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UK Private Medical Insurance 2010 - Market Research Report On Aarkstore Enterprise Introduction This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the UK private medical insurance sector. An exclusive survey provides insight into customer trends and attitudes towards private medical insurance. The report also assesses the current market issues including a detailed look into innovations taking place and how insurers are responding to the changing customer needs throughout these testing times. Scope *Detailed consumer research into individual trends, attitudes and future buyer interest. *New market innovations taking place and how providers are adjusting their propositions. *Data on the market share of the top groups as well as an analysis of the market spend of the top brands. *Forecasts for the market size and subscriber numbers split by individual and group business. Highlights As with previous recessions, the most recent downturn appears to have taken its toll on the PMI market. The most recent recession, which began in the second half of 2008, caused a 5% fall in both individual and group subscribers during 2009. The average premium rates for both group and individual policies continued to grow, by 2.2% and 7.2%, respectively. Rising premium rates have been an important cause for the decline in subscribers in the individual PMI sector in recent years, with potential policyholders put off by these increases. Average premium rates for both individual and group policies are forecast to continue to rise. This increase will primarily be driven by claims inflation, which means that insurers need to increase their premium rates in order to maintain the same level of margin. Reasons to Purchase *Make informed decisions based on a solid understanding of customer attitudes and purchasing trends. *Understand which of your competitors pose the greatest threat and which competitors are gaining or losing market share. *Gain insight into the future direction of the sector, including market size and subscriber numbers and the major issues affecting this market.

Table of Contents : Overview 1 Catalyst 1 Summary 1 Executive Summary 2 The group PMI market suffered significantly in 2009 2 Group PMI's sensitivity to the wider economic climate was evident 2 Price inflation is a challenge for retaining individual PMI subscribers 2 Competition is high within the group sector, while employers are scaling back their PMI budget 2 Individual and group subscribers are falling 2 Individual and group PMI subscribers shrunk by 5% in 2009 2 The total number of people covered by PMI decreased by 4.6% 2 Product innovation will ensure the future survival of PMI 3 Cancer cash plans and hybrid policies are growing in popularity 3 Chartis entered the market with a ÂŁ1m advertising campaign 3 Chartis spent ÂŁ1m on marketing its new health insurance proposition 3 Total PMI GEP will continue to grow throughout the forecasting period 4 The PMI market is expected to grow in 2010 4 The group PMI market will continue to grow throughout the forecasting period 4 Table of Contents 5 Table of figures 6 Table of tables 7 Market Context 8 For more information please visit :

UK Private Medical Insurance 2010