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27-28 October 2012 Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad

How? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

he olitaire

an exquisite

jewellery exhibition ark

What? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An exquisite diamond jewel exhibition cum sale on 27th and 28th Oct. 2012 at Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad. Why? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Only diamonds? A diamond jewellery customer requires only Diamond jewellery vendors. A high number of mixed jewel and bridal shows doesn’t suffice their requirement. 27 and 28th Oct.?

15 Days Dushera (24th Oct.)

The next weekend- TSP (27-28th Oct.)

Wedding Flood Diwali (13th Nov.)

Upto (14th Dec.)

Karnavati? The posh club situated at S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad has over 10,000 elite members, which can prove to be potential BUYING crowd for the diamond jewellery exhibitors. The location’s proximity to the YMCA and Rajpath club makes the event a three shot weapon. History of a number of successful shows there provides the glasses to the future of our event. Do I believe in you? Trade Exposition pioneered jewel shows in Gujarat. With Prestige Jewellery Show at Hotel Inder Residency, Ahmedabad in 1999, we invented Jewellery exhibition market in the state of Gujarat. After reaping its success in four more such shows and in over 25 exhibitions in various fields, we are back at what we do best- Break the common shell and set a new trend to be followed.

Marketing? An exclusive diamond jewellery show- brand development at any cost! • “Visit and win a diamond ring”- the lucky draw campaign would be placed on each public thread of the event • Leading News papers. • Advertisements in Karnavati club, Rajpath club and other such periodical magazines. • Personal distribution of VIP passes to the Karnavati and Rajpath Club members. • 24*7 display of the event on the LED screen at Karnavati club, 15 days prior to the event. • Radio advertisements. • Hoardings of the event across the city of Ahmedabad. • Social networking and micro blogging campaigning. Special Attractions? With each stall showcasing the diamond jewellery, it creates a no-confusion market for the genuine buyer walking in. To purchase a Diamond Jewellery in mind and to win one in heart through the lucky draw makes a win-win situation for the person walking in. Unique additions like - “Know your jewel”, “Diamond- from rocks to you” and many more marks the diamond carnival we wish to celebrate. There would be a complimentary VIP lounge arranged, other than the exhibition which will avail the one-to-one interaction between the buyer and seller. Security? When we plan to reduce your stocks by getting you the best deals, we also ensure that not a bit goes away without one. The event’s specific focus on diamond jewellery makes a multi layer protection scheme mandatory. Each individual stepping in the exhibition will pass through a metal detecting gate, checked by armed men and women guards. The whole event would be monitored by CCTV cameras 24x2. For the only night between, a secured strong room/safe will be made available for the stock to be kept. Fine, but what do I get out of it? • An elite BUYING crowd who are looking only for diamond jewellery ! • A peak demand market on the weekend after Dushera and 15 days before Diwali. • A chance to showcase your designs at a common stage and fetch your customers away just before the high magnitude Diwali shopping begins. • Because of the Great Gujarati Wedding Season starting just after Diwali, gives TSP a perfect platform to cater a number of to be brides and their relatives. • A secured chance to sell your goods at a well- marketed, high scale event at one of the leading clubs of Ahmedabad. • Knowledge of the customer’s expectations and convincing him on a one-to-one basis at the VIP lounge arranged along with the live show. • Getting served by the well trusted and experienced organizers like Trade Exposition. • Be a part of the only DIAMOND CARNIVAL, first time in the state of Gujarat. On the verge of setting a whole new bench mark for diamond jewellery industry we look up to the old giant of the industry like you. With your support and our efforts, we are sure of growing a brand together.

Omprakash Gupta Exhibition Director Trade Exposition

































Entry / Exit

A-26 A-17 A-25


VIP Lounge

Tariffs :







way to cafeteria

Facilities in shell scheme for 9 sq. mtr.

A - shell @ ` 12,000/- sq. mtr. B - shell @ ` 11,000/- sq. mtr. * Min. size: 9 sq. mtr. ** Add: Service Tax @ 12.36% as applicable *** Bare spaces also available

1. Two/Three side pre-laminated sheet partition 2. Fascia with company name in Vinyl letter cutting 3. One Glass Counter 4. Two Chairs 5. One Laminated Table 6. Three Spotlights 7. One Plugpoint 8. One waste paper basket

Avail Stand Design & Build services for Bare spaces with us.

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