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Here I believe I missed out information on what I did during the unit such as all my tasks, I could explain what I did as this is part of the brief. Also I hadn’t proof read and found that I missed out words of a sentence and it did not make sense. Here I should have wrote ‘The brief states that the show’

On this slide I made multiple spelling errors, I spelled Modern as ‘moern’, included as ‘inclded’, beginning as ‘beginnning’ and multiple as ‘multipe’. I have corrected these errors and proof read this slide.

Here I have made spelling mistakes mainly on the word Rehearsal. On this slide there are mainly spelling mistakes and the grammar and sentences make sense

Here on this slide I have talked about what skills and requirements it takes to become a good VT operator and I made spelling errors and I can add more detail about my other strengths and what I did good in.

Here on this slide I have made spelling errors. This is the main issue on this page as I have proof read it and I think there are no mistakes.

On this slide I think I could and more detail on a skill I have gained as this slide does not look very detailed. I could add a skill such as my progress and keeping to deadlines as I feel I may have missed this out. Also I have made silly spelling mistakes.

Here on this slide I have not made spelling errors but I lack information on the aesthetic reasons on how the show was visually looked and how it communicates to the viewers.

Evaluation proof read