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IT WAS A VERY DEFINITIVE DECISION THAT CANON WAS THE RIGHT GROUP TO WORK WITH, not just because of the equipment and what it can do, but really the people and the organization itself.”

—Adam LeFebvre, President, Specialty Print Communications #INKJETMINDSET

Océ ProStream™ series

SEE HOW SPECIALTY PRINT COMMUNICATIONS IS EXCELLING WITH THE OCÉ PROSTREAM SERIES: PPS.CSA.CANON.COM/EXCEL Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and elsewhere. Océ is a registered trademark of Océ-Technologies B.V. in the United States and elsewhere. Océ ProStream is a trademark of Océ-Technologies B.V. in the United States and elsewhere. All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. ©2019 Canon Solutions America, Inc. All rights reserved.




2019 Brings Exciting Changes to the FGA! There are big changes in store for the FGA in 2019. All of which will support our efforts to make the FGA one of our countries best graphics associations, and will position the Florida Print Awards as one of the nations top print focused awards shows. For the past several years we have invested in the Florida Print Awards with the goal of making it the premier print industry event in the state of Florida. We have upgraded the production, added new awards and created new, award winning, invitations. These efforts have not only helped to increase attendance, but have increased the excitement of the event. But we still have a way to go. As a part of our efforts to better our event, I have traveled all throughout North America, Central America and South America and have attended many print award shows. I learned what works and what doesn’t. Where spending helps make a show great, and where it doesn’t. And most of all, I have talked with attendees and discovered what they like about the awards shows they attend. With this information, we have made big changes to this years Florida Print Awards. Categories are adjusted to add more Large Format and Digital categories, and we have adjusted our trophies to honor and promote, “Florida’s Best Printers.” That title will definitely help our members distinguish themselves in a client meeting. Also new in 2019, we will be providing comprehensive, affordable healthcare options to our membership. This is one of the biggest benefit additions to the FGA in decades. Don’t miss this cost savings opportunity! Please contact us today to find out more. Please visit to learn more and email us at with any questions. Thank you,

ART ABBOTT, Chairman Abbott Communications Group, Maitland, FL KIMBERLY LAWTON KOON, 1st Vice Chair Lawton Connect, Orlando, FL JOHN BEADEL, 2nd Vice Chair Associated Printing Productions Inc., Miami, FL ROBERT T. DAVIS, Treasurer Roberts Printing, Clearwater, FL CURT KREISLER, Prev Chairman of the Board Gold Star Printers, North Miami Beach, FL DAVID MARTIN Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY GREG MCCARTER TubeLite Company Inc., Apopka, FL COURTNEY MCGEHEE MAC Papers, Jacksonville, FL SHARON PRATT Sandy Alexander, St. Petersburg, FL JOHNHENRY RUGGIERI Sundance marketing and solutions Orlando, FL RICH THOMPSON AdGraphics Inc. Pompano Beach, FL BO YOUNG Southeast Finishing Group, Orlando, FL


HEADQUARTERS 5770 Hoffner Ave., Suite 103 Orlando, FL 32822 P: 407.240.8009 F: 407.240.8333

Gabriel Hernández President/CEO - Florida Graphics Alliance


NEW MEMBERS MDT Marketing Sunrise, FL (954) 764-2630 Marketing Agency that delivers advanced digital advertising, marketing technology, and production solutions for colleges and universities. Twist Printers, LLC Weston, FL (305) 497-7387 We design, develop and sells management platform and technology for the Printing Industry under the name The Achievers Sports & Trophies (Jamaica) Ocho Rios, Jamaica (876) 795-3806 Offering a wide range of trophies, medals and awards for all kinds of sporting, social or corporate events.

D4 Creative Orlando, FL 321-303-9636 Design, Marketing Agency D.Y.C. Supply Co. Virginia Beach, VA (800) 446-8240 Directly distributing a full line of offset printing blankets. Omni Solutions, LLC Omni Solutions delivers measurable, bottom line results through the implementation of a unique digital print workflow and business process automation platform called Praxis. Overland Park, KS 913-438-1800 ShuffledInk Orlando, FL (407) 298-3759 Custom playing card and game products.

Verso Corporation Miamisburg, OH 608-695-1722 North American producer of coated papers including coated groundwood, coated freesheet, supercalendered and specialty products. Omega High-Impact Print Solutions Longwood, FL 609-645-1940 Commercial printer Domtar Papers St. Augustine, FL 904-599-2688 The largest integrated producer of uncoated free-sheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world based on production capacity, and is also a manufacturer of papergrade pulp. Margin Improvement Wilmslow, UK +44 (0)7778593349 Margin Improvement are specialists in the procurement, selling and management of corporate print services contracts. HiFlow Solutions Miami, FL 929-294-0102 Software for packaging and printing industry.

Strategic Solu�ons to 401K Plan Management Exclusive benefits Members may enjoy include:

Rantree Graphics Jacksonville, FL (904) 396-1653 Commercial Printer

√ Improved Investment Options √ Reduced Total Plan Cost √ Transferred Fiduciary Liability¹ √ Delegated 401K Responsibilities¹

Member Benefit Program

Learn More: Contact John Moynihan at or 800-307-0376 ¹Program services provided by: Investment Advisory Services and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Services offered by Diversified Financial Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Administra�ve services are provided by PISTL Service Corp, Discre�onary Trustee services are provided by Printers 401K® Board of Trustees.


Equigraf Trading Corp Miami, FL 786-237-5665 Provider of printer parts for Heidelberg Printing Machines

Spectrum Print Communications Orlando, FL (407) 889-3100 Packaging. Print. Direct mail. Fulfillment. Planning Solutions Group Fulton, MD (301) 543-6000 Financial planning firm that specializes in developing innovative concepts for wealth creation and preservation.

GUEST COMMENTARY Create a Strategy Now to Transfer Your Business By: Don Hannahs

The vast majority of businesses are closely held, small businesses. Unfortunately, less than one-third of these businesses will survive from the first to the second generation. While there are many reasons, three of the more common include management/familyconflicts, hefty taxation and failure to plan for succession. Some print shops and graphics operators do not even have a transferrable business but rather a job that ends when they end.

Family Conflict

Family conflicts can arise for a number of reasons sibling rivalry, a desire for greater authority and decisionmaking opportunities than the senior generation may deem appropriate, or the younger generation viewing the senior generation as a hindrance to progress. Many children do not want to enter the printing industry as in past years due to perceived long hours. However many key employees would be excellent successors except they lack the credit/funding to make the purchase.


Hefty transfer taxes, including capital gains taxes or ordinary income taxes may occur when selling the business to children or third party outsiders. Gift taxes are due if gifting of assets/ stock is the chosen transfer method. Estate taxes arise as the IRS can collect 40 percent of the deceased

family’s net worth over $5,490,000. Most business owners are illiquid and taxation requirements may result in the forced sale of the business. Hefty taxation reduces the net proceeds from the sale of the business.

Planning for Succession

In planning, the first step in exiting a business involves evaluating your own financial security. You may not have enough resources “independent” of the business to allow you to yield voting control. If you do not have sufficient resources, then a plan that allows you to maintain control and income would be a safer alternative. Many times if a business is sold, the selling shareholder is asked to hold the promissory note, with very little cash to be paid up front. This poses a high risk to a retirement that is heavily dependent on the successors or their family members’ abilities to navigate during uncertain economic times. The next step is to groom and identify a successor. Some family members or key employees may not have all the attributes of a leader and may require coaching, training or even assistance from the senior management team to “fill the shoes.” It is important that the management team is offered a bonus or incentive program that rewards them for their continued service and tutoring of younger managers or family members. Since key people often leave a firm when a change in

ownership takes place, a “golden handcuff” program could help prevent this. Finally, determine the when and how of transferring the business. The when involves questions of how quickly authority is shared and whether it is a gradual process — preferred — or a much quicker transition, possibly due to an illness to the senior generation. How you transfer the business can be done many ways, but the four basic ways include (1) sell the business during your lifetime to family, key people or an outside third party; (2) sell the business at your death through a buy-sell agreement between the seller and future buyers; (3) gift the business at death through a bequest in your Will, preferably to “active” children, rather than equally amongst all, or (4) gift the business away during life. Many current owners leave their business through their Will to an inactive spouse who does not want the responsibilities and risk. Business owners are often so busy with the day-to-day that they rarely sit back and determine their long-term succession and retirement issues. If you would like to discuss what your best choices are and strategies appropriate to your situation, please contact Donald Hannahs, CFP®. Don can be reached at 888-740-3501 or 5

GUEST COMMENTARY PCI Compliance: Everything You Need to Know The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is managed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). Founded in 2006 by the five biggest credit card providers: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex and JCB International, the Council ensures that merchants (sellers and organizations) meet the required levels of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder data. Being PCI compliant is not a requirement by law. However, it is highly advisable that merchants who accept card payments follow the regulations set by the PCI SSC to avoid any potential data infringement and to avoid hefty non-compliance fees. The requirements for becoming PCI compliant are relative to how your company operates. There are many areas where your business could have security vulnerabilities, such as operating systems and devices which hackers could use to access your company’s private network. 6

Data can be stolen from many areas, including but not limited to: • Card Readers • Payment Systems Databases • A Wireless or Wired Network • Paper Records Identifying where weaknesses are when it comes to the protection of sensitive cardholder information, and securing how your business processes payments is paramount.

What do I need to do to become PCI Compliant? There are various levels of PCI compliance which depend on the amount of payments your business processes each year (12 month period). There is one component that remains necessary across the board, which is that a business should really achieve 100% PCI compliance and maintain it, in order to keep the data of themselves and their customers safe. Each of the five major credit card members of the PCI SSC have their

own data security standards. Below is a simplified, general breakdown of potential PCI DSS requirements: Merchant Level 1 Over $6M each year Merchant Level 2 Between $1M-$6M each year Merchant Level 3 Between $20K-$1M each year Merchant Level 4 Less than $20K each year PCI requirements depend on which level is applicable to your business. Each level will require merchants to complete the relevant PCI DSS Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), provide evidence that the merchant has completed and passed a vulnerability scan with a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), and complete and submit the Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to your acquirer. If you would like any clarification on the information here, please visit the PCI Security Standards Council’s website.

GUEST COMMENTARY What Happens if I’m Not PCI compliant? As previously mentioned, being PCI compliant is not required by the law, however, you could incur major damage to your business, its reputation, brand image and a multitude of fines if your customers’ data is breached. In the long term, it will cost your business a lot less to comply with PCI DSS requirements.

CardConnect’s Point-to-Point Encryption and Tokenization CardConnect can provide merchants with solutions that help to reduce PCI audit scope, with PCI-validated pointto-point encryption (P2PE) which is applied in both retail (card-present) and call center (card-not-present) transactions.

MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB). Q: How do I get PCI compliant? A: M  erchants getting started with PCI compliance can find a wealth of information on the PCI Council website and download the PCI Council’s Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference Guide. To learn what a merchant’s specific compliance requirements are, the PCI Council recommends the merchant check directly with the card brands: American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, Visa Inc., Visa Europe. Q: To whom does PCI compliance apply?

A: P  CI compliance applies to ANY organization or merchant (includes international merchants/ organizations), regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data. Q: Is a merchant obligated to be PCI compliant? A: P  CI compliance is not a law. The PCI standards were created by the major card brands Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and JCB. At their acquirers’/service providers’ discretion, merchants that do not comply with PCI DSS may be subject to fines, card replacement costs, costly forensic audits, brand damage, etc., should a breach occur. The time and effort put into maintaining PCI compliance far outweighs the consequences of non-compliance.

It’s part of the CardSecure solutions. CardSecure’s P2PE solution is designed to provide businesses with the highest degree of payment security and greatly reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance requirements.

PCI DSS Compliance FAQ’s Q: What is the PCI DSS? A: T  he Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. The PCI DSS is administered and managed by the PCI SSC, an independent organization that was created by the major payment card brands (Visa,


Payment processing made simple, secure and reliable. Streamline the way you accept payments and reduce your processing fees! PAF members save an average of 27% by switching to CardConnect.




GUEST COMMENTARY Q: What are the levels of PCI compliance? A: T  here are 4 levels of PCI compliance which are based on the number of transactions a merchant processes annually: Level 1: required if a merchant processes 6 million+ transactions annually. Level 2: required if a merchant processes between 1 and 6 million transactions annually. Level 3: required if a merchant processes between 20,000 and 1 million transactions annually. Level 4: required if a merchant processes less than 20,000 transactions annually Q: How often is PCI DSS validation required? A: V  alidation requirements vary depending on the number of transactions processed annually and the payment card brand.Merchants who are level 2, 3 or 4 must demonstrate compliance annually via a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) or Report on Compliance (ROC). Merchants who are Level 1 must be validated by a qualified Quality Security Assessor (QSA). Compliance requires establishing and maintaining a PCI program that incorporates appropriate business policies, procedures and technologies to ensure ongoing compliance through continuous protection of payment card data. Q: What are the requirements to be in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard? A: T  he PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security

Learn More: 8

management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. It’s comprised of 12 general requirements designed to: build and maintain a secure network; protect cardholder data; ensure the maintenance of vulnerability management programs; implement strong access control measures; regularly monitor and test networks; and ensure the maintenance of information security policies. Q: Which Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) must be completed by a merchant? A: T  he PCI DSS SAQ Instructions and Guidelines information provides a summary of the different SAQs and the types of environments that each SAQ is intended for. Merchants should also consult with their acquirer (merchant bank) or payment brand to determine if they are eligible or required to submit an SAQ, and if so, which SAQ is appropriate for their environment. Additional SAQs may apply depending on how the merchant is conducting business. For more information please visit the PCI Council website. Q: How does CardConnect help minimize PCI scope within a merchant environment? A: C  ardConnect provides cardholder data tokenization. A token replaces the cardholder data that a merchant needs to store when handling transactions. The token is used when submitting the transaction to the payment processor. Since the token is not card data, the merchant can store the token and reduce the PCI scope of the system storing the

token. Merchants with e-commerce sites can also reduce their PCI scope by making use of the available CardConnect tokenization solutions. Q: If a merchant only accepts credit cards over the phone, does PCI compliance still apply to the merchant? A: Y  es. All businesses that store, process or transmit payment cardholder data must be PCI compliant. Q: What are the penalties for failure to comply with PCI DSS? A: T  he payment brands may, at their discretion, fine an acquiring bank $5,000 to $100,000 per month for PCI compliance violations. The banks will most likely pass this fine on to their merchants. Penalties are not openly discussed nor widely publicized, but they can be catastrophic to a small business. Q: What is a vulnerability scan? A: A  vulnerability scan checks a merchant or service provider’s systems for security vulnerabilities. It is a tool that will conduct a nonintrusive scan to remotely review networks and Web applications based on the external-facing Internet protocol (IP) addresses provided by the merchant or service provider. The scan identifies vulnerabilities in operating systems, services and devices that could be used by hackers to target the company’s private network. The scan does not require the merchant or service provider to install any software on their systems, and no denial-of-service attacks are generally performed.



Cotton • Elastic • Pearlray • Jute



1-800-940-1770 5 2 0 N E 1 S T AV E N U E , H A L L A N D A L E , F L 3 3 0 0 9

Celebrate the Savings. The FGA gives you programs, information, and services that help increase the profits, savings and growth of your business.




• Members Regularly Save 10% - 40% Off Their Existing Credit Card Processing Fees. • Members Reduce Costs, Liability and Improve Investments with Printers’ 401K. • And Much More. Call and Start Saving Today

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Get Healthcare Benefits with TheFGA 10

HEALTHCARE Members of the Florida Graphics Alliance have expressed a growing interest in jointly purchasing health care and related benefits for their employees.

Mercer’s goal is to gather information about you and your employees which will be used exclusively for obtaining a competitive health care and benefits program from select insurance carriers and evaluating the feasibility of an association health plan (AHP) offering. Providing this information does not obligate you or your organization to participate. A comprehensive response from you and your peers will help the FGA/GEBT obtain the most competitive offering possible and accurately gauge the possibility of offering an AHP.

To answer this interest, the Florida Graphics Alliance - with the Graphic Employee Benefits Trust (GEBT) have engaged Mercer, a national firm with a division that focuses on offering Association and Franchise benefit programs. The first step in this venture is to collect information from member companies. Starting Monday , April 15 , FGA will be launching its data collection site. We need your help!!!

Visit Today to Participate! Questions? Call FGA at (407) 240-8009





day in Participate To n Health io t ia c o s s A e h t ensus! C y e v r u S n la P er

The More s Organization . Responding..

The Bett the Carrier Response...

The Lower the Rates! t e .m s u s n e c it Vis tarted! today to get s



This month, the FGA shines a spotlight on

Purple Frog Graphics West Palm Beach, FL


Member Spotlight

Purple Frog Graphics FGA member since 2018, Purple Frog Graphics is a full-service large format decal and banner printing business.

Purple Frog Graphics was formed after they became extremely frustrated with the lack of quality and service from other graphics companies they had hired. Initially, they only produced decals, banners, trade-show pull-up displays and removable graphics for their own needs. And once they started displaying their own signage, they started receiving requests from other similar sized companies to produce decals for them as well. They are now a full service large format decal and banner printing business. Purple Frog Graphics has a simple motto‌provide the customer with an awesome experience, fair price and high-quality product. Based on how they got started, with a bad experience from a print vendor, they feel they have been in their customer’s shoes and know how frustrating it can be to get a simple (or complex) job printed. So, they keep the process really simple, straight forward and extremely customer friendly.

2351 Vista Pkwy West Palm Beach Florida 33411 (888) 240-5293

They specialize in high tac decals, banners, photos, removable decals, window graphics, static cling signs, canvas prints.

You can tell by visiting their website, or meeting them in person, that they really love what they do. They are excited for the opportunity to work with each of their clients and that puts them in the best position to provide the highest quality products and service.


MEMBER NEWS PIA Predicts Another Favorable Year for Print in 2019 State of the Industry Report On February 6, 2019, the Printing Industries of America released its 2019 State of the Industry Report providing a detailed outlook of current conditions within the printing industry from an economic, legislative, and regulatory perspective. Prepared by the Printing Industries of America’s in-house experts each year, the report consists of an overview from the Center for Print Economics and Management as well as Government Affairs and Advocacy along with a potential forecast of what to expect over the course of 2019.

PIA’s Center for Print Economics and Management expects the economy to continue growing at a modest pace over the course of 2019, although the risk of recession has increased as we enter the 10th year of the economic recovery. It forecasts that it will be yet another favorable year for print and printers, with total print revenues increasing around 1 to 2 percent and printers’ profits holding at their historic levels. Print will continue to evolve as a media and printers will continue to transition with a diverse mix of processes, products, and

Want to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Rates? Call the FGA at 407-240-8009 and start saving money today!


ancillary services for their customers. Print will face a wide variety of legislative and regulatory challenges in 2019. “Go paperless” initiatives are gaining momentum despite continued industry efforts to stymy their development. Costs increases related to healthcare coverage, material goods, and other operational expenses remain at the forefront of trade policy and legislative talks on Capitol Hill. Article supplied by

MEMBER NEWS Printing Industries of America to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Print Is Still Here. We’re Just Evolving Faster Than Ever.” Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America released the following statement by Michael Makin, President & CEO of Printing Industries of America today in response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics unit of the U.S. Department of Labor announcement that commercial printing, screen printing, and print support activities for printing have become “too small or too concentrated to be tracked” in the Current Employment Statistics database.

2019 State of the Industry Report forecasting a favorable year ahead with total print revenues increasing around 1 to 2 percent and printers’ profits holding at historic growth levels. This encouraging news demonstrates the staying power of print even in the face of challenges emanating from postal rate uncertainty, tariff and trade policy impact, and a multitude of “go paperless” initiatives. A copy of the full report can be found here.

“Printing Industries of America is disappointed - but not surprised to learn of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ announcement that the agency would no longer track jobs related to commercial print, screen printing, and support activities for printing. The disappointment is shared by the approximately 800,000 workers in the printing, packaging, and publishing industry who go to work every morning knowing that their jobs are relevant to the nation’s manufacturing economy.

The lack of surprise relates to the fact that Printing Industries of America has urged the Bureau of Labor Statistics multiple times over a number of years to revise its outdated definition of the printing industry. Print has and will continue to evolve as a media and printers will continue to transition with a diverse mix of processes, products, and ancillary services. With such divergence, which has occurred at a rapid pace since the Great Recession of 2008, “old” jobs give way to new human resources needs in the industry. Unfortunately, the BLS has demonstrated it is less than interested in keeping up with the times and in collaborating with PIA on modern

So relevant, in fact, that just last week PIA’s Center for Print Economics and Management released its

industry definitions that would more accurately reflect that print is alive and thriving as a key manufacturing sector. Simply put, it is the BLS data as collected that is irrelevant, not printing and graphics communications jobs. While PIA’s Center for Print Economics and Management is not directly impacted by the BLS’ decision to end industry data collection, it is concerning that public policy decision makers often rely on BLS data when shaping workforce development and training programs. According to the Printing Industries of America’s recent Legislative Priorities Survey, finding qualified, skilled workers to fill open and newly created positions remains a major problem for printing companies of all sizes. Therefore, PIA will extend yet another offer to the BLS to encourage the agency to rethink its attitude toward the printing industry and to possibly reintroduce a new category of “commercial print” using a modern, real-world definition that better reflects the industry’s economic value.” Article supplied by 15

Be a part of the biggest night in the Florida Printing Industry.

August 2, 2019


Where the Community Meets 80% of printers believe a consolidated printing industry event would serve the industry better than separate, segment-only events. PRINTING United is that “one-roof” expo you need for access to all of the latest technologies with less time out of the office. Be sure to mark the dates in your calendar and pre-register to be a part of the community: P R I NTI N G U N ITE D.CO M


Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center P R I NTI N G U N ITED.CO M

Baby Boomer Ready to Baby Boomer Baby Boomer Retire? Ready to Ready to Baby Boomer Retire? Baby Boomer Baby Boomer Retire? Baby Boomer Ready to Baby Boomer Ready to Baby Boomer Ready to Ready to Retire? Ready to Retire? Ready to Retire? Retire? Retire? Retire?

MARKET PLACE 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323 561.543.2323

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Everglades Envelope Company, Inc............................... 954-783-7920 6650 NW 15 Ave, Ft. Lauderdale 33309


SGIA Expo.................................... 888.385.3588 The largest trade show for print technology in North America. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 17


AmeriFactors............................. 800-884-FUND Loan-free solutions to help your business fund receivables faster than ever. CardConnect................................ 877-948-9733 SEE OUR ARTICLE AND AD ON PAGES 6-8 LaManna Alliance ....................... 561-543-2323 SEE OUR AD IN MARKET PLACE Printers 401K ...........................1-800-307-0376 SEE OUR AD IN MARKET PLACE AND PAGE 4


Bay Tech Label.........................1-800-229-8321 12177 27th St. N, St. Petersburg - Quality custom labels to the trade since 1986

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label 4035 N 29 Ave. Hollywood............ 954-922-9292 Die cut pressure sensitive labels. Printed on paper, film or foil...........800-433-4974 Up to 10 colors. Creative design services. Low trade pricing. L&N Label..................................1-800-944-5401 1245 N Hercules Ave, Clearwater Manufacturer of custom labels, decals, coupons. SEE OUR AD IN MARKET PLACE Tags & Labels...........................1-800-940-1770 Tag stringing & Metal Eyelettering


Custom Index Tabs...................... 954 783 7920 6650 NW 15 Ave. FT Lauderdale 33309 Plain or Mylar Reinforced Purple Frog Graphics................ (888) 240-5293 Full-service large format decal and banner printing business. SEE OUR ARTICLE ON PAGE 12


Kool Stuff..................................... 772-213-9921 Your local resource to advertise your business on anything from a pencil to a hot air balloon.


Bottcher America Corp............... 727-858-1262 Case Paper................................1-800-225-2259 4600 Mercedes Dr, Belcamp, MD 21017 Quality standard/custom size economy fine printing G.A.T.F. Award winning “Glaze Free Rollers” papers for the commercial printer. MAC PAPERS .............................. 800-622-2968 For more information, visit SEE OUR AD ON THE BACK COVER & MARKET PLACE


Canon Solutions of America...1-877-623-4969 Award winning products recognized by its customers year after year SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 2


Blue Ribbon Tag & Label Corp. 4035 N 29 Ave., Hollywood........... 954-922-9292 Polyester or Elastic String, Metal Eyeletting, Low trade pricing.....1-800-433-4974


Photographic Waste.................1-800-582-4833 Protecting the environment & serving the printing industry since 1992

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Florida Graphics Alliance 5770 Hoffner Avenue, Suite 103 Orlando, FL 32822

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The Official Publication of the Florida Graphics Alliance.

Graphics Update Magazine - Sprint2019  

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