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Evaluation – Unit 30 Chocolate advert In this unit we were set out to create an advert for a chocolate bar which needed rebranding to help it pick up its sales in stores. We went out to create a serious advert which has a twist, we thought this would engage and make the audience want to watch the advert. Our advert is about a girl running in the forest from a masked man who is chasing her through the forests. As he soon begins to run out of steam, the girl realises and feels the urge to help the man. She offers him a Time Out bar to help him get his energy back but by the time he opens it, she has made a quick escape. I think the advert we have created is fitness for its purpose as we previously planned out and researched the chocolate bar to find out more about it. We found out that it was popular as a tea time snack based on their previous adverts which show the clock stopping at a time and the people featured in the ad’s had a timeout bar in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. We took this in to consideration and thought about how we could still stick to this sort of theme but also enhance it to a bigger audience. Our end result is we aimed it to people who work hard, and need a break. We represented the bar in this way as we believe the target audience for this is much bigger, the target audience can relate to the advert in some way and the age range is around the same. The way we showed this is by using a popular horror character known as the Scream, in movies we see the Scream running and chasing people and then murdering them. We took this as it’s job as this is what the Scream is known for and what it only does, so we tried to represent this in our advert as the Scream person working too hard and needs a break from their job, a message which the audience may get.

I think the clarity of communication in working with my partner was good as I felt we both completed tasks on time and we set out to complete the advertisement on a specific day which we did. During this unit we had multiple tasks to complete in the pre-production stage in order to film. We both decided it would be easier if we split the work in half we could film a lot sooner and it would be a lot easier to manage. Some of the tasks we had to complete were a cast list, location recee, crew list, risk assessment, storyboard etc. For the storyboard we both thought instead of one person doing it, we should split it in half so I completed the first part of the advertisement and my partner completed the second half. During the production stage we were meant to film during our week holiday, but due to the weather and the cast being unavailable on some days, we were unable to film. Although we did not film during the time we set out to, out communication was still good as we arranged a new date to film when the cast and crew were free.

Our original intentions were met all the way through till the end, as we did not change anything during the production schedule or pre-production schedule. What we were looking out for was if the advert flows in the way we wanted it, as the storyline of the advert is serious in the beginning and then turns into a different mood. Here we had to think about the type of music and sound effects which would go with the advert and we managed to find the right horror music which creates suspense in the advert, and we found a song which is more humorous and goes with the second half of the advert which is a popular song. Our original intention was to create an advert with a girl running in the forest from a masked man chasing her who is known from the Scream movies, we then see him getting tired from running and the girl notices and decides to help him, which is where the mood changes and changes songs. Then we see her give him a Timeout and then she runs off with him chasing her again. I believe we stuck to the original intention as we set out to do this in out advert and I believe we did.

The techniques we used in our advert is adding a twist to make people think it’s for one thing when it’s not really. We did this in multiple ways such as adding dramatic and suspense horror music to make it seems like it’s aimed at something else and not a chocolate bar. The change of music and the sound effects helped change the mood instantly which was our intentions so this was one effective technique we used to help change the mood in the advert. Another Technique we used in the advert to make it seem like a horror scene is the girl running. From the start of the advert we wanted to give the audience the impression that this girl was running from something in the forest and we figured to keep it to a horror and suspense scene, we had to have fast quick cuts to show there is a lot of activity going on. This was the difference between representing a horror scene and a humorous scene based on the camera time. When the music changes, so does the timing of cuts in the second half of the advert as we see the cuts are not as fast.

I believe the content in the advert is very effective as it leads the audience into thinking one thing and then changing the mind all together. I think we showed this and represented this in a way for the audience to see it is serious for one moment and then all of a sudden it turns funny. The camera shots used in the advert show and tell the audience the story without any dialogue or description as for example, if I were a member of the target audience and I was watching this advert, from the scene when the girl is running and the camera is panning from right to left following her gives me the indication she is being watched or chased, so I already have a clue of what it could be about. I think we used the Scream mask well in this advert to represent our villain as we research and found out that most people knew the Scream guy from the Scream Movies, so we decided to use this in our advert as the target audience are familiar with it and they may

even think the advert is for a new Scream movie. As for the music and sound effects we used, I think we chose a good selection of music to suit the advert and to show what is going on. The horror music creates suspense in scenes and as for the humorous part, we chose an ideal song as this song is popular on YouTube for not being what it is meant to be, which is similar to our advert as it is not actually a horror advert.

The impact this will have on our audience is to make them thinking one thing but thinking something else. With the idea we came up with we thought it would be a good idea to create a scene from a horror movie and changing the outcome so it becomes more memorable and it stays with the audience. During our pre-production planning we researched into Timeout past slogans and there were a fair few. We decided to come up with a new one to go with the idea we came up with and we came up with ‘When in doubt….Take a TimeOut’. We think this is effective as this means when you are working hard or in trouble and don’t know what to do, take a Time out chocolate bar to smooth things out. I think this will have an impact on the audience and they can may be relate to some situations where they are in doubt and then could have a time out bar.

The aesthetic qualities in the advert would have to be the camera shots we used during our filming. During our production we stuck to most of the storyboard we created for our camera shots but we found that some of the shots did not work as well and some were hard to do because of the space we had. Instead of carrying out these shots, we improvised out camera shots and found these worked better and it made more sense. We did attempt to film all the shots from our storyboard but during our editing time we could that these shots which did not go well with the whole of the advert so we chose the shots we improvised and we could see that the advert flowed a lot better and it made more sense. The only other thing which we had a problem with during the production stage was one of the props which was the cloak, did not fit one our characters so we decided to have him wear all black instead which still made the scene look good. Also the female actor in our advert played a good role as she represented the character well by using facial expressions, and acting the part out well. Also the audience can relate to the character as she fits into the age group of our target audience.

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