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CakePHP: A Powerful Framework to Develop Dynamic Applications

An open source PHP framework, CakePHP rules the heart of millions of webmasters as it is one of the most powerful frameworks that save much of your time while coding. There are ample of PHP frameworks obtainable in the market; however, CakePHP is the one that easily minimize the architectural work and ease entire development of website and applications. Written in PHP language and based on the MVC architecture, CakePHP has gained huge popularity among webmasters because of its unique and exceptional features.

It is an open source web application development platform that aids to develop a range of web pages and applications with marvelous features. This platform allows web development companies to create highly resourceful websites for which webmasters are looking for. By looking its creative benefits and features, we can say that CakePHP is the most popular platform that secures its position on the top since its inception.

Innovative Features of CakePHP framework: 

Based on MVC concept Architecture that allows development of applications and websites easily

It is compatible with different PHP like PHP 4 and PHP5

Comes integrated with CRUD for database

It also supports with Object Relational Mapping for data exchange between unsuited type systems

Various components to handle security, request, sessions

Marvelous Support of AJAX

These are some exceptional Features of CakePHP Development that you can enjoy while using this framework for applications and websites development. When it comes to compare this framework with different PHP frameworks, it provides easy and simple development to developers, who are looking for tested framework to use for their web development process. Its MVC concept divides business logic from staging and design and this is one of the effective features that make this framework a favorable option. If you are also one of those webmasters, who are looking to use CakePHP framework, then hiring an experienced CakePHP developer is an excellent idea as developer has complete knowledge and skills to offer dynamic applications and websites that based on this framework. So hire CakePHP developer, who has vast experience in this field and already handle composite and complex projects with ease. You can also find further information on perception system.

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