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By working with Fikay, he now has better pay and working conditions. This allows him to support his family and educate his children.Through better pay, working conditions and empowerment, Fikay hopes to help many more families like Mr La He’s

Fikay would like to give you 10% off your next online purchase!

10% REWARD Valid throughout 2012


You have given children like us an education.


Your purchase has helped BUILD A SCHOOL!

1. Fikay empowers and employs families in poverty stricken areas to learn new crafts.

2. Through Fikay the families learn new skills and are encouraged to start their own businessess.

3. Recycle! We recycle fish food and cement bags.

4. Fikay quality products - hand made, Heart felt fashion.

5. We donate up to 50 bricks to building projects in Cambodia which also equates to teaching hours.

6. The children of the families who make our bags go to school and we hope become Cambodia’s Doctors, Politicians and changemakers.

7. We build schools, working alongside Anjali House & Mustard Seed.

8. The building waste is then recycled, completing the cycle.

Fikay Information Leaflet  

Fikay Eco Stuff - Our Mission Mandate and Movemnets towards a better world made possible through fashion

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