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Neil Peart: The Time Machine

By Aaron Keyser


What if...


Neil Peart

one person could sweep you off of your feet, and take you anywhere. Using ingenious techniques to create intricate and extensive drum solos that delight both drummers and non-drummers alike.

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Learn about how Neil Peart became the most popular drummer today.

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We go indepth about Neil Peart’s drumset and desribe how you can go anywhere with his time machine.

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Let the band Rush take you on a journey with Neil Peart and his Time Machine.

Neil Peart, the drummer for the Canadian rock band Rush, was born on September 12, 1952. Early in his career, Neil’s playing style was strictly hard rock. He obtained the majority of his knowledge and inspiration from drummers such as Keith Moon from The Who, and John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. These musicians dominated the beginning of the British hard rock scene. As time slowly passed, Neil’s playing style progressed from jazz to big band, which led to Neil becoming known as the most popular drummer in modern society. Neil career was succesful due to his unique style and ablility to be creative in any genre of music.


The Time Machine.


Neil Peart’s drumset, the Time Machine, is a very elaborate three

hundred and sixty degree drum kit. The drumset has a large acoustic set in front and an electronic drumset in the rear. Peart has replaced several of his drum heads with MIDI trigger pads, a device that allows the operator to produce any wanted sounds on the electric drum pad head. Once struck, the MIDI Pad will sample the music applied to the pad. This sampling was done in order to trigger sounds from various pieces of acoustic percussion that would otherwise consume far too much stage area. Some purely electronic noninstrumental sounds are also used. After switching to elecrontic drums, Peart added what has become another trademark of his kit a rotating drum stand. During peformances the stand would allow Peart to swap portions of the kit.

The band Rush has become known for its musi-

cianship, complex compositions, and focus on drawing designs based on science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy. While being focused on sciene fiction, Neil Peart’s Time Machine live performances have become a true fantasy where spectators are taken away from this world to the next, experiencing new music genres and styles. A live performance staple of Peart’s drum solos includes a basic network of improvisation, making each performance unique.

Neil Peart: The Time Machine  

a short bio of the drummer Neil Peart

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