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ISSUE No. 005 February, 14th 2014.

This Valentines, Aarban Vibe appreciates the fact that it all started with an apple ....

Just for being readers, we’ll share the love and make you feel valueable.


We love you.

I’m thankful to have seen this year thus far, the good and the bad times as well. With every passing day, I give thanks to those who care and read what we have put out there. The feedback is encouraging and is the oil for this running motor, I’d like to appreciate all the individuals who make this magazine what it is. The writers, photographers and the sponsors. It is with great pleasure that I wish you all a happy valentines and a prosperous new year. With love. Gio.

All dry

By Miss Heri

All dry is how I would describe January. Ngumu kabisa! For some people, it is because of the usual challenge – finances. For others, the dryness goes deeper. As I carry on with my cleaning, I also use the time to study. Studying people’s faces that it is. You can tell the ones who are having a better January than others by the look in their eyes. For some people, their eyes say “I have hope. It is a new beginning. I will make it!”. For others, they are completely indifferent. Hii ni mwaka ingine tu. Nothing will change. Then there is the final lot. The ones whose hope has dried up, who believe that things will only get worse or at best…stay the same. Am not sure who I pity the most. The second lot or the last one. I try and be in the first lot. Although it is difficult but one has to try.

The Law firm has reopened after Christmas. Though only the junior staff members and some of the lawyers are back. The wakubwa’s especially the mzungu’s are still away. One the secretaries said ati they are on holiday. Life is funny. Whilst we are busy looking for kshs 20 for busfare, others are on holiday spending obscene amounts of money. For them…they know no lack. At least, not lack of money. But from what I see, their lives are the driest ones I has ever seen. When they are around, they come in quite early and leave late. They make so much money but it seems to complicate their lives more as opposed to making it better. Ni ya nini basi? But I know better. Sometimes, those late nights are for other purposes but let us not mention those.

Boniface or Bonnie as everyone calls him is back from his upcountry home. He seems annoyed over something because he has been very hard on me since he came back and not his usual nice self. No favours from him. I think I finally understood why when I saw the way he looks at Mweni. She is the lady who cleans the floor above me. She is only a month old. Am not worried though. He does this every few months or so. He sees a new one but soon enough he is tired and comes back round to me. Maisha huwa hivyo. Despite the dryness of the start…I have hope. 2014 will be a fantastic year! I get my mind back to work...… confident in this thought.

make a difference in protecting the environment and our water.

One of the many campaigns that needs your help and participation. Get involved via twitter @i_campaign I found this field. A bit expensive I almost didn’t yield. But it made me smile. So I gave all that was mine in a pile. Saved up some more. Blood, sweat and tears made me sore. Did a thorough clean up. Fixed each and every gap. Laid a deep foundation. Careful about my formation. Raised the walls and made them strong. For this is where I would belong. Going up, eight storeys. Closer to cloud nine, smiling at past glories. Added a strong roof. At this, I am no goof. For the holes in the walls I added some windows. Too see the future through as we lay on our pillows. Done with the floors now, beautiful tiles. Everyone will be weak at her wiles. I found a partner, she is the best. Interior decoration, aesthetic value to this nest. She added crystal chandeliers in the sitting room.

Together we were way smarter. We worked to build a house. No longer would we roam. How? None of us really knows. But we ended up building a home.

Perfect corridors for a bride and groom. Lights on the walls that sparkle. Embers in the chimney that crackle. She laid out an oak desk in the study. Hardwood is always so sturdy. Some classic paintings on the wall. Added life to the hall. She painted the kids’ bedrooms pink and blue. A future boy and girl would delight in the hue. She set up my old telescope on the highest floor. So we could relax there later behind a closed-door. The bed room was all her work. That’s how the bathroom ended up with a toy duck. Metallic king sized bed. With pillows so soft for one’s head. Duvets so bright and thick. For the time we did not have to leave for a week. I found some undeveloped land. I found a partner. We made the best use of sand.

Vibes By Gio

on Poppa Don.

A truly talented rapper from Kenya. With roots from South Nyanza, Poppa Don is lyrically gifted in fluently playing with words and delivering verses in English, Dholuo and Swahili. A fusion that cuts across and keeps you yearning for more. This is definitely an artist to look out for. Poppa Don Music has re-branded the mix-tape ”Grey Hound 1” ‘The Manifesto‘ for tour redistribution ahead of his sophomore mix-tape Grey Hound 2.0 dubbed - “Shortcut To Distinction“ that will make its debut in April of this year. Listen to some of his music including the song “Katidagi Kaiyie“ on soundcloud.

@PoppaDon1 POPPA DON

Events happening this month. .

(click event thumbnails for details)

ALL ABOUT CRAFT FAIRS Thursday, February 20, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EAT) Shalom House Nairobi, Kenya No cover charges.

14 Kinds of Lovers feat. Liron & Michel Ongaro. February. 14 2014 from 7 PM till late. The Smith – Magadi Road

Waldemar Bastos Live in Nairobi February, 19th 2014 from 8:30 PM till late. Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum

lentine Date BlackBerry Developers Va with Android PM to 7:00 February 22, 2014 from 1:30 PM (EAT) iHub entre George 4th Flo or,Bishop Magua C Padmore Ln

Workshop: by artist in residence Josefina Muñoz, February 5th - 7th 2014 Kuona Trust, Likoni close Likoni Lane,Off Denis Pritt Rd

Exhibition: Genesis by Bezalel Ngabo, February. 4th - 28th 2014 at Creativity Gallery – National Museum

T H E (TREE HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT) PRES PETE BONES February 15th from 9:30 till late 8901 International Casino Complex, Museum Hill, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya,

The Gurus Present. VILLAGE ROMANCE - with 3050Muzik Group

February 14th from 9:00 till late. Westlands Road.

Aa Feb rban C 7:30 ruary yph e PAW PM 28th r Vo from lum A2 54, 5:00 e 9 YM CA Bu ildin g


Aarban Perspectives By Gio Mwarv is the photographer in focus for this months issue of Aarban Perspectives. Mwarv, as commonly known, is a passionate photographer keen on kissing every corner of Africa as he rebrands Africa, one click at a time. (His words :-)) .... I couldn’t help but be drawn by the beauty in each of the photos he has taken. Something different about them, probably the moments in time that have been frozen to depict a beauty so deep in photography, not words can explain. I’ve sayed too much haha ... do enjoy the perspectives of this wonderful photographer. More here

Ol Pejeta Conservancy Cheetah.

Celebrations during the Kenyan Constitution Promulgation Ceremony at Uhuru Park, 27th August 2010.

Dusk in Nairobi, at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street.

Traffic in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Serenity greets you when you arrive at Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

A cyclist we had a chat with in Rwanda during the Onetouch Live trip from Nairobi to Bujumbura.

Sunrise over Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda.

Lightning breaks over Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Rwanda.

Sunset at Aliya Bay, Lake Turkana on Hybrid Eclipse day.

Hugh Masekela in concert in Nairobi.

Revellers show their appreciation for benga, during the first Tyranny of Benga concert at the Tree House, Nairobi.

Juliani performs ‘Utawala’ during the Kenya Songs of Protest DVD / CD launch concert at Alliance Francaise Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha Kingfisher.

2010 KCB Safari Rally at the Jamhuri Park spectator stage.

David Kinjah of Safari Simbaz on his way to winning the 2013 Limuru Individual Time Trial.

2010 Kenya Cup Finals.

ON BEING HEALTHY IN 2014: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. By Musa Misiani Then WHO defines health as a state of a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease. It is implicit in this statement that indeed these aspects of human existence are co-dependent in the realm of “wellness”. But what exactly is “wellbeing”? I would leave that for the pundits and the overly semantic and language-geeks to decipher. But at least for me, wellness means am ok. Am good. Am fit. Mzima kama kigongo (if you remember those Swahili phrases you crammed in high school). The basics are simple of staying “well” in the dimensions the folks at the WHO defined are fairly well known. I would probably just add a philosophical argument; the ultimate search for happiness. To capture this, I borrow from one of the most inspirational souls to tread this earth, Sam Berns. In his “Philosophy for a happy life”, Berns generically suggests that we should do those things that make us happy as well as surround ourselves with those that make us happy. Unfortunately for us, these “happy” choices are not always wise or necessarily beneficial. I would therefore want to argue, purely on a personal, heavily-biased-by-science opinion on the principles of being healthy and being happy doing exactly that (I realize this is not a magic trick- I would have made millions “Quailing” it to a willing, over-enthusiastic, believing, gullible Kenyan public). Free your mind. Be mentally healthy. This is probably the most important of all steps to good health. A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. Avoid stress. Stay mentally active, pursue your passions, boost you self image and be at peace with yourself, those around you and the philosophical leaning you pursue (religious or otherwise). Do not overtax your mind. Rest. It is important. This addresses two dimensions – spiritual and mental. Stay physically healthy. This is probably more difficult than keeping you mind healthy at face value. But the truth is, if you stay mentally healthy, this comes in almost naturally. Keeping physically healthy includes eating a “healthy” diet. Many researchers have drummed on and on about the advantages of a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet. That apple a day does actually keep the doctor away. But this may not be necessarily desirable for a Kenyan, especially so for the notoriously carnivorous, pizza-loving, burger gobbling, beer-guzzling Nairo-bite.

Therefore the key to everything is moderation. Moderation. Realizing that your stomach’s receptors are screaming at you that you are full. That the mirror is not lying to you concerning that kasmall potbelly. Bringing me to the other point. Exercise. You have heard it over and over again but have chosen to ignore it. But it really is time you left your car at home when going for the morning paper, take that morning jog, take the stairs to your office and cycle or joined that hiking club (realize I left the golf course? I totally have nothing against it other than it not being exercise). You may not realize it but if you do the big three (mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing) you could be subtly increasing you chances of owning a dogapuss if you catch my drift. Have a fit and healthy 2014, will you?


By Eric N. M.

The Macmillan Dictionary defines the word “Legalese” as the formal language used by lawyers and in legal documents that ordinary people find hard to understand. Ian. A Johncox a Partner at Mason, Bennett & Johncox who practices in the area of employment law, collections and litigation gives his opinion that Legalese is “is the term used to describe the gibberish that only lawyers seem to understand.”

Some lawyers and also some legal officers take pride in having deep knowledge and skill in the use of legalese. To them this is what separates themselves from ordinary folk and thus they see it as prestigious. This is however as far away from the truth as it can get.

It is thus not necessary to use legalese if you are in the legal profession. There are several reasons as to why legalese is being used especially in legal documents. The first reason is laziness whereby there are some lawyers who are too lazy to come up with new drafts concerning whatever assignment they have been handed so what they do is, they create documents from existing precedents. This thus ensures that if the precedent had been filled with legal jargon (legalese) then the cycle shall continue.

There is also another argument that propones that legalese has been in use for a long time and the courts have over time given meaning to these words that may be termed as legalese. When a lawyer therefore wants to use simpler language he may find it difficult since it may be argued that the language he has used means something else than what he had intended to convey.

Legalese may also be used by certain lawyers to prevent people who are not layers to think that they can do that work by themselves without enlisting the services of a lawyer. These lawyers therefore continue to use legalese to imprint on other people’s minds that drafting those documents is hard and that it can only be done by a lawyer.

I personally think that lawyers should look at all this from another approach. If you as a lawyer draft your documents in a simple language that your client’s understand then you will not be forced to waste precious time explaining to them what is really meant by that document since they will have understood it. Clients also prefer documents that they can understand since they will not have any doubts as to what the document means however if you hand your clients documents full of legalese, the client will be hesitant to be engaged in any aspect relating to that document.

In the Martin Cutts, Oxford Guide to Plain English, 3rd ed. Oxford Univ. Press, 2009 Legalese has been criticized by stating that “Legalese is one of the few social evils that can be eradicated by careful thought and disciplined use of a pen. It is doubly demeaning: first it demeans its writers, who seem to be either deliberately exploiting its power to dominate or are at best careless of its effects; and second it demeans its readers by making them feel powerless and stupid.” This article is therefore a wake up call to anyone involved in whatever capacity in the legal world that they need not use legalese since the use of understandable language is beneficial to all parties involved.

“Legalese is one of the few social evils that can be eradicated by careful thought and disciplined use of a pen”

Review of the 2013 Toyota Prado By Peter Ngethe Without giving us time to digest the magnificence of the 2013 Toyota Prado, the 2014 Toyota Prado has proved to be exemplary in its class with its magnificent styling and performance. Since its conception the Prado has kept its status as one of the preferred off roaders that rule the league. The facelift comes with an improved suspension, handing and 4WD system. On the aesthetic side, the Prado has gained a few curves and has gone ahead to join the trend by offering buyers an option of day time running lights. There are also changes in the front grill, with the new Prado adorning a new wider 5 bar grill that is symmetrical with the headlights. Inside, a redesigned dash brings a new multi-media audio system, ‘Optitron’ dials and a TFT info screen for up-spec models; new interfaces and settings for carry-over off-roading systems, such as the addition of a ‘rock and dirt’ mode to the multi-terrain select system, which is now operated by a dial; and the addition of new systems such as trailer-sway control, which is incorporated into the electronic stability control. The 2014 Prado comes in a number if modes, from the GX, the GXL, VX and the Kakadu. The GX gains a rear view camera, new 17-inch six-spoke alloy wheels, audio controls on the steering wheel and a new six-speaker display audio system. GXL gets a new six-speaker display audio, new 17-inch alloy wheels, plus heated and power-retractable exterior mirrors. The VX gets new 18-inch wheels, LED headlights and daytime running lights, radar cruise control, blind zone warning, and an updated KDSS system (which adjusts the suspension to better clamber of obstacles). Inside, the VX gains a new touchscreen 17-speaker JBL premium multimedia audio system and digital radio, and heated second-row seats. The

Kakadu gains rear different lock, radar cruise control, blind zone warning, and a nine-inch Blue-ray screen with three wireless headphones. High end models boast of flashy gadgets such as a front end camera, and crawl control system which makes any climb an ease for drivers. Under the hood, buyers have a choice between the 4.0-litre V6 petrol and 3.0-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engines which are unchanged from before, but are among the most frugal in the large 4WD class. Sadly in Kenya only the VX and TX models are available. The basic Prado TX comes with standard 160 hp 2.7-litre 4-cylinder “VVT-i” engine, all-wheel-drive with low-range gearing, 17-inch steel wheels, halogen headlights with manual leveling, black front grille, black side mirrors and door handles, rear spoiler, side step, mud guards, rear parking sensors, fabric seating for seven, keyless entry, front and rear manual a/c, CD/MP3 6-speaker stereo, ABS with EBD and brake-assist, dual front airbags and engine immobilizer. These come with engine options of 4 liter V6 petrol with dual VVT-I and a 3 liter turbo diesel Don’t be fooled, the Prado like many off roaders feels uneasy on the Tarmac .Its hesitation and lack of grip round bends is enough to make any driver weary of the majestic vehicle. However, all in all it is still the same robust, dynamic off roader renowned for its raw ability on the rough. This makes it ideal to use in Nairobi with the failing road network and in Kenya as a whole. I pen off by remarking that with this revamp we say goodbye to the 3 door, short chassis versions as Toyota have opted to stick to the 5 door versions.

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