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For Girls entering5-8thgrade Iuly 25-29th at the Boys and Girls Club of Pekin MegJensenand SarahSchureman, the PJHScheercoaches,are offeringa cheerclinic junior for highcheerleading. The coacheshavedesignedcheerleading stationssuchas jumps,motions,stunts,as well as learningsidelineandfloor learningand improving cheers.The clinicis alsodesignedto allowthe participants to gaina better understanding of howto promoteschoolspirit,sportsmanship and leadershipexpected of a PJHScheerleader.Informationon Broadmoor/Edison tryoutsandwhatto expect will alsobe providedduringthe clinic.Theweekwillendwitha mocktryout,judgedby the PJHScoaches.Eachparticipantwill receivea personalizedassessmentsheet listing their strengthsand areasof improvement. Make$60.00registrationfee payableto PJHSCheerRegistrations shoutd bereceived by

June24,2011 to guaranteea T-shirt Registrations afterJune24'n$60.00+ $7.00latefee. Any questionspleasecontactHollyvia

MailtoBoysand GirlsClubof Pekin c/o HollyGreerPJHSCheerClinic 1101VeermanSt, PekinlL 61554 *7imesmay vary basedon enrollment* 5-6 Grade:8:00-10:007-8thGrade10:00-12:00

Included withregistration fee:Shirt Size:Youth S M L XL or Adult S M L XL Name: Gradeas of Fall2011:


Address: ParenVGuardian's Email: l/Weagreeto, and by the signing of the agreement,releasethe coaches,volunteers,staff of PJHS Cheerfrom any claim of negligenceby ourselves,our son/daughter,our heirs,executonsand assigns,from any liability arisingfrom claimsfor damagesfor iniury to our son/daughterand any claimsfor loss or damageto his/herpropertywhich may arise out of his/herparticipationin the PJHSCheerleading Clinicof July 25 through29,2011. lM/e furtheracknowledge thatthe aboveindividual is coveredby healthinsurance. I herebyagreethatwe are responsible for any requiredmedicaltreatment, and givepermission for my childto receivemedical treatmentin the eventthat I am unableto be contacted.ln orderthat participant mayreceivenecessary I herebyholdPJHSCheerandtheirCheerleaders treatments, and coachesharmlessin the exerciseof thisauthority.

ParenUGuardian Signature:


PJHS Cheer Clinic  

The clinic is designed to allow the participants to gain a better understanding of how to promote school spirit, sportsmanship, and leadersh...

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