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The Diabetes Market Outlook to 2016 Introduction This report provides comprehensive coverage of the diabetes market, incorporating a disease overview and detailed epidemiological analyses of the therapy area. It makes a wide-ranging assessment of the marketed product portfolio, R&D pipeline, market-share data, sales forecasts and competitive landscape of the major players. The market size is forecast to 2016. Features and benefits * Quantify and assess the patient potential and treatment trends of diabetes globally. * Understand how recent events are affecting the performance of major products, and how their marketers are confronting competitive challenges. * Benchmark the leading anti-diabetic pipeline products under development and evaluate the evolution of the market in the forecast period. * Identify the leading players in the diabetes market and analyze their marketed portfolios, R&D pipelines and market strategies. * Evaluate the key market trends and growth strategies that holds potential for shaping the future diabetes market. Highlights Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the developed countries. Diabetes prevalence is increasing at a fast pace in the developing countries due to lifestyle changes and a lack of awareness of its causes. This presents a huge opportunity to the marketers of diabetes products. The diabetes landscape is dynamic, with active R&D leading to the development of newer drug classes such as incretin mimetics, and regulatory agencies such as the FDA having increased the regulatory surveillance over diabetes drugs to avoid any “unacceptable� cardiovascular risk. Stringent regulatory screening in the light of increasing reports of serious adverse events of cardiovascular risk factors has had repercussions in terms of product withdrawal and has also delayed the launch of several late stage development products. For more information, please contact : Contact : Minu Mobile No: +919272852585 Email Website : Email

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