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Research Aarkstore Enterprise IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Challenges and Opportunities in Multi-Application Environment Overview: IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) represents a framework for development, deployment, and operation of various applications for support of any-network, any-device, and service provider usage. IMS consists of standards based technologies, architecture, and network elements that bring telephony type control to Internet based applications. The long-term promise of IMS is that it will dramatically simplify many operations include key OSS/BSS functions such as provisioning, administration, billing, and others. However, the more near term implementations of IMS fall short of this ultimate vision. Applications are initially deployed in a silo fashion as a prerequisite to a more integrated network realization. This research evaluates the major challenges in implementing and operating a multiapplication IMS environment. The research presents solutions including scenario analysis of different feature/application combinations. This report also addresses the business case for deploying mitigation solutions to enable more streamlined multi-application service environments. Target Audience: Wireless and fixed network service providers Telecom application developers and content providers IMS and NGN infrastructure and support service providers Managed communication service providers and service bureaus Anyone involved with planning, designing, implementing, or managing IMS-based applications Table of Contents : Executive Summary 4 Introduction to IP Multimedia Subsystem 5 Introduction to IMS Network Elements 7 IMS and SIP 8 Introduction to SIP 8 The SIP Session 9

Market Drivers for IMS Cause Problems/Opportunities 10 Market Driver: Need for More Revenue and Better Margins 11 Market Driver: Capital Savings 12 Market Driver: New Revenue Opportunities 13 Market Driver: Targeted Offerings and Premium Services 13 Market and Technology Driver: Operational Cost Savings 14 Market Driver: Service Creation and Delivery 15 IMS Applications 18 IMS Application Trends 18 Application Implementation and Business Issues 27 Common Issues 27 Representative Application Analysis 27 Multi-Application Environment Issues 30 Big Issue: Multiple Applications and Single-threaded Resources 30 The IFC Relationship to the S-CSCF 31 Big Issue: Feature Interaction Issues 32 Big Issue: Signaling Load 32 Multi-Application Environment Opportunities 33 Solving the Control Problem 33 Services Capability Interaction Manager 33 New Services Instruction often introduced Monolithically 40 New Application Introduction Strategies 40 Application Evolution Planning 42 Network Impacts 44 OSS/BSS Impacts 47 New Business Opportunities and Challenges 48 Services Blending Requires Support Infrastructure 48 VNO Model to Drive New Opportunities/Challenges 49 Trusted versus Non-Trusted Applications 51 Multi-application Mediation Solution Business Case 52 Appendix 53 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) 53 IMS Planes 53 IMS Network Elements 53 IMS based Applications 56 SDP Architecture 57 SDP and OSS/BSS 59

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Research Aarkstore Enterprise IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS Challenges and Opportunities in Multi Appl  
Research Aarkstore Enterprise IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS Challenges and Opportunities in Multi Appl