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Biodegradable Plastic Bags – The superman of 2014

Plastic bags pose a conundrum. Over the years; plastic bags have served human lives and we should remain indebted to plastic for the multiple times and occasions where plastic turned as our savior. Right from the shopping mall, buckets to a small hair pin, plastic had been utilized for a variety of utilities. As time passed, the scientists found plastic bags in particular to be risking the dominant global warming and in fact; growing the same with its routine abuse.

So, how are plastic bags useful?

Plastic bags are extremely helpful to us serving a variety of purposes. Plastic bags help us carry groceries from the store, containing the home garbage, picking up droppings, protecting items from dust, carrying dirty clothes or shoes while traveling, promote and advertise a company and there is an endless list that favors the use of plastic.

Let’s now understand the abuses of plastic Environmental Damage Custom shopping bags made out of plastic can create a great damage to the environment. A single plastic bag can take almost 500 years or more to decay completely. Plastic bags are covering up more and more natural surroundings, leading to an increase in the global warming.

Death in Animals Some of the leading tradeshow bags and plastic bags manufacturers develop plastic bags that are non-biodegradable in nature. Most of these get disposed in the sea. Animals tend to eat it and die due to the suffocation. In countries like India, cows are fed in plastic bags and many cows die every year by consuming heavy amount of plastic.

Toxic and Pollution As it is not possible to do away with plastic bags easily, most countries burn it over a landfill leading to a huge amount of toxic air pollution that alone is capable of disturbing the nature thoroughly.

So, how to battle the issues with plastic consumption and bags? The only great way to eliminate global warming and at the same time continue using plastic bags is through biodegradable manufacturing. Some of the leading companies like Plastic Bag Source have identified the need to stop pollution and increase the production of biodegradable plastic bags. These companies ensure that the custom plastic bags are manufactured with the same quality, but it is recyclable at the same time.

Companies use plastic bags as a tool for below the line advertisement vehicle. They order for tradeshow bags and promotional bags with an objective to promote their company’s brand and value proposition to a large number of people worldwide. With the use of recyclable plastic bags, companies would be able to promote the company using bags and at the same time not contribute towards rising pollution through plastics. As a substitute of plastic, manufacturers also produce paper bags for certain types of usages. Global warming is on the rise and therefore; it is imperative to shift from orthodox plastic bags to recyclable and biodegradable plastic bags. Doing so, we would benefit nature, humans and extinct animal species to a larger extent. Let’s take a vow and resort to this new superman of 2014 to save the world.

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Biodegradable Plastic Bags – The superman of 2014