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Building Tectonics

Aaron Autry Clemson University- Sophomore Portfolio

Building Tectonics In Structures Starting with the final project of this series of building tectonics, I want to show how the tectonics used in this portfolio could be used to create a structure. For this project I used the Boolean Operation (discussed later) to create an open air structure on the top of a mountain in a national park that provides optimal views of the surrounding mountains.

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Boolean Operation The Boolean Operation is where you take a shape and intersect and subtract from the main shape with other shapes to create interesting interior and exterior spaces. One of the main things that I found to be interesting about this operation was that some spaces that were created within the original shape are purely accidental and are just biproducts of the intersecting shapes.

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Ruled Surface A ruled surface is a curved surface that is made up of straight lines. This system is interesting because it takes two complete opposite lines, a series of straight ones to make a curved one. By pushing this concept forward from the drawing (pictured to the right) I was able to extend the curves upward to create these canopy-type structures to provide shade.

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Folded Plate Structures

In this exercise we focused on creating spaces with folded materials. For our exercise we used paper for our material. And through several process models I discovered that folding paper certain ways adds strength and stability to it that wouldn’t be present in just normal flat sheet material.

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Carpenter’s Elipse The point of this exercise was to be able to use a simple elipse and repeat it over and over to create what seems to be 3D shapes with just 2D drawings. So for the drawing to the left my maind drive was to create a symmetrical drawing by using two nails to create ellipses by hand. And with all the digital drawings I was more trying to create interesting forms than spaces.

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