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oin us at Academy 2012 Phoenix as we recognize the 2012 award recipients on Friday, October 26, 8:00–10:00 AM, in North Ballroom A of the Phoenix Convention Center! This ceremony will not only give you the opportunity to honor these great colleagues, but will also inspire you to follow in their wake. This year, we have an exceptional group of scholars who were nominated for these awards, making the final decisions very challenging while also reinforcing the importance of optometry’s contributions to the art and science of high quality vision care.

Charles F. Prentice Medal and Lecture The Charles F. Prentice Medal is the Academy’s top award and lecture at the Annual Meeting, and is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge through research in the visual sciences. The recipient of this year’s Prentice Award is Larry N. Thibos, PhD, FAAO. Dr. Thibos is a prolific scholar of vision science who has presented over 266 papers at major vision science meetings worldwide, written 178 research publications, holds several patents, and has presented 143 invited lectures in neuroscience and visual optics. His contributions have been at the forefront of innovations innovations in these exciting fields of study.

The Glenn A. Fry Award and Lecture The Glenn A. Fry Award and Lecture is sponsored by the American Optometric Foundation and recognizes a distinguished scientist or clinician for his or her current research contributions. Susana T.L. Chung, OD, PhD, FAAO, is the 2012 Fry awardee. Dr. Chung is among the most creative and innovative young scientists in the visual sciences. Most of Dr. Chung’s research has been aimed at understanding the factors that limit low vision patients’ ability to read, with the ultimate goal of ameliorating these problems. continued...

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The Academy Presents: 2012 Awards

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO ACADEMY BYLAWS (SEE PAGE 3) This newsletter has been made possible by a generous grant from

Irvin M. and Beatrice Borish Award

Julius F. Neumueller Award in Optics

The Borish Award recognizes an outstanding young researcher who has shown exceptional promise to conduct independent optometric research directly related to etiology, prevention, detection, diagnosis, or management of clinical eye disorders.

The Neumueller Award is offered by the American Optometric Foundation to a student pursuing the Doctor of Optometry degree in a school or college of optometry whose paper on geometrical optics, physical optics, ophthalmic optics or optics of the eye has been nominated by a President or Dean of the school.

The 2012 recipient of the Borish Award is Melissa D. Bailey, OD, PhD, FAAO. Dr. Bailey’s current research pioneers the measurement of the ciliary muscle and has the potential to lead to the development of a noninvasive test to predict onset of myopia and to provide insight into the etiology of myopia development and progression.

AAO-Essilor Award for Outstanding International Contributions to Optometry The International Award recognizes an individual(s) or organization whose direct efforts and contributions have resulted in unquestionable significant and extraordinary advances in optometry and eye care internationally. Olanrewaju Matthew Oriowo, BSc(Optom), MSc, PhD, FAAO, is this year’s International Awardee who has dedicated his career to improving levels of optometric education and the credentialing of optometric educators in a number of countries including those where the profession is rapidly evolving.

William Feinbloom Award The William Feinbloom Award is presented to an individual who, through discovery and innovation, has made a distinguished and significant contribution to the advancement of clinical practice, and thus to the visual enhancement of the public. The 2012 Feinbloom Award recipient is P. Sarita Soni, OD, MS, FAAO. Dr. Soni has distinguished herself through academic pursuits that also intersected with formation of clinical services that provided routine and advanced care for the general public. Her dedication to clinical research has not only benefited academic optometry, but has moved the field of study forward for the general welfare of patients.

Kenneth Headington, OD, MS, of the New England College of Optometry, is this year’s recipient of the Neumueller Award. His paper entitled, “Single Cell Imaging of the Chick Retina with Adaptive Optics,” was co-authored by Stacey S. Choi, PhD, Debora Nickla, and Nathan Doble, and published in Current Eye Research, 2011, 36(10): 947-957.

Eminent Service Award The Eminent Service Award honors those persons who have rendered extraordinary and/or distinguished long-term service to the Academy. There are two recipients of the Eminent Service Award this year: Richard E. Weisbarth, OD, FAAO, whose devotion and contributions to the Academy’s Mert C. Flom Leadership InSight Program is just one example of the many that reflect his impact on the organization, and Joe Yager, OD, FAAO, whose dedication to the Academy is reflected by his decades of volunteer leadership in the Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses, Refractive Technologies, and the Board of Directors, among others.

Life Fellow Award Life Fellowship provides recognition to those Fellows who through long-time membership in the Academy have rendered distinguished service to the science and art of optometry. The Life Fellow Award was last bestowed in 2005. This year, John F. Amos, OD, MS, FAAO, has been selected as the Life Fellow Awardee, for his unique and distinguished service to optometry, and for his work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as other optometric organizations.

Carel C. Koch Memorial Medal

Honorary Fellow Award

The Carel C. Koch Memorial Medal is awarded to a person who has made outstanding contributions to the enhancement and development of relationships between optometry and other professions.

The Honorary Fellowship Award honors those who are not Academy Fellows for distinguished contributions to the Academy and/or the science and art of optometry.

Roger J. Wilson, OD, FAAO, is the 2012 recipient of the Koch Medal. He has dedicated the last 20 years of his career to improve the vision and eye health of the underserved, beginning with his work at the Dorchester House Multi-Service Center providing vision care in Boston. In the past eight years he has championed national and local initiatives to increase eye care services in community health centers.

There are also two recipients of this year’s Honorary Fellow Award: Susan I. Eger, whose love and passion for the Academy and the American Optometric Foundation has been demonstrated through decades of service within the volunteer structure, and James F. Jorkasky for his efforts on behalf of eye and vision research through his role as Executive Director of the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research and the Alliance for Eye and Vision Research. continued...






Garland W. Clay Award

Schapero Memorial Award

The Garland Clay Award is presented to the authors of the manuscript published in Optometry and Vision Science that has been most widely cited in the world research literature in the preceding five years and has the vote of the Optometry and Vision Sciences Editorial Board.

The Schapero Award is given to a clinician, researcher, or scholar who has made a significant contribution to the cornea and contact lens field by virtue of his/her publications, lectures, or research efforts.

This year’s article is:

The Schapero Memorial Award will be presented to Fiona Stapleton BSc, MSc, PhD, FAAO. Dr. Stapleton is currently Professor and Head of the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She is a prolific researcher in the areas of epidemiology and pathogenesis of contact lens-related disease, contact lens care systems, and ocular microbiology.

“The Epidemiology of Contact Lens Related Infiltrates,” by Fiona Stapleton, BSc, MSc, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO, Lisa Keay, BOptom, PhD, Isabelle Jalbert, OD, PhD, FAAO, and Nerida Cole, MSc, PhD. It was published in Optometry & Vision Science, 84(4):257-272, April 2007.

Michael G. Harris Award for Excellence in Optometric Education

Fiona Stapleton, BSc, MSc, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO

Founders' Award

Presented by the American Optometric Foundation, the Harris Award recognizes an optometric educator who has demonstrated ongoing and consistent excellence in education of optometry students and/or advancement of optometric education.

The Founders’ Award is presented to an individual, group, or company who has made an outstanding contribution to the clinical aspect of the art or science of contact lens fitting.

Dennis L. Smith, OD, MS, FAAO, of the Pacific University College of Optometry is the 2012 recipient of the Harris Award, by virtue of his consistent excellence in teaching in the classroom, laboratory and continuing education, as well as his work for a community health clinic.

The Founder's Award will be presented (posthumously) to Lester E. Janoff, OD, FAAO. Dr. Janoff was an exceptional optometric educator, administrator, contact lens clinician and researcher and has two awards named in his honor. His daughter, Andrea Janoff, OD, FAAO will accept the award.

Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies Awards These awards will be presented at the Section Awards Ceremony and Max Schapero Lecture, Friday, October 26, 5–6 pm, in Room 121 A-C of the Phoenix Convention Center.

Lester E. Janoff, OD, MSED, FAAO (posthumously)

We look forward to seeing you at these Awards Ceremonies to honor these distinguished individuals, acknowledging the countless contributions they have made in advancing our profession.

Proposed Amendments to Academy Bylaws In accordance with the Bylaws of the Academy, the Board of Directors is notifying you of the following proposed amendments. These amendments will be voted on at the Business Meeting at Academy 2012 Phoenix to be held Thursday, October 25, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

ARTICLE I. MEMBERSHIP The Academy shall consist of Fellows (including Honorary Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, Senior Fellows, and Life Fellows), Candidates for Fellowship and Student Members. The Fellows shall be the Voting Members of the Academy, and the Candidates for Fellowship and Student Members shall be the Nonvoting Members of the Academy. Unless otherwise stated, for the purposes of these Bylaws, the Voting Members and Nonvoting Members collectively shall be referred to as the “members” or the “membership” of the Academy. Section 8. 4. Section 4. 5. Section 5. 6. Candidate status may be granted to persons who are in the process of applying for Fellowship in the Academy. Candidates do not have the right to vote, hold themselves out as anything other than “Candidates for Fellowship” of the Academy, or serve as an appointed chairperson; they may hold other appointive positions in the Academy.

Section 6. 7. Section 7. 8. Fellowship in this Academy shall continue only so long as the fFellow shall by act or conduct reflect no discredit upon this Academy. Any violation of the signed pledge to abide by the Standards of Conduct of this organization shall be deemed grounds for expulsion.

ARTICLE II. DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS Section 1. The officers of the American Academy of Optometry (the “Academy”) shall be: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall be elected by the Voting Members every two years except the President and Immediate Past President, who will assume these offices on completion of their terms as President Elect and President, respectively. The nominations and election of officers shall take place at the Annual Meeting, the two-year terms of office to begin immediately after the Annual Meeting and continuing until new officers take office immediately after the Annual Meeting two years later. The Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement for any officer whose position has been vacated by reason of resignation, death, or removal. The replacement shall serve for the balance of the term to be filled. continued... S U M M E R

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3 ­

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall be the administrative body of the American Academy and shall consist of the President, who shall be the Chairman, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and four (4) at-large Board of Directors Members. The four at-large Board members shall be elected by the Voting Members every two years. The top four vote-winners shall serve as at-large members of the Board. In the event of a two person tie in the voting for the fourth atlarge position, those tied for that position on the Board shall serve as Directors, and the size of the Board shall be temporarily expanded to accommodate the increased number. Should there be more than two persons tied for the fourth position, a run-off election will occur. The nominations and election of the four at-large Board members shall take place at the Annual Meeting, the two-year terms of office to begin immediately after the Annual meeting and continuing until the new officers take office immediately after the Annual Meeting two years later. The Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement of an at-large Board member whose position has been vacated by reason of resignation, death or removal. The replacement shall serve for the balance of the term to be filled. Section 3. The Board shall manage the affairs and funds of the Academy, fix the dates and places of the Annual Meetings, Meetings consistent with the majority vote of the Voting Members as specified in Article VI of these bylaws, approve the appointment of committees, supervise the activities and business affairs of the Academy, and transact all business not otherwise provided for that may pertain to the Academy. Six members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Section 6. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep records of be responsible for all proceedings and financial transactions of the Academy and the Board of Directors, including the following: conduct correspondence, collect dues, notify members of the Academy about meetings a reasonable time in advance, and perform such other duties as pertain to the office, or as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or these Bylaws. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep be responsible for a correct account of all financial transactions of the Academy, as verified by a Certified Public Accountant, disburse funds upon proper authorization, and make a full and detailed report of the financial affairs of the Academy at each annual meeting. He or she shall, at the expiration of his or her term of office, deliver to his or her successor all funds, papers and books relative thereto. The Secretary-Treasurer shall furnish bond in such amount as may be required by the Board of Directors, expenses of which shall be paid by the Academy.

ARTICLE III. QUALIFICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Section 1. Application for membership shall be made directly to the attention of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Academy. Applicant fees as determined by the Board of Directors must accompany each application.

Section 2. Each applicant for membership in the Academy shall subscribe to the Academy Membership Pledge and Agreement, and return it properly signed to the attention of the SecretaryTreasurer of the Academy. Section 4. Ex-officio members may be elected by the Executive Council Board of Directors to serve on the Board Council but shall not have Council Board voting privileges.

ARTICLE V. DUES Section 2. Any members of the Academy whose dues and assessments remain unpaid on April 1, shall stand suspended. In the event payment is not made by April 30, membership in the Academy may cease, and the members shall be notified by the SecretaryTreasurer that membership has ceased along with all the rights and privileges thereto. The member may be reinstated by action of the Board of Directors upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

ARTICLE VI. ANNUAL MEETING Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the Academy shall convene each year at such time and place as has been decided by a majority vote of the Voting Members present at the business meeting of a previous Annual Meeting. In the event the time and place is not decided upon at the Annual Meeting, or if circumstances make a previously decided site untenable, then the Board of Directors shall decide upon the necessary changes. the Board of Directors. Section 2. A business meeting shall be held at each Annual Meeting of the Academy. Those Voting Members in attendance at each business meeting shall transact the business of the Academy, which may include, without limitation, nominating officers and atlarge members of the Board of Directors, setting Fellows’ dues, determining the dates and locations of future Annual Meetings and voting on amendments to the Bylaws, pursuant to the provisions of Article IX of these Bylaws. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, voting for members and officers of the Board of Directors may take place at any time during the Annual Meeting as approved by the Board of Directors. Section 3. Other meetings may be held during the year as directed by the membership of determined by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VIII. SECTIONS AND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS Section 3. (underline only) Section 4. (underline only)

Material proposed to be deleted is struck through. Material proposed to be added is underlined.






Continuing Education with Examination Credits at Academy 2012 Phoenix The courses below will be presented with an option to take an exam, administered by the Southern California College of Optometry.

All are welcome to attend the courses without taking the exam. Instructions to request the exams will be available on the Handout CD.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Time



10:00 AM

The Differential Diagnosis of Functional vs. Pathological Vision Loss

Sherry Bass

10:00 AM

Obesity: Beyond the Golden Arches

Kimberly Reed

2:00 PM

Ophthalmic Therapeutic Update

Tammy Than

3:00 PM

The Value of Visual Fields

Kelly Malloy

Thursday, October 25, 2012 Time



10:00 AM

A Clinical Overview of the Secondary Open-Angle Glaucomas

Thomas Freddo

10:00 AM

Optic Nerve Jeopardy!

Kelly Thomann, Nancy Wong

1:30 PM

Binocular Anomalies Resulting From Pathological Causes: Thyroid Myopathy, Myasthenia, Multiple Sclerosis

Richard London

2:30 PM

New Technology Rapid-Fire Session

David Geffen, Paul Karpecki

3:30 PM

Headaches: What Every Clinician Needs to Know

Diane Adamczyk

Friday, October 26, 2012 Time



10:00 AM

Exploring the Globe with Technologies that Image a Mile Wide and a Mile Deep

Jerome Sherman

2:00 PM

Optic Neuropathy Grand Rounds: Differentiating Glaucomatous vs. NonGlaucomatous Optic Neuropathy

Richard Madonna, Patricia Modica

2:00 PM

Lab Testing: Its Role in Diagnosing and Managing Ocular Disease

Tammy Than

4:00 PM

Quality of Life in LASIK and PRK: New Pre- and Post-operative Patient Management Strategies

Susan Gromacki, David Geffen

Saturday, October 27, 2012 Time


Lecturer(s) Ron Melton, Randall Thomas

8:00 AM

Current Trends in Medical Management

10:00 AM

A Clinical Approach to Neuro-anatomy and Neuro-optometry

Larry Richardson

12:30 PM

The Spectrum of Retinal Vascular Anomalies

Sherrol Reynolds

1:30 PM

Imaging of the Optic Nerve and Retina

Blair Lonsberry, John Flanagan

Please note: CEE exams are offered offsite.


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© 2012 Novartis 2/12 AOM12002JAD ­­6





VOSH/International Annual Meeting Sunday, October 28, 2012 VOSH/International will hold its annual meeting at the Renaissance Phoenix on Oct 28, 2012, the Sunday following the American Academy of Optometry meeting. Featured speakers will detail VOSH's efforts and opportunities to expand its international eye care endeavors. For additional information and registration please go to:

2012 Annual Academy Ocular Photography Contest Generously sponsored by Alcon Have you taken a particularly interesting or notable photograph recently? If so, submit it to the 2012 Annual Academy Ocular Photography Contest! For guidelines, visit The deadline for submission is August 31, and submissions are accepted from both optometrists/ vision scientists and ophthalmic technicians. The Grand Prize winner from each entry category will receive complimentary registration to Academy 2012 Phoenix and will have their photograph displayed in an optometric publication and the show daily, AAO Times.

Blast From The Past—An Optometric Historical Adventure at Academy 2012 Phoenix The semi-annual “reminisce-IN,” sponsored by the Optometric Historical Society (OHS), has undergone a name change. This popular Academy event will now be called “A Blast from the Past” and this year’s featured topic will be “History of Contact Lenses in the Movie Industry.” The presenter will be OHS Board Member Dr. Morton Greenspoon, who with his father before him, have fit more actors and actresses with cosmetic contact lenses than any other person. Dr. Greenspoon will report on some of the famous cinema stars of yesteryear and today who were recipients of his services. He will also share the story of one of the first film makers, a contemporary of Thomas Edison who was an optometrist. This promises to be an exciting and interesting program. This year’s Blast from the Past has been scheduled for Friday, October 26 at 10:00 AM, immediately following the Academy’s Awards Ceremony. The exact room will be announced as the date nears. It should, indeed, be an Academy highlight for members, guests and particularly for optometric students. Watch for more information!

Wine and Wisdom at Academy 2012 Phoenix Do you know a seasoned practitioner who may be interested in becoming a Fellow? If so, we invite him or her to attend our Wine and Wisdom Reception at Academy 2012 Phoenix. We welcome optometrists who have been in practice for 10 years or more to join us for a taste of wine, to learn a little about the wine they will be drinking, and to learn more about becoming a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO)! The reception will be held on Thursday, October 25 from 6:45 to 8:00 p.m. Space is limited. RSVP to Jenny Brown at

Academy 2012 Phoenix is Going “Green” In an effort to increase efficiency, Academy 2012 Phoenix will be going “green.” Attendees will have access to the Internet at the Cyber Café and Technology Pavilion, but there will be no printing available. The onsite program book will also not be printed this year, but we will have an Education Guide with room and time information for the education sessions and the green sheet will be widely available. Thank you for helping the Academy reduce its impact on the environment!


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7 ­

Scientific Program at Academy 2012 Phoenix By: Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO, Chair, Scientific Program Committee this is going to be a challenge to decide. We have a great program this year that will include more than 100 scientific papers and more than 360 scientific posters. We will even feature a new section within the poster session featuring presentations from the 2012 Ezell awardees. The topics are wide ranging, reflecting the current state of the art in vision science: from cellular to molecular mechanisms of disease, to bench-top laboratory research to controlled clinical trials. Vision research is evolving rapidly and the Scientific Program this year in Phoenix will be a beautiful showcase for the vitality of research in this profession.


reetings! The 2012 Scientific Program will include a number of important changes ranging from how we assign CE credit for attending Scientific Program events, to featuring presentations by Ezell scholars and awards for the best-in-show scientific presentations. We are looking forward to an exciting program this year in Phoenix. The most fundamental change will address how we track continuing education (CE) credits. This year will mark the beginning of a new system that will track time spent in each Scientific Program session (papers and posters) and assign credits based on their total accumulated time. In the past, requirements for earning CE credit for attending Scientific Program elements–sometimes as short as 15 minutes–were always different from the traditional lectures and workshop program. This was often a point of confusion. Beginning this year, members will now have the flexibility to move in and out of sessions according to their own preference and schedule while still accumulating time towards their total CE activities. We are excited about this simple, intuitive, but important change to the annual meeting. This year, the committee will also implement awards for the best scientific poster and the best scientific paper presentations of the meeting. From the looks of the program,

A major improvement in browsing scientific program content is under development and we are pushing hard to release a mobile platform solution before the October meeting. The success of the Scientific Program depends on access to information, from finding colleagues and co-authors, to locating topics of interest in a busy program. We are responding to that in ways that will allow you to access up-todate program content from the Academy web site, your laptop computer, a mobile phone, tablet or any other device. We look forward to this exciting new way to access program content. The Scientific Program Committee unveiled a new program element at the 2012 meeting in Boston, invited keynote addresses. The idea was to spotlight the talent and wisdom of senior scientists in our community. Chris Johnson gave an insightful perspective on the history of perimetric testing that included a pop quiz! Harold Bedell gave a brilliant tutorial on contrast sensitivity testing of visual function that embodied the slogan of the Academy: Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®. Both were well received so look for more of these special sessions in Phoenix, they really are special. It has been a great experience serving the American Academy of Optometry as Chair of the Scientific Program Committee as we continue to strive towards a more engaging and dynamic Scientific Program. This hard-working committee is now supported by one of the newest academy staff members, Melissa Leuschel, and we promise to have even more surprises in store for future meetings. Come see the best of what this profession has to offer in Phoenix!

John Zettel Jr., OD, FAAO 1917–2012 In July 2012, the optometric community lost Dr. John Zettel Jr., a distinguished and endeared colleague. Dr. Zettel graduated from The Ohio State University School of Optometry and practiced optometry from 1941 to 2005 in Cincinnati and Norwood, Ohio. Dr. Zettel is Past President of the Ohio Optometric Association (1960-1962), and served as President of the American Academy of Optometry from 1971 to 1972. He was known to say, “I have lived a blessed life; I have been able to work in a profession that helped people, travel to nearly every place I have wanted to go and known the love of two good women and wonderful children.” Dr. Zettel had been a Fellow of the Academy since 1948. ­­8





Past Presidents at Academy 2007 Tampa (listed from left to right with corresponding years of presidency): Tony Adams (1999 & 2000), the late Rex Ghormley (1991 & 1992), Jerry Lowther (1997 & 1998), Rick Weisbarth (2007 & 2008), Joe Yager (2005 & 2006), Bob Newcomb (2001 & 2002), Bert Corwin (1988-1990), Tom Lewis (2003 & 2004), Mel Wolfberg (1985 & 1986), Joan Exford (1993 & 1994), Tony Cullen (1995 & 1996), and the late John Zettel Jr. (1971 & 1972).

“Students Today, Fellows Tomorrow” Dr. Patricia Fulmer, Outgoing AOSA National Liaison to AAO Colin Powell once said, “The freedom to do your best means nothing unless you are willing to do your best”—a quote I feel the American Academy of Optometry fully understands. Over the past year, I have had the honor and privilege of playing a larger part in the AAO than the average student as I have served as the AOSA National Liaison. This experience has allowed me to learn more about how the Academy strives constantly to achieve advancements within the fields of optometry and vision science. The Fellows and members recognize that, for our profession to reach its potential, there can never be an atmosphere of complacency. This realization has always been emulated in their dedication to research and education, and over the last year, in an effort to continue to be “willing to do [their] best” and share their enthusiasm for eye care, the AAO increased their emphasis on the importance of students.

Today’s students have been given the freedom to be the most involved, educated, and advanced upcoming clinicians that optometry has ever seen. They have the freedom to do their best. It is my hope as I pass on my position to the next liaison that those students are willing to take this challenge and embrace the goal of pushing our profession and their own careers forward. For many, this will include becoming a Fellow, and I know that the American Academy of Optometry will strive to engage as many future Candidates as possible in the years to come. I have truly enjoyed being the AOSA National Liaison, and I am thankful for the experience of being a part of the AAO this past year.

This focus was seen at the 2011 meeting in Boston, where the Student Fellowship program—designed to immerse future optometrists in every aspect of the annual meeting and to encourage a desire to become a Fellow upon graduation—was unveiled, and the Academy welcomed 229 members into the inaugural class of Student Fellows. In addition, numerous student chapters of the AAO were founded and/or expanded at schools throughout the country. This enormous effort has made it possible for those in every phase of optometry school to have the opportunity for exposure to the higher standard that the Academy advocates.

Residents Day at Academy 2012 Phoenix Saturday, October 27, 2012 Residents Day is a forum where residents have the opportunity to present their interesting case reports or the results of their research projects! Papers will be presented from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and posters, 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. This special event is created just for residents to showcase their work with meeting attendees. Your grand round-type cases are due August 31, 2012 for Resident’s Day. Presentations should be approximately 15 minutes, and PowerPoint® is the required method for all presentations. HIPAA rules involving patient identification must be followed by presenters. For more information or to email case reports, contact Helen Viksnins at Residents Day is sponsored by Alcon

The reception following Residents Day is sponsored by Allergan


2 0 1 2

9 ­

The Origins of the Academy’s Exhibit Hall


he Academy’s exhibit hall has long been a great opportunity for optometrists, vision scientists and other optometric professionals to test the latest and greatest products in the field. But just how long has the Academy’s exhibit hall been around? Twenty-eight years to be exact! The first Academy exhibit hall debuted in 1984 at the annual meeting in St. Louis. During that year, the Academy added an exhibit hall that was restricted to textbooks and equipment. During the first year, there were only 6 exhibitors and 1200 meeting attendees. Richard Lombart, President of Lombart Instrument and one of the first Academy exhibitors, recounts his experience at the exhibit hall during its first year, “It was an intimate environment. Academy meeting attendees would close their practices, a very big deal back then, to come together to focus on learning. You could tell that these were the cream of the crop doctors who were serious about the education. [Because of their interest] we were able to better educate them about our instruments.” “The second year’s exhibit hall was held in the basement of a Marriott Hotel in Denver. I remember at one point the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate. When we finally got back to our hotel rooms we discovered that the maid’s closet across the hall had caught on fire! Everything we brought ended up smelling like smoke.” Over the years the Academy’s annual meeting has grown to accommodate over 300 exhibitors and 5,500 attendees. Even though it has experienced outstanding growth since 1986, the Academy exhibit hall still remains the perfect place to experience cutting edge products while meeting up with old friends.

Osmolarity Measurement Help Needed for “The Crying Booth”


he Fellows Doing Research Special Interest Group (FDR SIG) is pleased to announce its inaugural research activity, “The Relationship Between Ocular Surface Symptoms and Tear Osmolarity in a Non-Clinical Sample,” that will take place during Academy 2012 Phoenix. The FDR SIG is seeking Fellows with experience using the TearLab instrument to participate in the study by taking TearLab measurements on subjects at a booth within the AAO Exhibit Hall. Shifts are from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

“The Crying Booth” project involves fielding the validated 5-item version of the Dry Eye Questionnaire (DEQ-5) and the measurement of tear osmolarity using the TearLab instrument in a cross-section of meeting attendees. The study will be IRB approved by Midwestern University, statistically analyzed and published as the first Academy sponsored FDR study. If you are not able to help take measurements, please stop by the booth in the Exhibit Hall to obtain your osmolarity reading and to learn more about the FDR SIG.

If you would like to volunteer, please email Ron Watanabe at






Exhibitor List

Kluwer Health Lombart Instrument

(As of July 13, 2012)

M&S Technologies

ABB Concise


Macula Risk

Abbott Medical Optics

Doctorsoft Corporation


Acuity Pro/VisionScience Software, Inc

Elsevier, Inc.

MedOp Inc.

Advanced Ocular Care

Enhanced Vision


Envision University

Merck & Co.

Eschenbach Optik of America

Metro Optics

Akorn/Advanced Vision Research – TheraTears Alcon Alden Optical All About Vision Allergan

Essilor Essilor Instruments USA Eye Care and Cure Eye Designs LLC

Modernizing Medicine, Inc. Mountain Computer Systems National Vision, Inc. NexTech

Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc. Reichert, Inc. Review of Optometry Solutionreach Stereo Optical Synemed, Inc. Synergeyes TearLab, Corp. Tomey Corporation Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. Tru-Form Optics Ultimate Creations, Inc.

Eye Photo Systems, Inc.

NOVA Southeastern University NOVA

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Ocular Nutrition Society

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The Academy Welcomes Six New Staff Members Betty Rodriguez Administrative Assistant

Rich Jones Director of Finance Rich brings nearly 20 years of nonprofit financial experience to the organization. Prior to joining the Academy, Rich served as Chief Financial Officer for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. He also has five years of public accounting experience. Rich received his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Maryland and his CPA certification in 1989. In his spare time, Rich is a movie buff and enjoys reading and exercising.

Dana Edwards Database Administrator Dana joined the Academy with over 10 years of data management experience. She graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Information Studies and a MLIS in Information Studies with a concentration in Data Management. In her spare time, Dana enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Melissa Leuschel Program Manager, Education Melissa has worked within the educational field as an analyst and development specialist for both public and private educational companies and schools. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Education and Industry Training and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Technical Writing from the University of Central Florida.

Betty has joined the Academy as the Administrative Assistant of Programs. She possesses a unique combination of 18 years for hands-on non-profit experience and a thorough understanding of office management. Betty has a passion for helping others. Her involvement in the philanthropy arena has made her an avid donor and supporter to various charities. Betty is an honorary member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and a member of the American Psychological Association. She is currently finishing her Bachelors in Psychology at Thomas Edison State College and will continue to pursue her Master’s degree.

Jenny Brown Program Manager, Membership & Communications Jenny has over eight years of nonprofit program and marketing experience gained from her work at the Rollins College Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center and the Boise State University Center for School Improvement & Policy Studies. She received a BBA in Marketing from Boise State University and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband.

Sarah Kidd Receptionist Sarah joined the Academy in 2012 as our receptionist and to assist with various office duties as the need arises. Away from the office, she is the proud mother of a very active 9-year-old daughter. In their spare time, Sarah and her fiancé love to travel.

The National Optometry Hall of Fame Inducts Four Fellows


he National Optometry Hall of Fame inducted four Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry into its group of optometrists. The inductees include: Kevin L. Alexander, OD, PhD, FAAO; James A. Boucher, OD, FAAO; Frank Fontana, OD, FAAO; and Thomas L. Lewis, OD, PhD, FAAO. Dr. Alexander became the Center Director for The Eye Center of Toledo in 1987, where he pioneered optometric co-management of surgical patients and established a residency in ocular disease. In 2008, he became the seventh President of the Southern California College of Optometry where he established a graduate degree program leading to a masters degree in vision science. Dr. Boucher has been in practice at the Snowy Range Vision Center in Laramie, Wyoming since 1966. He has held leadership positions with several optometric organizations including the American Optometric Association Board of Trustees, the Education and Manpower Division, Executive Committee, the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education, and the Commission on Ophthalmic Standards. ­­12





Dr. Fontana started his practice in 1950 and specializes in and is a pioneer in fitting contact lenses. Dr. Fontana has shared his knowledge by authoring more than 60 articles and his many speaking engagements. Since 1999, Dr. Fontana has been and is currently a consulting editor for Review of Optometry. He is also a Diplomate in the Section on Cornea and Contact Lenses of the of the American Academy of Optometry since 1969. Dr. Lewis has held various administrative and teaching positions at Pennsylvania College of Optometry including Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. In 1989, Dr. Lewis was named president of Pennsylvania College of Optometry and under his leadership. The college grew to university status, including 12 different degree programs, and was named Salus University. Dr. Lewis has served in leadership positions in nearly every national optometric organization. He also served as president of the American Academy of Optometry from 2002 to 2004. The National Optometry Hall of Fame recognizes distinguished men and women who have made exceptional and enduring lifetime contributions to the profession of optometry.

Chapter News Note from the Chair of the Chapters Committee: I would personally like to invite the Chapter Presidents or their representative to attend the Chapters Committee meeting at Academy 2012 Phoenix on Friday, October 26, 2012 from 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM. If your geographic area does not currently have a local chapter and you’re interested in starting one, please contact us and plan to attend the Chapters Committee meeting in Phoenix as well. The Chapters Committee is interested in all feedback about what the Academy can do for individual Fellows on the local level. We thank all those who have been active with us by participating in our surveys and annual meetings. Ken Manning, OD, FAAO Chair, AAO Chapters Committee


NEW YORK The New York Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry The New York Chapter’s June continuing education event took place on June 19, 2012 with a celebration of Dr. Benjamin Lane’s 80th Birthday and his 50 years of optometric research. The title of his lecture was “Expanding Frontiers in Optometry—Including the New Role of Nutrition and More than Nutrition.” Dr. Benjamin Lane is the widely reported researcher-author who discovered the importance of diopter-hours of accommodative stimulus in myopiagenesis, the importance of the trace mineral chromium, the chromium-to-vanadium ratio, and the B-complex vitamin “folate” in the prevention and reversal of myopia, the regulation of intraocular pressure and the energy equations of binocular accommodation. For more information on the New York Chapter, email Dr. Jerome Garber at


The North Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry held its

Presenters of the North Carolina Chapter’s spring continued education meeting. From left to right: Adam Palo, Frances Silva, Niyati Patel, Kim Nguyen, and Kimbery Mark.

spring continued education meeting on April 5th. The meeting featured lectures provided by the optometry residents at the Salisbury VA Medical Center, and the optometry resident from Fort Bragg. The North Carolina Chapter represents approximately 100 fellows from the state of North Carolina. The Chapter's primary goals are to support residency, practitioner and student education through quality educational programs, and to increase the number of Fellows of the Academy from North Carolina.

Dr. Bruce Onofrey speaks during the New Jersey Academy 10th Annual Educational Conference.

The New Jersey Academy hosted its 10th Annual Educational Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC this past April. Chaired by Dennis Lyons, OD, FAAO, attendees received 16 hours of COPE continuing education and were able to enjoy premium golfing as well as time exploring and relaxing on the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. This August, the chapter will host its very successful Summer Seminar. Please contact Kristen Fry for more information at


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What’s new with Optometry & Vision Science? Mobile Access and Journal Updates


s a member of the American Academy of Optometry, you receive a subscription to the journal Optometry & Vision Science, which includes a print copy of the journal in addition to online access at But, did you know that you can also stay up-to-date on the latest clinical findings and research from your phone? Using any Internet-enabled mobile device, you can browse the journal content wherever and whenever you choose making it even easier for you to stay informed with the latest developments in optometry, physiological optics, and vision science.

CONTENT… ANYTIME, ANYWHERE You do not need to rely on the print issue to learn about professional advances in your field. You can browse content when you are away from your computer, even waiting for the subway! You can access the journal content in many ways and ask that it be delivered to your inbox based on specific topics you have elected. All of the content delivery methods below are available to you as a member of the AAO. Please try some of these the next time you are looking up the latest treatment options.

Email Alerts: Sign up for alerts by logging in to your account at and clicking on “My Account” at the top of the screen. Click on the tab “eTOC and Alerts”. You can choose the alerts that are of most interest to you. For example, choose to receive emails whenever new issues are published or a new article is posted. Additionally, you can choose specific keywords and be alerted when new content is published on those topics, or you can ask to be alerted when a particular article is cited in another journal. Customize your alerts, and have the content you are interested in delivered right to your inbox!

UPDATES TO THE JOURNAL ONLINE In May 2012, a number of exciting new features were introduced to the Optometry & Vision Science website, These updates provide enhanced keyword searching and more ways to view, sort, and filter search results. New features that you will see on the site include: Abstract View in Search Results

Journal Website: Read current and past article content online via HTML or PDF format at Don’t forget that you can access articles before they are published in a print issue via the “Publish Ahead of Print” section of the website. These articles have not yet appeared in a print issue, and therefore represent the newest findings in the field. Mobile Access: You can browse journal content while on the go via any Internet-enabled mobile device, such as your Blackberry or iPhone. Need to access important research or clinical information between patients? Navigate your mobile web browser to the journal website at and browse the journal in the palm of your hand! Anywhere you have Internet access you can effortlessly get hold of the information you need, when and where you need it. iPad App: The Journals@LWW iPhone app brings Optometry & Vision Science right to your iPhone®, iPod Touch® or iPad®. Quickly and easily browse through tables of contents and review abstracts. The application is free. Download it from the App Store in iTunes and then add the journal Optometry & Vision Science and any other journals you are interested in within the app.






You will now be able to view article abstracts, along with your search results. With the addition of this feature, you can scroll the results and view the abstract making it easier for you to determine which articles you are most interested in reading. Search Results Menu Bar The menu bar appearing at the top of the search results has been expanded to include the Actions, View and Sort options. You will be able to easily sort by title, citation, or abstract or use the Actions menu to add selected articles to favorites, email a colleague, or export bibliographic information. We hope you enjoy these additional features and that they make searching for content in the journal easier than ever before.

New Special Interest Group: Neuro-Ophthalmic Disorders in Optometry


his past June, the Academy Board of Directors accepted an application for a new special interest group: Neuro-Ophthalmic Disorders in Optometry.

The group’s goal is to enhance the knowledge of its members in the area of neuro-ophthalmic disease and to improve the care given to patients with neuro-ophthalmic diseases. The group will serve as a primary resource for the Academy for papers, posters, courses, information, and research regarding neuro-ophthalmic disorders, and will advise the Academy on policy in these areas. For more information, please contact Dr. Joseph Sowka at Interested in joining this group? Log-in to your profile on the Academy’s website and update your Section and Special Interest Group preferences.

JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY Stay up to date on Academy news and connect with your colleagues by joining the Academy’s social media community! (don’t forget to use the Academy 2012 Phoenix hash tag #aaoptom12) Search for “American Academy of Optometry” in the Groups section

Join us for a free beer at The Australia Party Almost 30 years ago a party got underway in a hotel room at the American Academy of Optometry and a legend was born. It was a humble beginning but as the years went by the Australia Party became a regular fixture at the Academy and its notoriety grew. We’ve enjoyed celebrating with you each year – help us continue the tradition.

please join us and our amazing band...

The Lost Faculties Hosted by the Brien Holden Vision Institute and the American Academy of Optometry, the legendary Lost Faculties will rock the Aussie Party 2012.

Phoenix Ballroom at the Sheraton Phoenix Friday October 26, 2012. 9 pm until 1 am

Brought to you by: The Brien Holden Vision Institute and The American Academy of Optometry


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Student Travel Fellowship Recipients from ARVO 2012 2011 Ezell Award Winners at ARVO 2012:

ARVO Student Travel Fellowship Recipients 2012: Funded by a generous grant from The Vision Care Institute™

(From left to right): Kathy Dumbleton, MSc, MCOptom, FAAO, AOF President Elect; Andrew David Pucker, OD, MS, FAAO, The Ohio State University; Daniel Powell, OD, CFC, The Ohio State University; Kristina Haworth, OD, MS, FAAO, The Ohio State University; Nimesh Patel, OD, FAAO, University of Houston; Mariana Garcia, BS, University of California-Berkeley; Alex Hui, OD, University of Waterloo; Darren Koenig, BS, OD, University of Houston; Tatiana Ecoiffier, M Eng, MS, University of California-Berkeley; Pablo De Gracia, BS Optom, MSc, Complutense University of Madrid; Lyndon Jones, Chair, Research Committee.

“ “ “


The ARVO meeting is the largest vision care meeting I have ever been to. Many thanks to the Academy and CIBA VISION for giving me the opportunity to attend, learn, and experience all there was to offer at this great conference!" –Alex Hui, OD, University of Waterloo To me science is best when shared! As a vision scientist I see in ARVO a unique opportunity to present, discuss my ideas and learn from my peers. I truly felt grateful and honored to attend ARVO thanks to the Academy support!" –Tatiana Ecoiffier, M Eng, MS, University of California-Berkeley Winning the Ezell Fellowship is a tremendous honor, and I greatly appreciate the travel support that it offers to ARVO’s annual meeting. This financial assistance allowed me to present my research, and it provided me with the opportunity to form a crucial collaboration.“ –Andrew David Pucker, OD, MS, FAAO, The Ohio State University





(From left to right): Khaled Chehab, MS, Vistakon; Xin Wei, PhD, Vistakon; Cristina Schnider, OD, MBA, FAAO, Vistakon; Noel Brennan, OD, PhD, FAAO; Faryan Tayyari, MS, University of Waterloo; Thomas Keith, OD, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Vinod Maseedupally, BS Optom, University of New South Wales; Giovanna Olivares, OD, FAAO, Vistakon; Bradley Dougherty, OD, FAAO, The Ohio State University; Gang Huang, OD, FAAO, Vistakon, Indiana University Bloomington; Vivian Wong, OD, FAAO, Indiana University; Lin He, B Med, University of Houston; Daniel Coates, MS, University of California-Berkeley; Naveen Yadav, MS, The State University of New York; Preethi Thiagarajan, BS Optom, MS, FAAO, The State University of New York; Lee Ball, OD, FAAO, Vistakon; John Buch, OD, MS, FAAO, Vistakon; Eric Ritchey, OD, FAAO, Vistakon; Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD, FAAO, AAO President; M. Charis Lau, PharmD, OD, FAAO.

“ “

The Academy’s support through programs like the ARVO student travel fellowship has been absolutely critical to my ability to conduct and present my graduate research. I am tremendously grateful, and I look forward to repaying the Academy for its generosity with a lifetime of service and support of the next generation of vision researchers.” –Bradley Dougherty, OD, FAAO, The Ohio State University With the opportunity to attend the 2012 ARVO Annual Meeting through the AAO Student Travel Fellowship, I gained invaluable insight to provide better care for my young patients, inspiration for my current graduate research, and continued motivation to become a clinicianscientist who will contribute significantly to the field of pediatric optometry. Thank you to AAO and VISTAKON for your continued support in my endeavors.” –Vivian M.W. Wong, OD, FAAO, Indiana University




An affiliate of the American Academy of Optometry | Summer 2012

Exciting Activities Planned for AOF Booth During Academy 2012 Phoenix All are invited to join educator, and former AAO President 2001­–2002, Robert D. Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO, at the AOF Exhibit Booth, #533 on Wednesday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Thursday from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Dr. Newcomb will sign copies of the new book, The History of the American Academy of Optometry: 1987–­ 2010. The book will be available to purchase for $20 ($25 signed) with proceeds going toward Foundation programs. Each year the Foundation awards William C. Ezell Fellowships to the brightest up-and-coming minds of optometry. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet and greet the 2012 recipients at the AOF exhibit booth. Hear details about their research and find out what makes these exceptional individuals the future of optometry. And finally, look for your invitation for the Foundation's Celebration Luncheon to arrive soon. We ask you to join us as we celebrate the achievements of this year's program awardees and honor the people who make it all possible. This year the Foundation is offering several unique items as part of the AOF annual silent auction. Designed to raise funds for the many programs in the foundation’s portfolio, this year we have several unique vacation locales in the mix, including a villa in France, skiing in the Black Hills and a Colorado retreat. Look also for great vintage wines, handcrafted jewelry and don’t miss your final opportunity to bid on the last pieces of treasured art from optometry legend, the late Dr. Irvin M. Borish. Auction items may be previewed on the Foundation website starting August 6th.

Prominent Leader Named To Board Of Directors W. Lee Ball, Jr., OD, FAAO, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the American Optometric Foundation (AOF). Dr. Ball is Associate Director of Medical Affairs at VISTAKON® Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and holds a degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Ball is also a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. Mark Bullimore, AOF Development Director, said “We are delighted to welcome Lee to the Board and couldn’t be more proud of his dedication to optometric education.” “Lee is very committed to fostering the advancement of optometric education and research, and we know he will play a vital role in strengthening the relationship between the AOF and optometrists,” stated Dave Brown, President, VISTAKON® Americas. As a Director, Lee will educate friends and colleagues on the Foundation’s achievements and the critical role it plays in the optometric profession.

Make an Online Donation The long-term health of the American Optometric Foundation is dependent on a healthy portfolio of endowments. You can help the Foundation by making a gift or pledge online at


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Exceptional Students Selected for Award of Excellence Nineteen fourth year optometry students have been selected to receive the 2012 Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care. Made possible through generous funding by VISTAKON®, this award recognizes outstanding clinical patient care as demonstrated by the student’s overall knowledge in the contact lens field and skillful, considerate and professional care of his/her contact lens patient.

2012 Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care Recipients and Institution Attended: Erik Mothersbaugh, OD Sunni D. Stewart, OD Lulu Massri, OD Andrea T. Sewell, OD Crystal Meyer, OD Rosita Ghazanfari, OD Ernesto Cepero, OD Chad M. Rosen, OD Sara Ann Bierwerth, OD Jared Jaynes, OD Meredith Rhodes, OD Olga Pikus, OD Mallory Kuchem, OD Patricia Marie Fulmer, OD Hector Duenas, OD Casey Johnston, OD Melissa M. Schmidt, OD Claudine Courey, OD Katrina Kolozetti, OD



Illinois College of Optometry Indiana University at Bloomington School of Optometry Inter-American University of Puerto Rico School of Optometry Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University New England College of Optometry Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry Pacific University College of Optometry Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University Southern California College of Optometry Southern College of Optometry State University of New York College of Optometry The Ohio State University College of Optometry University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry University of Houston College of Optometry University of Missouri, St. Louis College of Optometry University of Montreal School of Optometry University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science




Award of Excellence winner Jared Jaynes receives congratulations from SCCO President Kevin Alexander

First Frederic Rosemore Low Vision Grants Awarded The American Optometric Foundation (AOF), in collaboration with the Frederic and Marion Rosemore Family Foundation, announces the very first recipients of the Frederic Rosemore Low Vision Educational Grants. Three $2,000 grants were awarded to optometry faculty and their respective institutions for projects intended to increase interest and reward excellence in the field of low vision at North American schools and colleges of optometry. The grants are designed to enable institutions to provide care, support personnel, or provide equipment directly related to the field of low vision. The Rosemore Low Vision Educational Grant recipients and their projects: David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry Preparing Student Interns for the Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinical Experience Rebecca Kammer, OD, FAAO Southern California College of Optometry Entry to Low Vision Rehabilitation: Student Motivation and Patient Access Marc Taub, OD, MS, FAAO Southern College of Optometry Transforming Commercial 21st Century Technology into Assistive Technology for Low Vision Education and Patient Care Recipients will be recognized at the AOF Celebration Luncheon during the American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, October 27th.

Talented Residents Receive Recognition Residency training is becoming an increasingly important aspect of optometric training. A post-OD residency program significantly advances a graduate's preparation as an eyecare provider and provides additional experiences in instruction and scholarship. The American Optometric Foundation (AOF) is proud to announce recipients of the VISTAKON® Residency Awards. George W. Mertz Contact Lens Residency Awards Monica Roy, OD, MPH The Ohio State University College of Optometry Natalie C. Santelli, MAT, OD Oregon Health & Sciences University/Casey Eye Institute University of Missouri, St. Louis College of Optometry Sheldon Wechsler Contact Lens Residency Awards Yin-Yin Aung, OD New England College of Optometry Cherie Nau, OD Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care Illinois College of Optometry Terrance Ingraham Pediatric Optometry Residency Awards Elizabeth A. Knighton, OD University of Houston College of Optometry Lernik Mesropian, OD Southern California College of Optometry Each received $4,000 toward their graduate education that includes a $750 travel fellowship to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Optometry in Phoenix, October 24–27.

Pictured: Cherie Nau, OD, winner of the Sheldon Wechsler Contact Lens Residency Award

Rust Selected as 2012 Molinari Scholarship Recipient

The Torch is a publication of the American Optometric Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American Academy of Optometry, which develops and provides financial support for optometric research and education in vision and eye health. American Optometric Foundation 2909 Fairgreen Street Orlando, FL 32803 USA Phone: 321-710-3936 Fax: 407-893-9890 Email:

Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO Development Director Tracy Kitts Foundation Coordinator

Kasie Jean Rust, entering second year student at the Pacific University College of Optometry, has been selected as the 2012 Antoinette M. Molinari Memorial Scholarship winner. Established as a means to assist student with financial need who also demonstrates academic excellence and strong leadership qualities, the Antoinette M. Molinari Memorial Scholarship is awarded once per academic year. Kasie’s impressive credentials naturally pointed toward her as the best recipient for the $6,000 scholarship. Kasie is concurrently enrolled in the Master of Science in Vision Science program. And while she maintains a very high GPA, she also is active as a research assistant, is a student leader as an AOSA member, is a Student Representative to the Pacific University Board of Trustees, and participates in local vision screenings and membership of Amigos, the Pacific's chapter of VOSH.


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President: Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD, FAAO, Columbus, OH President-Elect: Bernard J. Dolan, OD, MS, FAAO, San Francisco, CA Secretary-Treasurer: Brett G. Bence, OD, FAAO, Seattle, WA Immediate Past President: Mark W. Eger, OD, FAAO, Coraopolis, PA Barbara Caffery, OD, PhD, FAAO, Toronto, Canada Michael G. Harris, OD, JD, FAAO, Pleasant Hill, CA Timothy T. McMahon, OD, FAAO, Chicago, IL Joseph P. Shovlin, OD, FAAO, Scranton, PA

American Academy of Optometry 2909 Fairgreen Street Orlando FL 32803

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Permit No. 870 Lynchburg, VA


American Academy of Optometry 2909 Fairgreen Street Orlando, FL 32803 USA Phone: (321) 710-EYES (3937) Fax: (407) 893-9890 Web Site:


Communications Committee Chair: Glenda B. Secor, OD, FAAO, Pleasant Hill, CA Editor: Jenny Brown, MBA, Orlando, FL


Lois Schoenbrun, CAE, FAAO, Executive Director, Foundation (AOF) Director, ext. 3940, Jenny Brown, MBA, Program Manager, Membership & Communications, ext. 3952, Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO, Foundation (AOF) Development Director, ext. 3937, Randy Consla, Office Manager, ext. 3947, Dana Edwards, MLIS, Database Administrator, ext. 3955, Richard Jones, CPA, Finance Director, ext. 3949, Sarah Kidd, Receptionist, ext. 3937, Tracy Kitts, Foundation (AOF) Coordinator, ext. 3959, Jana Kurtz, Senior Director, Administration, ext. 3942, Melissa Leuschel, Program Manager, Education, ext. 3953, Betty Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, Programs, ext. 3946, Betty Taylor, CEM, Exhibits Manager, ext. 3945, Chhay Tyong, Bookkeeper, ext. 3951, Helen Viksnins, MEd, FAAO, CAE, Senior Director, Programs, ext. 3944,

Academy Fellows Tammy Than and Gay Tokumaru showing off their Academy spirit by wearing Academy logo headbands at Santa Maria Al Bagno, a little fishing village on the western edge of Puglia (the “heel of the boot” in Italy) overlooking the Ionian Sea.

Summer 2012 Newsletter - American Academy of Optometry  

Summer 2012 Newsletter - American Academy of Optometry

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