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Jeselle Daphne: ThAnKs FoR tHe HeLp Jeselle: hi butthead Netaf Newolg and Eleira: You guys are oogly. Jk but not jk. Jose Torio Daphne: Hey Daphne, you're awesome <3 Robert: ROOMIE, lets watch more Oscar movies together Neil: Where's the "pleasure box" from McDonalds?! Katreena: .......ehh i guess i'll miss you this semester Bethany: "I love you" *banjo plays in the background* Lauren: HANG OUT WITH ME MORE Imee: Cox and Or's Christine Joy: Mario Party 7! Let's play. Ading Marion, Ading Chrissy, and Ading Laura: Good Job with everything you've done for PSA! Keep up the good work : ) Kuya AJ: Let's get together soon! Sib Justine: SIB! You're awesome. Rexly Penaflorida III Marion: ahhhh the room!!! Princess: Hey roomie... -_Jess: Hey roomie... -_Larry: sup roomie! Jamie: Hey roomie... -_Christian: Bed is in your room for next week. Chrissy: Bed is in your room for next next week. Laura: Sorry I couldn't find a cupcake ;) Audrey: Thanks for running errands with me! haha

AJ Daphne! That scream doe! Hahaha Adings: Show your faces. Lets chill and real talk, fo real doe! Come around and chill wit me at da cube! Mikey and Janea: FCN went really well, proud of you guys. Great job! Future adings if your out there prepared to be ignored! Ading Vivian Rick Tuvilla: Thanks for always being there for me, ku! U DA BEST! Aldin Escalante Lihan Chen: Hi :) Lihan Chen: What's your number? Lihan Chen: Are you still sick :c Aldin Escalante: Hi. Aldin Escalante: How come you don't text me anymore? Aldin Escalante: I'm getting lonely..

Matthew Hom Adings: Did I even leave? lunch soon! Christina Maliriban: sorwiesssss! swipes!!! Kuyas and Ates: merp. JDAM: AD MONUMENTUM! Rexly: I have your shaker. OG Bobby Johnson: OG Bobby Johnson Alice: BETRAYALLLLL Michelle: Communicating on all levels now! Charlene: Bump.

PSA February Newsletter 2014  

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