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Consumer interest in and awareness of the health properties of antioxidants has been rising in recent years. Not only has this increased global sales of antioxidants (whether used as a food preservative or to provide a health enhancing or functional benefit), but demand for foods recognised as being naturally rich in antioxidants is also grow ing. Notable examples include certain varieties of fruit (for example blueberries and blackberries), as well as fruit -derived products such as smoothies. As the sector has developed, antioxidants are now being used in the manufacture of a greater variety of foods to cater for increasingly health-conscious consumers. This has been most apparent in sectors such as chocolate confectionery, soft drinks and hot beverages such as tea. Meanwhile, global sales of antioxidants used as an ingredient have been rising by more than 3% per annum in recent years. At present, usage is heavily skewed towards developed parts of the world, such as the US, Europe and Japan. This report from Leatherhead Food International (now Leatherhead Food Research) feat ures the latest market data on products marketed on the basis of their antioxidant content, as well as technical information on the science behind antioxidants both for use as preservatives and as health promoting ingredients. INTRODUC TION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Market MARKET OVERVIEW Industry supply The Future 1. ANTIOXIDANTS USED FOR FOOD PRESERVATION PURPOSES 1.1 INTRODUCTION 1.2 Technical Overview 1.2.1 Synthetic antioxidants 1.2.2 Natural antioxidants 1.3 Market Sizes and Trends 1.4 Industry Structure 1.5 Trends and Prospects

2. ANTIOXIDANTS USED AS HEALTH-ENHANC ING F UNC TIONAL ADDITIVES 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Technical Overview 2.2.1 Polyphenols 2.2.2 Flavonoids 2.2.3 Carotenoids 2.3 Market Sizes and Trends 2.4 Industry Structure 2.5 Trends and Prospects 2.5.1 Summary of recent developments 2.5.2 Market drivers and sector trends 2.5.3 Future prospects 3. FOODS CONTAINING ANTIOXIDANTS 3.1 Foods naturally rich in antioxidants 3.2 Foods fortified with functional antioxidants 3.2.1 Chocolate confectionery 3.2.2 Soft Drinks 3.2.3 Other products 4. REFERENCES LIST OF F IGURES Fig 1.1 Global Antioxidants Market by Value, 2004-2007 Fig 1.2 Chemical Structure of Propyl Gallate Fig 1.3 Chemical Structure of BHA Fig 1.4 Chemical Structure of BHT Fig 1.5 Chemical Structure of TBHQ Fig 1.6 Chemical Structure of Tocopherol and Tocotrienols Fig 1.7 Chemical Structure of Ascorbate Fig 1.8 Chemical Structure of Erythorbate Fig 1.9 Chemical Structure of Carnosic Acid Fig. 1.10 Chemical Structure of Carnosine Fig 2.1 Chemical Structure of the Major Catechins Present in Green Tea Fig 2.2 Chemical Structure of Lycopene Fig 2.3 Chemical Structure of Lutein LIST OF TABLES Table Table Table Table Table

1.I Major Applications for the Key Antioxidant Types 1.II World Antioxidants for Food Preservation Market by Value, 2003-2007 1.III World Antioxidants for Food Preservation Market Sales by Region, 2006 1.IV US & European Antioxidants Market by Type, 2002-2006 1.V Key Suppliers of Antioxidants

Table 1.VI World Antioxidantsfor Food Preservation Market by Value. Forecasts 20072010f Table 2.I Major Health Benefits Associated with Key Functional Antioxidants Table 2.II World Functional Antioxidants Market by Value, 2004-2007 Table 2.III World Functional Antioxidants Market: Sales by Region, 2006 Table 2.IV World Functional Antioxidants Market by Type, 2006 Table 2.V Key Suppliers of Functional Antioxidants Table 2.VI World Antioxidants Market by Value, Forecasts 2007-2010f Table 3.1 Chocolate Confectionery Enriched with Antioxidants: Selected New Product Activity, 2005-09 Table 3.II Soft Drinks Fortified With Antioxidants: Selected New Product Activ ity, 200509 Table 3.III Other Products Fortified With Antioxidants: Selected New Product Activity, 2005-09

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