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Safe n Sound Meridian Car Seats to Keep Your Baby Safe While You Drive

Summary:- The new 2011 Safe n Sound Meridian car seat has been improvised to meet the requirements under the Australian & New Zealand Child Restraint Standard. The major changes in the Meridian car seat include a new shoulder height marker and removal of the weight measuring requirement for the car seat. Other features of the 2011 model include- curved side wings for side impact protection, manual harness adjustment and convertible feature.

Roads are never safe for children and you always have to take extra precautions to ensure that they remain safe and sound whenever they step out of home. To make sure that your little one travels with you in the car without getting into trouble, Safe N Sound company has launched the new 2011 Safe N Sound Meridian car seat. There have been several modifications made in the Meridian car seat since the revised Australian & New Zealand Child Restraint Standard was introduced. The new 2011 Safe N Sound Meridian car seat is now suitable for children till 4 years of age, irrespective of their weight. Following the new method of determining suitability of the car seat by height, the shoulder height on Meridian car seat rearward facing should be 310 mm and forward facing shoulder height should be 310-390 mm. The modifications made by Safe n Sound ensure that your child is safer in the car. There are several features of the Meridian car seat that guarantees high-quality design and usability across the country. The new version of this convertible car seat is designed to meet the Australian child safety norms, and being a parent and/or a car owner, it is your responsibility to install this car seat for your child. The major changes made in the 2011 model related to shoulder height markers are1) Upper height marker to indicate when a child is too tall. 2) Lower height marker to turn the seat to face towards the front of the vehicle. 3) Improvement in soft goods for better comfort. 4) Improved, easy-to-read instruction manuals. 5) Other changes such as additional warnings, changed colours of the plastics for locks, rebound bar and recline levers.

The other features of the new 2011 Safe n Sound Meridian car seat that provide overall protection to the child from any possible impact caused by a car jerk or crasha) Convertible car seat that can becoming rearward facing to forward facing and viceversa. b) Curved side wings for side impact protection. c) EPS foam-lined deep side wings that provide additional protection to the head of the child in a side impact crash. d) Sliding retractable stabilising bar. e) Tilt and adjust option to provide comfort to the growing child. f) Cushioned baby insert for additional comfort. g) Shoulder harness pads that provide extra comfort and prevent the harness from rubbing on the shoulders. h) High back protective car seat mat with a tuck in rear tab. i) Mesh pocket as a storage option. j) Push button harness adjuster that simplifies adjustment of the harness. k) Manual harness adjustment. l) Reversible padded insert and headrest cover. m) Large canopy to prevent the child from being exposed to direct sunlight. n) Seatbelts that can be used in the rearward and forward facing seat arrangement to provide a more secure fit in the vehicle. o) Composite material support pad on each side of the seat to absorb energy on the babies’ torso during a side impact car crash. p) Secured with Tether to the Vehicle Anchor Point to provide better stability in car. q) Unique ‘Infant Safety Cushion’ providing increased protection for infants. r) Includes a messy mat.


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