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Risk Assessment Form Activity/Task: Filming Location: Stratford/Ilford/Chigwell/West-Cliff

Hazards Trains approaching the platform. This can be a hazard as there are no barriers at most stations Busy roads in London which can be dangerous. Theft- There is a lot of theft in London today, and it is a problem which could occur on a filming day

Risk rating (High, Med, Low)


Controls Don’t stand to near the platform and let someone go before you. Also to not rush when getting on the train.


To use traffic lights and not to cross roads which are not safe.


Take only items I need and not valuables, and keep the equipment with me at all times.

Weather can be a hazard, as during this time it is snowing which can affect my filming time


I will have a camera operator who can control the camera and tripod, and I will use an area where there is not much snow.

Public getting in the way of my filming


I would film in a less congested area where there is less people.

Noises around filming location such as cars, people etc.


I would look for an area where I am filming which is not as busy or find a quiet location to minimise the sound.

Risk assessment  

risksand hazards at filming location