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Letter from the President Greetings Philippine Student Association, Welcome members, new and old, to the first General Meeting of the Spring Semester! If I have not yet had the honor to introduce myself to you just yet, my name is Lizah Doctor and I am this year’s President of the Philippine Student Association (PSA). If you are joining us for the very first time today after signing up at our booth on Activity Day, or because one of our members had brought you here, or even if it has simply been a while since you’ve been able join us, I thank you for being with us today and I hope to see you a lot more this semester! Something that we strive for in PSA is to provide unique and rewarding experiences that cannot be found anywhere else on the UIUC campus. As one of the first Asian-interest organizations at this University, we also pride ourselves of having solid membership, having well-established connections on campus and being able to be a multi-faceted organization. I one of the most important aspects of our RSO that we have held onto for years is our Mission Statement: To foster and support relationships through the education and promotion ofFilipino culture and Asian American awareness, as well as to encourage the development ofacademic and leadership skills ofthe membership and university community.

It is not easy up holding every aspect of that lengthy Mission Statement, and no, I would not say that we are always “on track” every step along the way. Every batch of new members will have their varying backgrounds, interests, curiosities, concern and delights: the same goes for the student leaders that guide the organization. It’s important not to forget why we joined in the first place, why the dozens of members stick around despite their other obligations and why alumni come back past graduation In my opinion, we are all passionate about embracing culture and growing in the community that shares a similar value. In my last semester as a student at the University of Illinois, I want to challenge PSA, the leaders and all of the members, to truly realize what it means to be an RSO that represents the entire country and the people of the Philippines. I want to push us to understand that the campus community can look to PSA, as a knowledgeable organization that is aware of the most recent updates, headlines and trends. PSA and the inspiring individuals within it, have remarkable perspectives of culture. As an organization, I hope to bring that enthusiasm forward allowing those aspiring people to take initiative bring them to their full potential as student leaders. PSA Theme 2014: Broaden Perspective, Awaken Potential: Kaya Natin

I’m looking forward to a great semester, PSA Thanks for reading Lizah Doctor

PSA February Newsletter 2014  

Cultural-themed newsletter