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Dear customer Aarkstore announce a new ANPR Adoption in Europe 2012-Survey Report “ through its vast collection of market research report

ď‚— Summary ď‚— TechNavios analysts have conducted a survey on ANPR Adoption in Europe. The survey was conducted among the senior business and technical leaders in organizations who have made substantial investment in ANPR solutions. Further, these organizations were also chosen on the basis of their high demand for their exceptional quality in their business performance.

The survey was aimed at understanding the major industries that opt for ANPR solutions. Also, the survey throws light on the major operational areas for which ANPR solutions are deployed. Further, the survey helps in finding some of the major issues faced by the organizations with their current ANPR vendor. The survey also brings out interesting findings that helps to understand the future outlook of the market across Europe. TechNavios survey on ANPR Adoption in Europe 2012 has been prepared based on an in-depth analysis of the market with inputs from industry experts. The report focuses on ANPR adoption in Europe and vendors operating in this market. Key questions answered in this report: What is the scope of the survey? Who participated in this survey?

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