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Reflections from your FCN Coordinators

Dear Fellow Readers! FCN was quite the event. In my opinion, it was really successful. I don’t mean successful to mistaken for a hakuna matata success; but more like, success in the sense that the event happened with passion and love. Yes, there were a few kinks that we ran into, but let me ask you, what event . . . No! What GREAT event happened without any kinks? As a coordinator of FCN, it becomes quite a surreal feeling seeing that the whole show happened because of you, because of your vision, because of your belief and hard work. Dreams are a nightmare if there are no actions. To put it on a much more unbelievable scale, two students put this event together from start to finish. Two students brainstorm for months on end to create a vision made for the members and audience of FCN. Two students, when odds were stacked against them, pulled it together with the help of their friends and put on a magnificent show that impacted an audience of 400+. It is a great feeling to see the glimmer in the eyes of the audience, to hear the laughter from the crowd, feel the anticipation of audiences edging on their seats for the next scene to begin and seeing fcn performers dance out their hearts on the stage. These are the little things that added up to that tear drop that rolled down the corner of my eye. When I started running for this position 10 months ago, I never imagined it to be the way it is. Now the day has passed, and I am still amazed that Marc and I put this entire project together. I tell you all this, if your heart is in the right place. . . anything can happen! Don’t give up because you might just inspire the person next to you. Thank you to advisors, thank you to performers, thank you to the committee, thank you to all my friends, and most definitely thank you to my partner. I do not think this show would have been as successful if it weren’t for all of you who inspired me to do all that I do. Thank You, Jeremiah Xiong

PSA February Newsletter 2014  

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