.876.4188 Dale Sanders ... 360.876.8825 Ray Switzer ..... 360.874.8889

Ben Cook ........ 360.329.2136 Melvin Byrd ..... 360.876.9270 Connie Switzer. 360.874.8889 Cody Rousseau 541.921.8203

Deacons: Gary Chasteen 360.895.4143 Gene Gerard ... 360.876.4612 Darren Hanson 253.884.5116

Trent Herbert.. 253.509.8769 Troy Hill ......... 360.674.7181 Brad Orser ...... 360.874.8184 Brett Wheeler . 360.697.5439

To get this bulletin emailed to you, and to receive other important news emails from church, send an email to, and ask to be added to our distribution list.

Welcome Guests You are welcome to worship with us here, and we are glad to have you! A few things you should know about worship this morning: We are a friendly group, and would love to visit with you after church if you stick around. But during worship we aren’t going to do anything out of

the ordinary for you. You won’t be asked to stand and wave, or anything else conspicuous. Just enjoy worship and participate as much as you feel you can. Our worship is intentionally simple. Songs, communion, prayers and lessons are what we offer to God each Sunday;

Help Needed

and we are glad you are spending it with us. If you need someone to pray with, or you want to talk about God, send me an email: I’d love to visit sometime.

Ben Cook

Port Orchard News and Events

Serving the Public We will cook for the public on June 11 and we need people to help serve.

Attention Everyone! Nursery Attendants Needed We are in need of people to sign up to tend the nursery during worship beginning June 10. A signup sheet is available on the table in the lobby.

As soon as worship is over Sunday morning the teens and parents will begin transforming the auditorium into Nottingham, therefore we will need to move our visiting out to the lobby as soon as possible.

Teens and Parents: We have a combined devotional planned with Central Kitsap on Saturday the 9th, from 6-9pm, hosted at the Gerard’s house. Plan on bringing a friend!

Camp Supplies Needed Bonnie Mitchell is requesting donations of 2-1/2 inch Styrofoam balls (packages are available at Wal-Mart) and yarn for the 3rd and 4th grade camp crafts. Please give the donations to Bonnie.

Celebrate Jesus Each Monday Jim Snead will be doing maintenance for the Celebrate Jesus area. Come help if you can.

Lawn mowing Signup The grass is growing, but there are lots of vacancies on the signup sheet in the foyer. Sign up, or see Gary Chasteen or Gary White to volunteer!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the details of an upcoming hike Cody is planning.

Life Groups There is a Sunday evening life group meeting at the Latham home. Another Sunday evening life group is meeting at the home of the Switzer’s on May 6th, and June 3rd.

Summer Small Groups Thank you for the input! It looks like we will focus on getting four groups up and off the ground this summer for fellowship, study, and service: A group that enjoys playing Disc Golf, a group that gathers for Sunday picnics, a group that writes cards of encouragement to veterans and service men, and a group that meets to study hermeneutics.*

Serving June 3, 2012: Prayer Leader: Scripture Reader: Offering Thoughts: Communion Meditation: Servers: Ushers: Greeters: Nursery Attendants: Sound: Slides/Lighting:

Tom Miller Greg Perkins Gene Gerard Dave Snypp S. O’Dell/J. Furstenwerth K. Benjamin/A. Hanson Barbara Byrd/Kim Cook D.Woodrow/M.Furstenwerth Brad Orser Abby Cook

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Communion Prep: Connie Allen Communion Cleanup: Brandon & Rachel Karn Praise Team: Lead: Tom Miller S—C. Greer/H. O’Dell A—Virginia Chapman T—Jon Powless B—Mike Chavez Fellowship Team: Donuts—M. Furstenwerth Coffee—J. Furstenwerth Cleanup—Barbara Byrd

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Our Prayer List There are signup sheets in the foyer where you can let the coordinators know that you’re interested in joining by adding your email address to the list. Give special attention to groups that may let you connect with people you don’t normally spend time with, or groups that you can invite friends to! *Edit: there

has been interest in a Hermeneutics class, and I (Ben) am interested in leading one, but my summer schedule is unyielding and I don’t think I can pick it up at this time.

Summer Quarter Classes Next Sunday, June 3rd, we will have new classes for the teens and adults:

Teens: Cody Rousseau will be teaching in the teen room on the book of Job. Adults: Ben Cook will be teaching in the auditorium on Biblical Peacemaking. We will follow the outline and teaching principles from “The Peacemaker” by Ken Sande. The book is not required, but would be an excellent companion during the class.

Tim and Lisa Blair and Ekklesia as they launch out in their first Sunday morning gathering.

Peggy Powell (Mary Carter’s sisterin-law) who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer (stage 4), her husband Bob, and Mary’s mother for whom Peggy is caregiver.

Dorothy Fletcher has kidney problems therefore we need to pray for her complete recovery. Charlotte Hahn that she will feel safe in her home.

Betty Widman for strength and increased health

Joshua Wilson will be teaching an adult class downstairs titled “Christian Values in a Postmodern World.” In this class we will take a look at several ethical and moral questions of our day.

Jon Powless and his health Les Lewis that the treatments have been successful.

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Nora Hoover to continue doing bet-

Area News and Events Christian College Days Northwest On October 6, 2012, the Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, OR is hosting their 3rd annual College Days, where recruiters and information from Christian colleges across the country will be available to answer your questions about financing and degrees. The featured school is Pepperdine, but there will be representatives from many other Universities. If you are interested in Christian education, this is a great way to learn more.

Delano Days are Coming Delano Days is happening this weekend. It is sponsored by Delano as a way to celebrate and support our camp! There will be booths, games, fun, and fellowship. There will also be a pine derby car race. If you are looking for a way to spend time with your kids this Saturday, consider going out to Delano! More information see this announcement in the email portion.

ter all the time.

To send out a prayer request, or participate as a part of our prayer chain, please email:

May 27, 2012 Bible Class: 30 Worship: 131 Offering: $1,839.00 Goal: $5,612.48

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Delano Bay Schedule

Church Budget Meeting

Have the kids in your life made their Several weeks ago, we talked about plans to go to Delano Bay this summer the church budget, expenses, and giving. Part of that conversation was an for camp? The schedule is: encouragement to help us find places to trim. The last several months have June 23-30: STS (11th&12th grade) presented several difficult choices in July 1-4: 1st&2nd grade how money gets distributed. July 7-14: JTS (9th&10th grade) July 15-27: 3rd&4th grade On Wednesday the 13th, at 7pm, we August 5-11: 7th&8th grade would like to meet and talk about some August 12-18: 5th&6th grade of the things we can trim. Please come Do not let the cost of summer camps with ideas. keep you from attending! Please see Dale Sanders for an application for Deacon/Elder Meeting We have another Deacon/Elder meetscholarship. ing scheduled for this Saturday, at Registration forms and information on the church building, 9am. the price of camp sessions is available online: Register Host Families Needed today and get your early registration Yvonne Jackson is in need of host discount! families for Japanese Exchange Stu-

Port Orchard Church of Christ 2585 Carr Lane SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 360.876.2604

dents from July 26th until August 22nd. The students will be in class from 9:00am until 4:00pm Monday through Friday. They will be from Jr. High through High School ages, both boys and girls. If you are interested in hosting one or more students contact Yvonne Jackson at 360-874-0292 or

New Dispensers As you have probably noticed we have new dispensers of all kind around the building. The dispensers were free and the item in them should save us some money by buying in bulk, plus provide some additional convenience to us all along with being more sanitary. However, at least until we are all familiar with the new fork, knife and spoon dispensers in the fellowship room, we need parents to see that the items are not wasted by our children (or adults) trying them out to see how they work.

June 3rd, 2012 Church Bulletin  

Church Blletin

June 3rd, 2012 Church Bulletin  

Church Blletin