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India's leading portal about group discussion A group can maintain its existence only if the constituent members fulfill their responsibility by satisfying the desires among themselves Groups Discussion. Are the units of social organization? Therefore, the integration and disintegration of social organization are dependent upon the integration or disintegration of the groups. In group, social relationship is a very important factor. The first and foremost social relationship indicates the relationship among the family members. Thus, it can further be said that family is an important social group. In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgment of the importance of social and contextual factors in creativity. She and her colleagues developed a model of creativity that emphasized the central role of intrinsic motivation and the impact of organizational contexts on this type of motivation has promoted a systems perspective that includes the interactive effects of personal background, society, and culture. Highlighted the social factors important in the evaluation of creativity. An edited volume by focused on various aspects of social creativity in organizations. Several books on highly creative individuals have recognized the importance of social factors such as mentoring and support from family and colleagues in creative achievement That is, it may be difficult to think of novel ideas when previously expressed ideas are very salient. Smith provides a theoretical analysis of this dilemma and suggests ways to overcome such mental blocks or ruts. One obvious way for groups to overcome the tendency toward uniformity in thinking is to ensure that the group has members with diverse expertise and backgrounds. Milliken, Bartle, and Kurtz erg present a comprehensive perspective on the role of diversity in group creativity that provides some support for the positive effects of diversity. Yet, they note that diversity can have negative effects on both emotional reactions and cognitive processes. Differences among group members can be sources of conflict and frustration in the early formative phases of group interaction, and this can carry over to subsequent operational and performance phases. Although differences in expertise among group members can be beneficial for the creative process, the authors suggest that this may occur only under conditions where the About Groups Discussion. Process is carefully managed. Nemeth and Nemeth-Brown focus on the dissent that is likely to occur in groups where there are differences of opinion. Although such dissent may lead to negative feelings among group members, there is some evidence that the dissent experience in groups can increase the subsequent tendencies toward creative or divergent thinking. Nemeth and Nemeth-Brown have demonstrated that such effects occur only if the dissent experienced is genuine and not based on someone's playing the role of devil's advocate.

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