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Charmaine Balisalisa Sib Justine: Weeeheee! Thank you so much for being in this with me and using your singing skills! And I'm sorry I required precious time out of your pocket due to the last-minute-ness :( Sib Jose: Goodness I didn't know you were so experienced and skilled in acapella o: thank you for helping out, too! Zac: Seriously, you put the umph in umph. As in, everything just sounds so much better with your nice low range! Thank you so much for pulling through :) Lizah: Thank you :D Thank you not only for using your talent for singing with Boses but also using your musical skills by helping out with figuring out parts and progressing efficiently - you da boss!! Christine Joy: I'm glad you said yes to being a part of this, because your voice is bootiful! and I super appreciate the fact that you didn't back down even though you weren't feeling well at first and the whole thing was last minute >< Audrey: I'm sorry I put you through a lot as a soloist, but I appreciate so much that you were patient enough to go through with it! I'm glad your beautiful voice decided to grace Boses in the end :) Kayla: I feel bad that I asked from you some practice time you could have used to gain more confidence for your dinner performance :( But after this experience, not only am I thankful for you, but I also realized how crazy natural you are with music, because you were able to do so awesomely in both acts even when the week was hectic! Lauren Solomon: Thank you for helping out with your section, too, and I'm super grateful that you said yes despite having to handle FCN and to practice for your dinner performance - which, btw, was also really great :) Thank you for gracing Boses with your vocal skills and I hope you still enjoyed it!

Ading Crystal: As in, CRYSTAL CLEAR. Because your voice was so crisp and captivating and you just did my slideshow pictures so much justice :P Thank you for your hard work and patience, ading, it means a lot to me :) Kuyas & Ates: I'll hangout with you before you all leave me forever :( let's do makeup. Or workout. BOTH. Then eat. Ading Arianna: I have something to give you. Let's watch an anime that we both haven't seen yet c: Ading Chaojie: I miss you! Sib Tim-ber-Lin: I'd buy stuff from your clothing line. I hope I can afford it. FCN Coords: you guys are phenomenal, and both the dinner and show were fun! Congratulations on a successful FCN night! Paolo Araneta: My favorite part was when Jake stopped to listen at the door entrance for Lizah's soliloquy, and the camera was fixed on the back of his head, which he then slowly turns to reveal the side of his troubled face. NICE. My webmaster interns: Hi c:

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