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Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing Compelling UI in iPhone and Android Era. UI Design Drives Mobile Market - Can You Afford to Miss Out? User experience is driving growth in the smartphone and tablet market. For this reason, UI design has become the crucial factor in product differentiation between market players. This means that innovation and original concepts in UI are conferring important competitive advantages to those players that are investing in UI development. UI is having a convergent effect on the PC, consumer electronics and mobile industries. In order to remain competitive, OEMs must ensure their product management strategy focuses on innovating UI design. This report details the reasons why UI is important and which UI models can help maximise financial gains in this sector. Capitalising on UI Development - Strategies and Potential Revenues The global UI market in 2011 will be worth $10 billion, and Company expects that in 2016, it will be worth more than $25 billion. The report breaks down the different sectors involved in UI design and analyses the market potential, from hardware requirements to software development. Which Industries benefit from UI Investment? UI development covers four broad categories which are researched in detail in the report: • Hardware (touchscreen and components); • Software (interface layers and applications); • Platform (mobile operating systems); and • Concept (gesture based interactions). This report then evaluates existing and new market players in each segment. Further, we forecast their growth and revenue potential. For more information, please contact : Related Reports Contact : Minu Mobil No: +919272852585 Email : Websie : Email :

Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing Compelling UI in iPhone and Android Era.