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WHO AM I? I’m a 24 year old industrial designer from India I like to maintain a balance between the conceptual and realistic in my designs, and am pragmatic in my approach to my work and projects. Design is not my only passion, I’m also big on music, sports, and sci-fi, and these take up my spare time, but also act as muses for me when I’m deep into a project.

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Applying what I’ve learnt in projects of my own interest and undertaking

SWITCH BACK DINING. Personal Project | 2 weeks

RECONNECT WITH CULTURE The solution aims to revive a fading Kimono culture among the younger user demographic. But, their living conditions are incredibly constrained by available space in dense urban areas like Tokyo.

DINING TRADITION Dining and tea ceremonies hold an important place in Japanese culture, and making these accessible to those living in tiny apartments was my goal.

MODERNISE TRADITIONS Fusing the kimono culture with the ideals of space saving furniture to revive the essence of dying traditions.

KERFING WOOD A kerfed wood structure enables the switchback to bend to form a table when required. The diagonal cuts allow it to bend along 2 axes creating the final form.

ADAPTING CONFIGURATION The unique structure allows it to be used in multiple ways; as a bench or a table and seat, or even combining more that one unit to create a social dining environment.

COMPACT VERSATILITY The folding structure creates a piece that can be stored in small areas and instantly set up for use when required. Multiple units can be combined and placed to enhance the interaction between people.



A first experience of working in a team environment under more experienced leadership

ASUS MORPH. Team Project | 4 months | Team Member

PROSUMER MARKET The solution is aimed at prosumers, who are advanced users who want efficient solutions to fuel their passions, mainly focused on the gamer and music maker.

HOW WE GOT THERE With directions to brainstorm on with the target consumer in mind, we put out post-it ideas for a week which then were translated into more complete ideas which were then selected to develop.

CONNECTED ECOSYSTEM An ultra-connected ecosystem, through hardware, comprising the home station, morphing keyboard and stream pack; and a customer experience empowering the users to create their own product.





TANGIBLE INTERACTION A new dimension of user interface with a fundamentally unique solution; application controlled physical buttons that rise up from the touch screen on demand.


CUSTOMIZED INTERFACES Customisable to the last detail, through Tactus morphing technology, and 3D printed knobs, controls and patterns, providing a bespoke solution for each users specific needs.


CENTRAL HUB A workstation that is the hub for all the creative, gaming and work processes that you need. Always connected to you either through direct usage, wirelessly or over the cloud on the tablet.


TEAM:LEADER Using my experience from student projects and a design internship to lead a team for a client project.

EVO. BYSAMSUNG Team Project | 4 months | Team Leader

WHERE’S THE OPPORTUNITY? How can we find the middle ground between the Internet of Things, gadgets, and educating children; not only academically but also their development through life.

EXPLORING DIRECTIONS Generating ideas along the 3 axes of “Creating, Learning and Sharing” to carry fordward into develoment and create a final product concept.

INTERACTION RETHOUGHT A new and fresh experience with the screen creating new angles to work with, coupled with interactions with the smart discs that are both tactile and tangible sets it apart from other existing tablets.

EFFECTIVE FLEXIBILITY A hinge that enables the multi-angle functionality through offset links as wellas speakers on both panels and also the sides offer the full experience no matter what the orientation.

UX THROUGH PERIPHERALS The peripheral products work to provide a holistic experience. The smart modules with LED arrays become motion controllers or markers on the screen, creating tangible ways to learn.

WIDER OPPORTUNITIES After developing the concept, the idea for a professional version of the same device was added. The new user experience could be a feasible USP even to serious professional customers.

ALWAYS NEW EXPERIENCES The different angles of the screen plus the versatility. The smart modules turn into motion sensors, tangible buttons and also a recognizable marker on the screen offering multiple inputs depending on the usage.

AN EVERYDAY COMPANION The different types of interaction keep the product relevant as the child grows, and the artificial intelligence within the User Interface also evolves with the kid, learning along the way. Check out how the Evo is used by clicking here.


TEAM:LEADER Using my experience from student projects and a design internship to lead a team for a client project.


Team Project | 4 months | Team Member

MOCKUPS & LAYOUTS Simulating cooking situations in various kitchen layouts helped us understand the workflow in a kitchen, appliance usage and also how to streamline the experience.

SELECTING CONCEPTS Generating ideas for the hob, microwave and wet workspace helped develop forward into the final concept.

SEAMLESS MODULARITY A kitchen range with a seamless workspace and appliances with a uniform size to enable customization of the kitchen area for the end user by builders.

ORGANIZED WORKSPACE No more just a sink, but a wet workspace for processes integral to the kitchen workflow, with a tray that fits above the sink for all the prep needs, while eliminating chunky drainboards for a seamless aesthetic.

TRADITION & EXPERIMENTAL Comfort of the conventional with the versatility of the experimental by having both gas burners and a flex induction surface. The hob sits flush with the counter to seamlessly integrate itself into the kitchen workflow.

DRAWER? OVEN? An out of the box approach to ovens and microwaves fuses the idea of space saving below counter ovens with the accessibility of having a countertop microwave or oven.


A CONSTANT OVERVIEW All the important parts of the cooking process; that is, the water source, the prep area and the cooking area are always accessible from one another and can always be watched while working on the other processes.

SEAMLESS CLEANING Cleaning is made effortless by providing a seamless surface with no obstacles both horizontally and vertically. The backsplash further catches the grease which can be wiped off in one go.



Applying everything I’ve learnt over the course of 5 years of training and previous industry experience into a full project as an industrial design intern.

BEVERAGE WARE FORCOPCO Client Project | 4-5 months | Internship

ESTABLISHING AN IDENTITY Lifetime Brands hired Harry Allen Design, where I was working, to create a brand and design language for their entry-level products, which were getting lost in the crowd of other brands’ offerings.

ENTERING MID-PROJECT The project was already into its first concept stage when I was given responsibility. The proposals were purely aesthetic at this point and was past only one round of client approval.

PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS The design was modified to fit the technical constraints like material type, material limitations and construction given to us by the client’s engineering department, and also the practical constraints of volume and dimensions.

DESIGNING THE PARTS The designs were revamped to be fresh, but still along the same aesthetic lines, to incorporate the parts of the mug like the lid, the inside and outside walls and also the vacuum seal between the two. Prototypes were sent by the company to test ergonomics and construction.

CROSS MUG AND TUMBLER The cross mug is designed to be a simple form that is instantly recognizable, without unnecessary elements. The handle and disc on the lid are glossy plastic to create a contrast with the matte finish of the mug.

DOUBLE STRAP STAINLESS The mug was designed to have a form that was unique and could be used as an identity for the brand. The lid was designed from scratch as a completely new element to be seamless when sealed but have a single-handed usage mechanism.

RETHINKING THE LIDS We had to design lids for these mugs from scratch to have a simple and single hand usage while having a seamless aesthetic. The internal parts were designed to be sealed and spill-proof.

FIRST RELEASED DESIGNS The cross handle mug and double strap stainless steel mug were on display at the International Home and Housewares Show 2018 in Chicago. Desktop and tumbler versions of these were also released and will be on sale soon.

PRESS COVERAGE The range, designed during my internship at Harry Allen Design in New York was unveiled as part of Lifetime Brands’ releases at the International Home and Houseware Show 2018 in Chicago and mentioned in various articles.


OTHER:WORK A peek at some of the work from my previous internship

A WHOLE NEW PROCESS Working on UI/UX introduced me to a different process from industrial product design. Working in parallel with a development team with constant prototype builds to test the product, reinforcing the importance of prototypes in product design as well.

APPLICATIONS RELEASED Projects that I worked on, both from start to end and also those I joined midway have already been released. One of the apps and the porduct it’s associated with was featured at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015.


Aaron Gomes was an exemplary intern — efficient and professional and highly skilled both in his thinking and on the computer. It was a great experience having Aaron in my studio and I would highly recommend him to future employers. - Harry Allen, Chief Creative and Owner, Harry Allen Design Creative Director, Design Pavilion at NYCxDesign

Aaron is immensely talented with a broad mindset and willingness to experiment. He is hardworking & focused and manages to set a high standard for his work. At Left Right Mind, he took on challenges with a winning attitude and saw them through with impressive grasp and creative skills. His ability to balance form with function is key to his foundation. Any company hiring him would be hiring value. - Ravi Apte, Founder and CEO, Left Right Mind







- +91 9821297227


- aaron1893gomes

HELLOTHERE, I’m Aaron, an Industrial Designer from Mumbai, India. Curiosity and a keen eagerness to learn has moulded my out of the box thinking, which is one of my strengths as a designer. Design is not my only passion, I’m also big on music, sports, and sci-fi, and these take up my spare time, but also act as muses for me when I’m deep into a project. Give me the chance to learn and I’ll grab the opportunity with both hands, just like I did in my time as a UI and product design intern. It’s something I aspire to do to grow my base of knowledge and design.



Summer Intern (Jun - Jul 2013) Choudhary Fashions Mumbai, India

Asus (Sep 2014-Jan 2015) Student Project Explode the Desktop Computer

UI Design Intern (Aug - Dec 2015) Left Right Mind LLC Pune, India

Thomson (Feb 2015-Jun 2015) Student Project Connected Kitchen Appliance

Product Design Intern (Apr - Oct 2017) Harry Allen Design New York City, NY, USA

Samsung (Feb 2016-Jun 2016) Student Project (Team Leader) Internet of Things and Education

Freelancing (2015 - Present) Product, Graphic, Identity Design

Visavis (Sep 2016-Jan 2017) Student Project (Team Leader) Large Kitchen Appliance Range

EXPERIENCE Product Design Manager (Jan 2018) International Masters ISD Rubika High School (2011) AISSCE (CBSE) Rajhans Vidyalaya Junior College

Copco* (Apr 2017 - Sep 2017) Project at Harry Allen Design Portable Beverage Ware * Released at International Home and Houseware Show 2018, Chicago, USA

SKILLS Manual -Sketching -Rendering -Prototyping -Analysis & Research -Concept Development -Technical Drawing Digital -Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects) -Sketchbook Pro -Solidworks -Rhino -Autodesk Alias -Keyshot Pro Linguistic -English -Hindi


Aaron Gomes - Design Portfolio 2018  

Take a look at some of my projects in my industrial design portfolio for 2018

Aaron Gomes - Design Portfolio 2018  

Take a look at some of my projects in my industrial design portfolio for 2018