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AAPM Newsletter

September/October 2011

TG-142 QA Made Easy Streamline the integration of TG-142 procedures into your workow by consolidating a multitude of QA tests into a single application.

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Monthly mechanical and imaging QA procedures Light/radiation eld coincidence & crosshair alignment, jaw positioning, scaling –– MV & kV imaging Star shot analysis for annual mechanical procedures Collimator rotation isocenter, gantry rotation isocenter, couch rotation isocenter Automatic CATPHAN analysis for monthly CBCT QA tests Geometric distortion, spatial resolution, HU constancy, contrast, noise Stereotactic QA Automatically analyze EPID images of Winston-Lutz ball marker

1281-25, 08/10


Monthly MV and kV imaging tests Spatial resolution, contrast-to-noise, overall noise


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AAPM Newsletter September/October 2011 Vol. 36 No. 5  

AAPM Newsletter September/October 2011 Vol. 36 No. 5  

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