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The Future of Alcoholic Beverages in India: Changing Consumer Preferences and Emerging Opportunities – Market Research Report on Aarkstore Enterprise Introduction This report analyzes the changing societal perceptions of alcohol consumption in India, marketers efforts through surrogate advertising and event sponsorship, and the resultant rise in demand for alcoholic beverages across several urban Indian consumers. It points out key opportunities for companies to explore, in terms of both product development and marketing. Features and benefits Detailed insights and analysis documenting the drivers and inhibitors in the Indian alcoholic beverages market Exclusive occasions, market and consumer survey data and analysis covering each category Strategic conclusions combined with actionable recommendations for all industry players looking to fully capitalize on this market Consumer understanding: obtain a detailed understanding of Indian consumers attitudes and behaviors towards consumption of alcoholic beverages Market understanding: identify key consumer segments, profitable alcoholic beverage categories and product innovation trends in India and globally Highlights While partying with friends at a pub, bar or restaurant, it is observed that beer is the most favored drink by Indians across all age groups, but spirits/liquor is most favored while partying at home. This is a result of the beer brands marketing efforts to promote beer drinking as part of social interactions in the context of sports, music, etc. Indian consumers value-for-money considerations are found to decrease with age, and this is more apparent among the Indian women. Also, value-for-money plays a more important role while drinking at a pub, bar or restaurant, than while at home, which is a result of the significant premium that is charged in most on-trade channels. Advertising restrictions have given rise to a number of alternate avenues for the promotion for alcohol brands in India. Indian market players have been forced to be more innovative in their approach to engaging with consumers, branching out into concepts such as non-alcohol brand extensions and surrogate advertising and alignment with sport. Your key questions answered What are the key category growth trends in the Indian alcoholic drinks market? What societal trends are influencing Indians propensity for alcoholic drinks consumption?

How are different demographic groups (different ages, gender, etc.) attitudes and behaviors towards alcoholic drinks changing? What drives Indians perceptions of value in the alcoholic drinks products they buy? How is the Indian alcoholic drinks market balanced between on- and off-trade sales and how is this changing over time? Table of Contents : Overview 1 Catalyst 1 Summary 1 The Future Decoded 9 INTRODUCTION: Indians changing consumption patterns and choice of alcoholic beverages is fueling the growth of the market 9 TREND: Even with the rising acceptance of social drinking, the Indian alcoholic beverage market is defined by the moderate consumption behavior of consumers 10 TREND: Changing alcohol consumption patterns are fuelling a more diverse alcohol market in India 23 TREND: Indian consumers off-trade consumption is largely driving the overall market growth 31 TREND: Alcoholic beverages brand marketers are using innovative marketing concepts to bypass restrictions on advertising of alcoholic beverages in India 36 INSIGHT: Indians exercise a high degree of moderation in alcohol consumption owing to equal concerns over both weight gain and long-term health impacts 42 INSIGHT: Indians perception of value is driven by quality more than price in their choice of alcoholic drinks 53 INSIGHT: Since Indians tend to have a ritualistic attitude towards alcohol consumption, brand loyalty plays a significant role in consumers choice of alcoholic drinks 61 INSIGHT: Though an external attribute, packaging of alcoholic drinks is an important factor in shaping Indians purchase decisions 65 INSIGHT: There is a rising understanding among Indians about the link between food and alcoholic drinks 68 Action Points 75 ACTION: Popular alcohol brands should evaluate possibilities for the introduction of low-calorie variants to appeal to health-conscious drinkers 75 ACTION: Introduce innovative packaging concepts to drive off-trade uptake of beer 76 ACTION: Be aware of the imminent opportunity that exists in the ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages market 77 ACTION: Capitalize on the consumer desire to trade-up in an optimistic economic environment 79 ACTION: Make available more comprehensive information on the link between food and alcohol at on-trade destinations such as bars and restaurants 80 Appendix 82 Definitions 82 Methodology 85 Further reading and references 87 Ask the analyst 87

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The Future of Alcoholic Beverages in India  

The Future of Alcoholic Beverages in India: Changing Consumer Preferences and Emerging Opportunities – Market Research Report on Aarkstore E...

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