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Boys& GirlsClubWeek


1101Veerman. PekinIllinois 61554 309-346-5437

Boys& GlrlsClubWeekwlll be held March2O- illarch26. Pleasecomeloln the fun. Speclalactlyltleswlll be plannedall weeklong. Someof the actlvltleswlll Include:Beat the Staff,$lam-Dunkcontest,speclalgameroomtournaments,and much moie.

Monday,March2L,2OLL GolnCollcctlng-3:30Ftl -,{:OOPtl SkccballTournamsnt Pil Ropc 4:30 Jump Plnt-Pon3 Tournlmcnt- 4:30 Plrl

Tuesday,March 22, 2Ot!, NutrltlonGlarr- 3:3OPM - 3:30 PM DarteTournamont - 4:00PM Lay-Up $lam-DunVFancy GollGllnlc 3:90PM - 6:30Ptl AdultBln(oat AiIVETS

Wednesday, March23, 2ALL - 9:80 Pil PoolTournamcnt Contert- 3:45Ptl HlShJump/Llmbo FlowerPlantlng- 4:00PM - 4:OOPM Ah HockeyTournamsnt Spotthot - {:30 PM

Thursday, March24,zOt .

- 3:30 PM CardColloctlng - 3:30PM Shuffleboard Tournrment 3-PolntContcst- 3:30 PM FloorHockeyShootOut- 4:00 PM tl:30PM Foorball Tournamcnt.

Friday,March25,2OLL - 3:30Pt BumpcrPoolTournamont Staft- Pleln thc Faco- 3:30 Ptll HomerunDcrby- 3:'15Ptl BeatTheStaff- 4:15 Pttl Artl & Craftr- 4:30 PM - tt;tt6 Ptll DodScball


Boys & Girls Club Week  

Everyday this week the Boys & Girls Club of Pekin will have special activities.

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