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Food and Beverage Consumer Trends In the UK: Winning Strategies In A New Decade Market Research Report on Aarkstore Enterprise Introduction In the aftermath of one of the most dynamic recessionary periods in history, it is crucial that the FMCG industry recognizes how consumer attitudes and behavioral traits are shifting. These changes are taking place against a back drop of a changing demographic population in the UK and a consumer base whose stated attitudes are not always manifested in actual buying behavior Features and benefits * Ensure that new product development, positioning and marketing activities align with the key short and long-term trends influencing consumer behavior * Recognize what traits enhance perceptions of value and what product attributes consumers are genuinely willing to pay a premium for * Understanding consumer attitude-behavior gaps and understand why this is, to see where changes need to be made to product/ marketing claims * Gain key insights into levels of consumer confidence after the recession and emerging trends that are becoming more influential on buying behavior Highlights The recession has brought about a greater focus on value, meaning it is vital that industry players recognize what attributes most influence these perceptions. To determine this, it is crucial that the issues of health, convenience, sensory appeal and ethics are analyzed, as well as key opportunities and threats facing the food and drink sector. Industry players also need to recognize how an aging population and the rise in nonnuclear family households will influence shopping behavior in the long-term, as well as the influence issues such as health and the environment are influencing day-to-day shopping habits Your key questions answered * What are the key attitude and behavioral traits influencing shopping habits in the UK? * What factors most encourage consumers to trade-up and what product attributes have little influence on willingness to pay a premium? * How are consumers looking to address health problems in the UK and what inhibitors do they face? * What are the implications of consumers placing greater emphasis on value? And what factors most influence these perceptions? * What are consumer attitudes towards modern advertising techniques?

Table of Contents : 1. Context Social Demographics State of the Economy Country, Health, and the Environment Traditional and New-Wave Media The Changing Retail Landscape 2. Trends Eating for Health Eating for the Planet Eating for Convenience Eating for Value Eating for Pleasure 3. Conclusions and Best Practice For some-more information, Great fully visit:

Food and Beverage Consumer Trends In the UK