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Despite recent food safety scares, China retains its position as one of the world’s leading suppliers and exporters of food and drinks. The most recent crisis to hit the industry was the melamine scandal, which erupted early in 2008 and had severe implications for the Chinese dairy industry. These problems have led to the creation of a new Food Safety Law, which came into effect during June 2009 and aims to restore confidence in the safety and quality of the country’s food exports. China represents the world’s largest supplier of many different kinds of foods, examples of which include pork, fish and seafood, apples, honey and vitamin C. China – A Grow ing Global Power in Food Supply is a new publication from Leatherhead Food Research. The report examines and reviews China’s role as a supplier to the global food and drinks industry, and focuses upon major product sectors such as meat and seafood, fresh produce, dairy and food ingredients. The report also discusses recent food safety scandals which have had an adverse affect upon Chinese exports, as well as analysing the competitive situation within the domestic food production industry. 1. INTRODUC TION 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4

Report Objectives Research Methodology Information Provided Curre ncy

2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3. OVERVIEW 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6

Country Overview China Within the Global Food Market Food Retailing in China The Chinese Food Industry Agri-Food Trade Balance Food Safety

4. MEAT, F ISH & SEAFOOD 4.1 Production and Trade 4.1.1 Meat & Poultry

4.1.2 Fish & Seafood 4.2 Major Players 4.2.1 Meat & Poultry 4.2.2 Fish & Seafood 5. F RESH PRODUCE 5.1 Production and Trade 5.2 Major Players 6. DAIRY PRODUCTS 6.1 Production and Trade 6.2 Major Players 7. PROCESSED FOODS 7.1 Production and Trade 7.1.1 Cereals/Grains 7.1.2 Bakery Products 7.1.3 Confectionery 7.1.4 Snack Foods 7.1.5 Honey 7.1.6 Edible Oils 7.2 Major Players 7.2.1 Cereals/Grains 7.2.2 Bakery Products 7.2.3 Confectionery 7.2.4 Snack Foods 7.2.5 Honey 7.2.6 Edible Oils 8. INGREDIENTS & ADDITIVES 8.1 Production and Trade 8.1.1 Food Ingredients 8.1.2 Vitamins 8.1.3 Sugar and Sweeteners 8.2 Major Players 8.2.1 Food Ingredients 8.2.2 Vitamins 8.2.3 Sugar and Sweeteners 9. BEVERAGES 9.1 Production and Trade 9.1.1 Soft Drinks

9.1.2 Alcoholic Beverages Beer Wine & Spirits 9.2 Major Players 9.2.1 Soft Drinks 9.2.2 Alcoholic Beverages LIST OF TABLES Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table

1.I Currency Conversion Table, 2008 2.I China: Major Food and Drink Exports, 2008 3.I China: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 2004-2008 3.II Leading Chinese Food Retailers, 2008 3.III China: Food/Agricultural Exports to the US by Sector, 2006-2008 3.IV China: Food/Agricultural Trade with the EU27 Region by Sector, 2008 3.V Major Chinese Food Safety Scares, 2002-2009 4.I China: Domestic Production of Red Meat by Sector, 2005-2008 4.II China: Domestic Production of Poultry Meat, 2005-2008 4.III China: Domestic Production of Eggs, 2005-2008 5.I China: Domestic Production of Apples, 2004-2008 5.II China: Domestic Production of Citrus Fruit, 2004-2008 5.III China: Domestic Production of Pears, 2004-2008 5.IV China: Domestic Production of Other Fruits by Sector, 2007 5.V China: Domestic Production of Fresh Vegetables by Sector, 2007 7.I Leading Global Wheat Flour Exporters by Volume, 2008/2009 7.II Leading Global Peanut Producers by Volume, 2008 8.I China: Domestic Production of Food Ingredients by Sector, 2008 9.I China: Domestic Production of Alcoholic Beverages, 2005-2008 9.II China: Domestic Beer Output, 2005-2008 9.III China: Domestic Wine Output, 2005-2008

LIST OF F IGURES Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure

1 China: Real GDP Growth, 2004- 2008 2 Chinese Retail Food Market by Value, 2004-2008 3 Chinese Retail Food Sales by Format, 2008 4 Shares of Food Sales via Chinese Hypermarkets, 2008 5 Chinese Food Industry Output by Value, 2004-2008 6 Shares of Global Organic Agricultural Land, 2008 7 Chinese Meat Production by Type, 2008 8 Chinese Fish & Seafood Industry Output by Volume, 2005-2008 9 Chinese Exports of Fish, Crustaceans & Molluscs to the EU by Value, 2004-2008 10 Chinese Exports of Fresh Produce to the EU by Value, 2004-2008 11 Chinese Citrus Fruit Production by Sector, 2008 12 Chinese Milk Production by Volume, 2005-2008 13 Chinese Production of Leading Cereals/Grains by Volume, 2008 14 Leading Global Honey Producers by Volume, 2008

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