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Creating The Best Video Game Design All we talk about is Xbox, PSP, GameBoy, but do we even think why they are the best? So, guys the most important thing while designing a video game is its features, which makes it the best. Xbox, PSP all have the best feature that makes them the best video games. Now, let’s see what are the most important features a game designer, should keep in mind while designing a video game. Important features of Game Design: 1. Latest Trends: Before we start of with game design or a story, we should study the latest trends in the market. This will help in creating the best game design. 2. Design: This is the basic story or design outline of your video game. Your game design should be such that, it attracts the players towards your video game. 3. Strategy: After you done with your designing process, next comes is the strategies used in your game design. Make such strategies that will create hype for your product. 4. Graphics: You should have a very clear idea about your characters, and other graphics. 5. Animation: After all this the most important part is animation 3D work in your game design. This will give a different look to your video game design. 6. Sound: This feature will give that extra effect to your game. 7. Controls: You should clearly define all the controls of your game design for the best results. 8. Programming: You should have a through knowledge about the coding or programming of your game design. 9. Wrapping up: This is the most crucial stage where in you should go through all the above features thoroughly and check everything is perfect or not. 10. Overall outlook: Your game should look the best in its own way. So, try to give the best look for your game design. So, this summer hope you guys have some important work to do. So, just gear up and enroll yourself for the best summer camp programs and start creating your own video game.

Creating The Best Video Game Design  

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